ABC Crafts – Lowercase Letters

It’s an alphabet extravaganza with the ABC Crafts for Lowercase Letters series. There’s a fun, easy-to-assemble craft for every letter of the alphabet!

Each craft is designed to be fun, easy to assemble, and visually engaging, making learning an enjoyable experience for your preschoolers. From adorable animals to whimsical objects, these crafts bring each lowercase letter to life, igniting your child’s imagination and curiosity.

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V Is for Volcano Craft

Are you ready for a virtual explosion of crafting and letter-learning fun? Your kids will have a blast (pun intended!) with this lowercase V craft!

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Y Is for Yo-yo Craft

This playful lowercase Y craft will have your preschooler jumping up and down, just like our cute yo-yo!

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child works on her lowercase z craft

Z Is for Zucchini Craft

Is zucchini a fruit or a veggie? You’ll have to check out our lowercase Z craft to find out!

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