The preschool years offer a wonderful opportunity for children to learn and explore, and you can use this precious time to nurture important pre-reading skills. The posts below represent a wide selection of preschool-related topics–you’ll find teaching tips, activities, and more. (Looking for snack ideas? Check out the ABC Snacks series!)

child gluing a googly eye on her letter n craft

N Is for Narwhal Craft

When was the last time you made a narwhal craft? Get started on this nifty craft today!

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children gluing eyes to their letter M craft

M Is for Moose Craft

Make tracks to get this marvelous moose craft and watch your little one make memories with the letter M!

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child gluing a googly eye to her letter l craft

L Is for Lion Craft

Look out! This magnificent lion craft will make everyone *roar* with delight!

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child gluing googly eye to his letter k craft

K Is for Kangaroo Craft

Don’t let this cute kangaroo get away! Hop to it and download your printable letter K craft today!

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child gluing an eye to her letter j craft

J Is for Jellyfish Craft

Ready for some fun with the letter J? This printable jellyfish is ready to help your preschooler practice the letter J?

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child gluing an inchworm on the letter I craft

I Is for Inchworm Craft

This adorable inchworm craft provides *miles* of pre-reading fun! Download yours now!

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child adding a googly eye to her letter H craft

H Is for Hippopotamus Craft

Everybody loves hippos, and this creative craft offers tons of letter H fun!

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child adding a googly eye to her letter G craft

G Is for Goat Craft

Download some fun with our printable animal craft and help your preschooler practice the letter G.

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close-up of children working on letter f craft

F Is for Fish Craft

Help your preschooler practice the alphabet with this delightful letter F craft!

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child finishing her elephant craft

E Is for Elephant Craft

E is for elephant–AND exciting, educational fun! Download our free printable craft!

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child working on D Is for Duck craft

D Is for Duck Craft

If your little one loves ducks, don’t miss this D-elightful letter D craft!

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Child gluing eyes onto his crab craft.

C Is for Crab Craft

Looking for pre-reading fun with the letter C? Download our free ABC Craft and help your preschooler develop important pre-reading skills.

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