B Is for Beautiful Butterfly

Snacks for letter B - Beautiful Butterfly snack

If your little ones are anything like mine were, eating fruits and veggies is a lot more appealing when they also get to help in the kitchen.

Not all my ABC Snacks are as wholesome as this one, but with the Beautiful Butterfly Snack, you might find that your little ones are actually excited to eat some of the “good-for-you” stuff.

In addition to providing you with great ways to help your preschooler learn the letter B, these do-it-yourself butterfly snacks can help you tackle two other bugs with one hand: a great kid-friendly activity and a healthy snack.

These two certainly had fun making their beautiful butterfly!

Snack Ingredients for ABC Snack Children assembling butterfly snack

Beautiful Butterfly Snack

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Here’s what you’ll need to make one butterfly:

  • 6 apple slices, about ½ inch thick
  • 2 baby carrots
  • 2 thin strips of celery, 1 ½ inches long
  • 4 raisins


  1. Cut apple (core removed) into six thin slices.
  2. Place a baby carrot in the middle of a large plate.
  3. Form wings by arranging apple slices around the butterfly’s carrot body.
  4. Add thin celery strips as antennae near one end of the carrot.
  5. Decorate the butterfly wings with carrot slices and raisins.


  • Don’t like raisins? Try using dry cereal pieces or chocolate chips instead.
  • Serve with powdered sugar or fruit dip.

Adapted from Kid Activities

Children assembling butterfly snack Children adding raisins to snack

Teaching Tips

Child eating finished snack

Want More Snacks for Letter B?

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Karena Kersten


This is a great idea! I like how you incorporate crafts and food!



What a wonderful way to teach the alphabet and get my child to eat fruit and vegitables at the same time. It also would help with coordination to be able to build the different food shapes

Jamie M


We just started the Pre-Reading level of AAR and can’t wait to try this tomorrow when we learn B!

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

What memories you will make as your eat your way through the alphabet! I hope you have a wonderful time.

Britty W


My daughter loves butterflies, she would love this idea too!



I love it fruits a vegetables and the kids get to put it together and take it apart. Also add some blueberries and you got another B word.



I love allowing the kids to assemble the snack.

Krista Smith


My daughter is going to adore this tomorrow during snack time! Thanks for the great ABC snack ideas!

Paula Cate


What a great idea! These look appetizing and fun!

Lynne B


Ha! Butterflies before Caterpillars but these are some great ideas. Thank you!

Patty Lawson


What a great snack idea! I’m sure my children would love this – thanks!

Lori H


This is so neat. I’ve never thought about making fruit into animals or insects. Cute idea. I will try it with my little ones :)



My son has food allergies so I just knew he wouldn’t be able to eat these snacks. But this one he can!! This could be fun!!

Marie Rippel

says: Customer Service

I’m so glad you found a recipe that your son can eat! Many of the recipes in our ABC Snack series have ideas for adapting them for different diets, so hopefully you’ll find some more that you can use!