Wonderful Picture Books for Winter

Ahh…winter! There’s just so much to love—the stillness of the night after a blanket of snow has covered the ground; the crunch of snow underfoot; and curling up in front of a crackling fire with a blanket, a cup of tea, and a wonderful picture book for winter! And speaking of books, the books below will bring warmth to even the chilliest winter day!

Read the synopses of a few of my favorite picture books for winter below and then head to your local library with my library list.

Blizzard book cover

by John Rocco

If you haven’t experienced a New England blizzard, you’ll experience the wonder of a big one through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy in this beautifully illustrated book. John Rocco wrote Blizzard from his own vivid memories of a storm that dumped forty inches of snow on his native Rhode Island. Better bundle up for this one!

Brave Irene book cover

Brave Irene
by William Steig

Winter is certainly a force to be reckoned with, but winter winds are no match for Brave Irene. When a brave little girl offers to venture out on an important errand for her sick mother, snow and howling winds threaten to ruin everything. Can Irene make it to the duchess’s house in time to deliver the package, or will winter win?

Geraldine's Big Snow book cover

Geraldine’s Big Snow
by Holly Keller

I’m sure you’ve heard that a watched pot never boils. Well, it’s true for little girls and snow storms, too! In Geraldine’s Big Snow, Geraldine is pining for snow, and though everyone promises the snow is coming, it seems it never will. In the end, Geraldine learns that it’s when you aren’t watching that the best things happen!

Katy and the Big Snow book cover

Katy and the Big Snow
by Virginia Lee Burton

Katy, “the big, beautiful red crawler tractor,” is the pride of Geoppolis. Katy can do anything. And when a big snowstorm brings everything in Geoppolis to a screeching halt, it’s Katy’s big plow to the rescue! She helps the policemen protect, the mailmen deliver, and the airplanes land. Go, Katy, go!

Once Upon a Northern Light book cover

Once Upon a Northern Night
by Jean Pendziwol

Jean Pendziwol’s Once Upon a Northern Night whispers the wonders of a snowy night. Poetic charm and the breathtaking beauty of winter leap from its pages, captivating readers from the very first page until the last. Arsenault’s exquisite illustrations pay homage to the gentle yet wild cadence of life on a northern night.

One Snowy Night book cover

One Snowy Night
by Nick Butterworth

In One Snowy Night, Percy the park keeper settles in for a good night’s sleep, but alas, it is not to be! He hears a knock at the door, and then another, and before long, Percy’s house and his bed are overflowing with a menagerie of shivering forest animals! It’s not a restful night, but it is an exciting one!

Owl Moon book cover

Owl Moon
by Jane Yolen

There’s a full moon and it’s a perfect night for owling. You might see an owl and you might not—but either way is fine since just being there is a special treat. “When you’re owling, you don’t need words or warm, or anything but hope. That’s what Pa says. The kind of hope that flies on silent wings under a shining Owl Moon.

Red Sled book cover

Red Sled
by Lita Judge

Have you ever wondered what happens in the woods when no one is around to watch? In Red Sled, Lita Judge’s beautiful illustrations reveal what happens when a child leaves her red sled out in the snow overnight. Put on your hat and coat—you’re going to want to grab a sled and read this one again and again!

Stranger in the Woods book cover

Stranger in the Woods
by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick

On a crisp winter day, the animals in the forest awake to the news that there’s a Stranger in the Woods. Soon the forest is teeming with curious visitors … is the stranger a friend? Come find out! This winter masterpiece by professional wildlife photographers Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick is one of those books you just can’t put down.

The Mitten book cover

The Mitten
by Jan Brett

After reading The Mitten, you may never think of mittens in the same way again. In this Jan Brett classic, a long line of forest creatures create a cozy but very crowded home for themselves inside a little boy’s lost mitten. Now if you ever spot a lost, oversized mitten, you just might wonder if anyone has been living in it lately!

The Snowy Day book cover

The Snowy Day
by Ezra Jack Keats

Ezra Jack Keats’ Caldecott Medal winner, The Snowy Day, has been a staple of winter reading for 50 years. In it, Peter wakes to freshly fallen snow and does what children everywhere love to do: he bundles up and enjoys a day of snowy adventures. But beware … the best place to play with snow is outside in the cold!

Twelve Kinds of Ice book cover

Twelve Kinds of Ice
by Ellen Bryan Obed

Beautiful pen-and-ink drawings illustrate Ellen Bryan Obed’s ode to Twelve Kinds of Ice. The author takes readers back to the seasons of her childhood, from autumn’s first ice—“a skim of ice so thin that it broke when we touched it” to “dream ice … the ice that came in our sleep.” It’s a not-to-be-missed treat, especially for older readers.

snowflake bentley book cover

Snowflake Bentley
by Jacqueline Briggs Martin

William Bentley longs to share the unique beauty of snow—and especially snowflakes—with the world. But how can you save something that melts as soon as you touch it? Illustrated with gorgeous woodcuts, Snowflake Bentley recounts the fascinating story of the first man to capture snowflakes on film!

Over and Under the Snow book cover

Over and Under the Snow
by Kate Messner

When you travel through a silent, snowy landscape, it may seem as if the world is sound asleep. But this picture book takes a closer look at the abundance of winter activity that takes place Over and Under the Snow—from foxes out hunting for supper to mice scurrying through underground tunnels.

