W Is for Wind on the Water

Snacks that start with W

There’s a stiff breeze blowing and that means it’s time to set your sails for a seafaring adventure!

But with this refreshing summer recipe, even landlubbers can sail the seven seas! Featuring healthy, kid-friendly foods, our crafty sailboat snack brings the wind and the water to a dinner plate near you.

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8 Ways to Use Refrigerator Magnets

using refrigerator magnets to teach the aphabet

Here are eight fantastic ways to develop pre-reading skills using alphabet refrigerator magnets (with no mess or fuss)! And if magnets don’t stick to your fridge, you can do these same activities using a metal baking sheet or the front of your dishwasher.

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P Is for Patriotic

P Is for Patriotic featured graphic

Summer brings long sun-soaked days, but it also brings the celebration of the red, white, and blue. That’s right!

The Fourth of July is just around the corner!

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Using Bananagrams to Build Language Skills

bananagrams game pieces

Go Bananas with Bananagrams!

How quickly can you take a handful of letters and create an intersecting grid of words? It’s a fun challenge!

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S Is for Sunny Smiles

Assembled sunny summer snack

Looking for a cool, refreshing treat that doesn’t take a lot of time to make? We have the perfect ABC Snacks recipe for you to enjoy on a hot summer day!

Kids love creating their own snack and this one is easy for kids and parents alike.

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Using All About Spelling with Older Students

All About Spelling is frequently used with teens and adults. But sometimes parents and teachers aren’t sure how to get started with older students who need remedial work.

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B Is for Bobbing Banana Boy

Completed Bobbing Banana Boy snack

Just in time for summer, here’s a refreshing ABC Snacks recipe that is as fun to create as it is to eat. Better yet, it’s healthy, too!

What’s your favorite way to beat the summer heat? If your answer is a relaxing float in the pool … we couldn’t agree more!

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What’s the Difference Between AAR & AAS?

One of our most frequently asked questions is “Do I need both All About Reading and All About Spelling? Can I choose just one of these programs to teach both subjects?”

That’s a great question! Read on to find out how the two programs are similar and how they are different, and then download sample lessons to help you decide.

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K Is for Kooky Kite

K Is for Kooky Kite - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height!
Let’s go fly a kite, and send it soaring!

When the breezy days of spring or autumn arrive and the sun is shining, it’s the perfect time to fly a kite.

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How to Beat the Summer Slide

girl going down a slide at the park

Have you heard of the “summer slide”? Unfortunately, it’s not the fun kind of slide you’ll find at a water park or playground. This slide is different. It’s a slide that no mom wants her child to ride.

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How Making Connections Helps Your Child’s Memory

a schema used for making connections

As children learn, they add new information to what they already know. Their brains are continually reorganizing, adapting, and restructuring. In this post, we look at several ways you can organize information so your child is more likely to remember it later.

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Top 10 Activities for Letter Knowledge

letter A letter knowledge

What Is Letter Knowledge?

Letter knowledge is recognizing the letters and knowing the letter names and sounds. Young children gain an awareness of letters as they play with alphabet shapes, start to notice letters in books, and realize that their name begins with a specific letter.

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