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H Is for Handy Hammy Roll-ups

Snacks that start with H - Handy Ham Rollups

Yum! Get all the deliciousness (and double the fun) of a ham sandwich in these easy-to-make, yummy-to-eat roll-ups.

One of the snacks from my ABC Snacks Series that can double as lunch, Handy Hammy Roll-ups are as fun to make as they are to eat.

Hands-on snacks are the best kind of snacks, and this one is no exception.

Your little ones will be able to help with several of the steps in this kid-friendly recipe.

Everyone should be encouraged to “ham it up” as you work together. Our little helpers certainly did! And they had lots of fun eating them too!

Ingredients for ham rolls Child spreading cream cheese on ham

Handy Hammy Roll-ups

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Here’s what you’ll need to make eight to ten roll-ups:

  • 3 slices deli ham
  • 3 ounces softened cream cheese (Whipped cream cheese will be the easiest to spread.)
  • 6-9 sweet gherkin pickles, depending on size


  1. Spread out slices of ham. Remove excess moisture with a paper towel if needed.
  2. Spread cream cheese on each slice of ham. Spreading with clean fingers may be easiest for some children.
  3. Place two or three pickles at one end of each ham slice.
  4. Roll each slice into a log.
  5. Slice each roll into two or three pieces.
  6. Enjoy!


  • Mix finely chopped bell pepper, celery, or chives into cream cheese.
  • Use dill pickles.

Adapted from Food Network

Child wrapping pickle inside ham roll Finished ham rolls

Teaching Tips

  • As you and your child spread the cream cheese on the ham, practice saying /h/–/h/– handy hammy together.
  • Use a butter knife (or your teeth!) to create the letter H in a slice of deli ham.
  • Follow up this fun green-pickles-and-ham lunch by reading Green Eggs and Ham together.
  • Download ABC Snacks: Tips for Working on Pre-Reading Skills for more teaching tips.
Child enjoying ham roll snack

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BethAnn Rivers


I think i will eat this one!!



Our family loves these! We use crushed pineapple sometimes instead of pickle. Great for little hands!

Marie Rippel

says: Customer Service

Mmm…crushed pineapple sounds delish!



You have a beautiful website. Awesome hands on learning ideas. (Fun learning with food). Your awesome! Thank you for sharing your ideas!

Marie Rippel

says: Customer Service

Kristina, thanks so much for the kind words! We were hoping these ABC snacks would be well-received. We like our activities to be as hands-on as possible, and fun!