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How the “Funnel Concept” Affects Learning

You may think that a “good memory” is something that your child either has or does not have. If that were the case, there would be little you could do to help your child become a better learner. But fortunately, this isn’t the case! You CAN help your child with her memory if you begin with an understanding of something I call the funnel concept.

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8 Ways to Encourage Spelling Success (and Happy Spellers!)

boy spelling words with water color paint

What’s your favorite subject?

If your child is like most, spelling might not be at the top of his list. But what if you could create an environment that would increase the likelihood of changing that around? What if you could make spelling a subject your child looks forward to?

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What’s the Difference Between AAR & AAS?

One of our most frequently asked questions is “Do I need both All About Reading and All About Spelling or can I choose just one of these programs to teach both subjects?”

That’s a great question!

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Punny Valentines – An Introduction to Puns

set of printable valentine cards with puns

Looking for a great way to introduce your kids to puns? Check! Ready for a good giggle? Check! Do your kids still need valentines for their friends? Check! This post has it all!

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Black History Picture Books

shades of brown hands reaching up

Black history is filled with stories of courage, strength, and determination. The picture books below provide the perfect way to explore these important stories with your children.

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Top 10 Activities for Letter Knowledge

letter A letter knowledge

What Is Letter Knowledge?

Letter knowledge–one of the first stepping stones on the path to reading–develops as a child is exposed to letters through play and through planned activities. A child who has achieved letter knowledge recognizes all the letters of the alphabet, in both capital letter and lowercase form, and knows the names and sounds of each.

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Teaching Reading and Spelling to Multiple Kids

boy and girl sitting side by side at a counter working on schoolwork

“I have four children…and two of them are in the same level! Will your program work for me?”

Many people assume it’s hard to juggle All About Reading and All About Spelling with multiple children, but not only is it possible, it’s also extremely rewarding! This post is packed with ideas for effectively and efficiently teaching reading and spelling to multiple children.

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The Right Time to Start Spelling Instruction

boy working on an all about spelling lesson

Children have such a diversity of needs—especially when it comes to spelling. If you are wondering when is the best time to start teaching spelling to your child, this post is for you! And since there are no “one size fits all” answers to this question, we’ll explore a wide variety of situations. Let’s dig in!

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7 Ways to Be the Teacher Your Child Needs

What Makes a “Good” Teacher?

Let’s consider this question from a child’s perspective. If you asked your child to tell you what she wants in a teacher, what would she say? Go ahead and ask … we’ll wait!

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Fairy Tales with a Twist

Fairy Tales with a Twist - All About Reading

Do you remember having fairy tales read to you when you were a child? I have some fun fairy tales to share with you this month, but these are not your typical fairy tales. These are fairy tales with a twist, otherwise known as “fractured” fairy tales.

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Organizational Tools I Couldn’t Homeschool Without

organization tools featured graphic

As a homeschooling mom of two kids, I am well aware that my stress level is directly related to how organized (or how disorganized) my life is. Children’s author A.A. Milne once said,

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.
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How to Handle Tears and Frustration in Your Homeschool

tears and frustration featured graphic

Do spelling lessons make your child want to throw her pencil across the room? Do tears seem to go hand-in-hand with learning to read? Are you walking on eggshells, wondering how the “dreaded” subject will go today?

When kids struggle, moms tend to blame themselves …

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