X Is for Xylophone Craft

child places piece on her lowercase x craft

Even the most x-acting child will be super x-cited to see this x-traordinary ABC Craft! All wordplay aside, there’s lots to love about a lowercase X craft that stars such an ever-popular musical instrument!

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Picture Books about Presidents

the white house of the united states

Did you know that President Taft was so big he needed to have a jumbo-sized bathtub installed in the White House? Or that George Washington’s first set of false teeth were made out of hippopotamus ivory? If your kids think history is boring, these books just might change their minds!

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W Is for Watermelon Craft

child draws on her lowercase w craft

Bring a bit of summer into your letter learning! Your preschooler will be wowed by this juicy and delicious ABC Craft. But when she’s done with her lowercase W craft, be sure to save a piece of watermelon for us!

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8 Ways to Encourage Spelling Success (and Happy Spellers!)

young woman writing at a table - spelling success

What’s your favorite subject?

If your child is like most, spelling might not be at the top of his list. But what if you could create an environment that would increase the likelihood of changing that around? What if you could make spelling a subject your child looks forward to?

Let’s take a look at some tips to help you create an atmosphere that will increase your child’s chances of becoming a successful (and much happier) speller.

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Giveaway – $100 Gift Certificate

$100 Gift Certificate Giveaway - All About Learning Press

Enter to Win!

This month you can win a $100 Gift Certificate that can be used toward your purchase of All About Reading, All About Spelling, or any products on the All About Learning Press website.

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V Is for Volcano Craft

child adds piece to her lowercase v craft

It’s hard to pass up an ABC Craft that combines earth science, hands-on art, and creative letter-learning all in one, isn’t it? This lowercase V craft is sure to make your little one’s enthusiasm overflow (pun intended 😊)!

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Punny Valentines – An Introduction to Puns

set of printable valentine cards with puns

Are you looking for a great way to introduce your kids to puns? Check! Are you ready for a good giggle? Check! Do your kids still need valentines for their friends? Check! This one’s got it all!

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U Is for Umbrella Craft

child assembling her lowercase u craft

If you need a fun activity (and an umbrella!) for a rainy day, look no further than this bright and cheery lowercase U craft! Who knows, maybe the sun will be out by the time you’re done!

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Using Boggle to Build Language Skills

boggle game board and timer

Fast-Paced Word-Finding Fun!

Time is ticking—can you find all the words hidden in the grid? Even better, can you find unique words that no one else can find? Can you be fast? And creative? If so, you’re well on your way to becoming a Boggle champ!

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T Is for Tree Craft

child affixes an apple to her lowercase T craft

If you’re looking for a way to teach your preschooler the letter T, you won’t find a better choice than this towering tree ABC Craft! Make just one or make an entire forest of these tremendous trunks—this lowercase T craft is that much fun!

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How to Build Your Child’s Vocabulary

How to Build Your Child's Vocabulary - From All About Reading

Vocabulary plays an important part in learning to read. For example, when a beginning reader sees the word dog in a book, he begins to sound it out. When he realizes that he is very familiar with the word dog, he reads it with confidence.

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Introducing All About Reading Color Edition!

open reader from all about reading color edition

Have you heard? This just might be our biggest announcement EVER!

Here at All About Learning Press, we’ve always made it a priority to listen to you—our users. And in the years since All About Reading was first released, you’ve asked for one thing over and over again. Can you guess?

That’s right! COLOR!

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