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One of my greatest pleasures is gardening.

I have a beautiful perennial garden, and all my plants have wonderful copper labels. I choose copper labels because they age nicely. You use a ballpoint pen to write on the soft copper, and the pressure from the pen leaves an imprint in the label.

This summer I added snowdrop anemones to my garden.

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Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples Review - All About Learning Press

Ideal Game for Expanding Vocabulary

The first time I played Apples to Apples at a friend’s party, I knew I wanted to get this game for our next family gathering.

Apples to Apples has become one of our favorite games, and it’s the one we pull out when we have guests with a wide range of ages and interests. A great side benefit is that playing this game is a wonderful way to expand your child’s vocabulary!

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