Snow Crazy book cover

Snow Crazy
by Tracy Gallup

Illustrated with charming handmade clay characters, Tracy Gallup’s Snow Crazy is the uniquely told story of a young girl waiting impatiently for the season’s first snowfall. When the long-awaited snow finally arrives, it brings with it piles of fun and adventure to be shared with friends!

Winter Eyes book cover

Winter Eyes: Poems and Paintings
by Douglas Florian

Winter Eyes: Poems and Paintings is the perfect winter read-aloud! Paired with whimsical watercolor illustrations, this beautiful collection features long poems, short poems, poems about ice fishing, sledding, burrowing animals, and more! Douglas Florian’s poems are sure to become family favorites.

A Perfect Day book cover

A Perfect Day
by Carin Berger

Whether it’s leaving the first footprints in freshly fallen snow, building the best snow fort ever, having a friendly snowball fight, or ice skating on a frozen pond, this perfect picture book is a reminder of all the fun and adventure that can be found and enjoyed on a perfect winter day.

Winter is the Warmest Season book cover

Winter Is the Warmest Season
by Lauren Stringer

Thanks to all its snow and ice, winter is known as the coldest season of the year. But the little boy in this story sees it differently. He thinks winter is the warmest season. After all, winter is the season for hats with ear flaps, footie pajamas, hot baths, and snuggling up under cozy blankets!

A Loud Winter’s Nap book cover

A Loud Winter’s Nap
by Katy Hudson

Tortoise just wants to find a quiet spot for his winter nap. Is that too much to ask? Unfortunately, his attempts at slumber keep getting interrupted by snowball fights, sled construction, and singing classes. Will Tortoise ever get to take his nap, or will he discover a better way to enjoy the wintry months?

Big Snow book cover

Big Snow
by Jonathan Bean

Kids rarely (if ever) enjoy chores, but little David has an especially hard time concentrating on his chores when he sees the snow begin to fall! Now every chore just reminds him of the snow, and that makes him want to be out in it all the more! Could today’s snowfall be the best kind of all … a BIG snow?

The Snowy Nap book cover

The Snowy Nap
by Jan Brett

Winter is coming and Hedgie the hedgehog is getting ready to hibernate. But when the other animals tell him about all the wonderful wintry activities he’ll miss while he’s sleeping, Hedgie decides he should stay awake to enjoy the fun with his friends! Will winter be everything Hedgie has heard it will be?

Wolf in the Snow book cover

Wolf in the Snow
by Matthew Cordell

In this beautifully illustrated wordless picture book, a young girl dressed in red gets lost in the woods on her way home from school. When she happens upon a wolf pup who has been separated from its pack, the girl helps the wolf find his way home. Will her act of kindness lead to another?

The Reader book cover

The Reader
by Amy Hest

On a snowy day, a small boy and his brown dog set out on a journey with a sled and a suitcase. It’s a long trek up a steep slope in a wintry world of snowballs, snow angels, and snowflakes. But it will be well worth the trip when the boy and his dog reach the top of the hill and open the suitcase…

Bunny Slopes book cover

Bunny Slopes
by Claudia Rueda

In this fun interactive picture book, a bunny invites you to join him for a day on the slopes—but he’s going to need your help! First, you’ll have to shake the snow down! And then you’ll need to tilt and turn the book to help the bunny make his way down the hill. Phew … skiing is a lot of work!

Max and Marla book cover

Max and Marla
by Alexandra Boiger

In this adorable story of friendship and determination, two unlikely friends work toward their dreams of Olympic glory. Fortunately, Max and Marla have the perseverance to see them through numerous setbacks on their way to realizing their dream … even if it’s only in their imaginations!

A Song for Snow book cover

A Song for Snow
by Lita Judge

Winter is coming and Peep can’t wait to see the snow. Peep’s big brother Hoot tries to answer all her questions, but unfortunately, Hoot doesn’t remember everything about the snow! He knows one thing for certain, though. Snow is coming, and it is definitely worth waiting for!

Pip and Squeak book cover

Pip & Squeak
by Ian Schoenherr

Two adorable mice are off on a gift-bearing adventure! They want to bring some cheese to their friend Gus, but Pip has forgotten to bring the cheese! The hunt for another gift is on as Pip and Squeak travel across a wintry landscape in search of the perfect surprise for their friend.

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My girls have enjoyed snuggling up together and reading these books this winter!


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Another great winter book is “White Snow Bright Snow” by Alvin Tresselt

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What a great list! Especially Bunny Slopes.



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What a great list. I found several to check out of the library that we haven’t read!



Thank you for this list! “The Mitten is my so’s favorite book!



These look like great books! My kids love Snowy Day and Over and Under the Snow! We will have to check out the others – thanks for the great suggestions!

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We love Owl Moon, the Mitten and the Snowy Day! Always glad to have more good suggestions!



It’s still winter in Colorado! I’ve never heard of half of these books, so I’ll be adding them to our library book list. ?

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So fun! Thanks for reminding me of some old favourites and sharing soe wonderful. Ee possibilities!



Always looking for new books! Looking forward to getting some of these mentioned.



We can’t wait to check these out! Thanks for the free download, too!



So many great books! We just read Over and Under the Snow. ?



Love all the ideas here, great books and wonderful illustrations- thanks for putting this together. Two of my favorites are Snowy Day and The Mitten



I have given all of your reading list books to our school library, hopefully we will buy many of them! Thank you.

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Thanks for all the book suggestions- there are quite a few I haven’t heard of but look forward to reading.

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This is a great list! Thank you. We have and or have read most of these!



I really appreciate these book lists…they’ve been helpful resources for our homeschool curriculum.



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