P Is for Parrot Craft

child gluing a googly eye onto his letter p craft

With this week’s ABC Craft, learning the letter P will make your child feel as plucky as a parrot! But don’t ruffle his feathers—you’ll want to use only the most beautiful colors for this flashy bird.

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • 2 sheets of printer paper
  • Card stock (we used red, orange, yellow, lime green, light blue, and dark blue)
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O Is for Octopus Craft

child gluing googly eyes to her letter o craft

Eight arms means eight times the fun in this ABC Craft! Your kids will be itching to get their tentacles on our adorable octopus, so download the template and get ready for some undersea adventure!

Here’s What You’ll Need


Advent Calendar for Book Lovers

A Picture Book Advent Calendar - from All About Reading

Have you ever heard of an Advent calendar for book lovers? It’s so simple and yet so fun, and a perfect way to incorporate read-aloud time into your family’s holiday traditions.

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N Is for Narwhal Craft

child gluing a googly eye on her letter n craft

Nothing says novelty quite like a narwhal-themed letter N craft! It’s undersea fun at its finest, so download our template and get started on this week’s ABC Craft!

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • 2 sheets of printer paper
  • Card stock (we used dark blue, blue, purple, and sky blue)
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6 Tips to Help Distinguish Between Short I and Short E

a pin and a pen

Does your child have a hard time spelling words with the sounds of short I and short E? If so, it may be because he struggles to differentiate between these two vowel sounds. It’s a common spelling problem for young children. In this post, you’ll learn what causes this issue and how to solve it.

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M Is for Moose Craft

children gluing eyes to their letter M craft

Have you ever tracked a moose in the forest? No? That’s okay! With our ABC Craft for the letter M, you can track this moose right into your living room!

Here’s What You’ll Need


How to Teach Phonograms

mother teaching phonograms to child

Understanding phonograms is vital to your child’s success in reading and spelling—but the thought of teaching them may seem intimidating. Fear not! Phonograms are actually very simple to understand and easy to teach.

Let’s start with a quick definition.

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L Is for Lion Craft

child gluing a googly eye to her letter l craft

The king of the jungle is roaring his way into your ABC Craft lineup this week! But don’t worry, this lion is really just a big pussycat. His roar is much bigger than his bite!

Here’s What You’ll Need


The Essential Guide to Teaching Compound Words

blue mailbox with box and letter

What do a mailbox, a milkshake, and a notebook have in common?

Actually, nothing … except that they all happen to be compound words.

Compound words are formed when two smaller words combine to form a new word, as in these examples:

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K Is for Kangaroo Craft

child gluing googly eye to his letter k craft

Your child will bounce with joy when she sees this week’s ABC Craft! What are you waiting for? Hop to it and check out our K Is for Kangaroo Craft!

Here’s What You’ll Need


Ralph S. Mouse Chapter Books

Ralph S. Mouse riding his tiny motorcycle.

Some literary heroes face insurmountable challenges and achieve great feats. Some heroes inspire us with their dedication and bravery. Others have big dreams. And some heroes are mice that ride motorcycles.

If you have a soft spot for rodents in literature (and don’t we all?), you’ll definitely want to check out Beverly Cleary’s classic Ralph S. Mouse series.

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J Is for Jellyfish Craft

child gluing an eye to her letter j craft

Take the sting out of learning letters with this week’s ABC Craft! But watch out–our jellyfish will wrap her pretty pink tentacles right around your heart!

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • 2 sheets of printer paper
  • Card stock (we used hot pink, light pink, and green)
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