M Is for Mouse Craft

child attaches googly eye to uppercase m craft

There’s an adorable lowercase M craft scurrying toward your craft table! Your child is sure to enjoy creating this merry mouse, especially if craft time is followed by a mouse-approved snack. Would anyone like a piece of cheese?

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Create a Christmas Book Advent Calendar

wrapped books with advent calendar tags

Have you ever heard of a Christmas book Advent calendar? It’s so simple and yet so fun. And best of all, it’s the perfect way to incorporate read-aloud time into your family’s holiday traditions.

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N Is for Net Craft

child attaches letter N to uppercase n craft

Nothing is quite as nice as working with your preschooler on a nifty new ABC Craft—especially when it’s this neat little net! It’s a great way for your child to catch some fun—and work on the ins and outs of lowercase letter N all at the same time!

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Thanksgiving Scramble – A Fun Make-a-Word Activity

thanksgiving scramble activity cornucopia

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that usually means a smorgasbord of tasty treats shared with family and friends around the table! Cook up a bit of extra holiday fun with this delicious Thanksgiving-themed word scramble activity! Ready to dig in?

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Picture Books for Thanksgiving

Picture Books for Thanksgiving - book reviews from All About Reading

Are you looking for Thanksgiving picture books to share with your children this holiday season? Here is a lovely selection that will demonstrate gratitude, show kindheartedness, and explain the rich traditions of Thanksgiving.

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O Is for Ox Craft

child draws mouth on uppercase o craft

Your preschooler will ooh and ahh over this lowercase letter O craft! From his oversized nose to his majestic horns, this massive ox is eagerly waiting to be brought to life by your child. And he’s happy to help teach the letter O at the same time!

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Fun with Emojis: An “Emotional” Fluency Activity

Fun with Emojis two cute emojis

Whether it’s a simple winky face or an encouraging thumbs up, emojis can bring a bit of fun to everyday communication.😊 But did you know that you can use emojis to improve your child’s reading, too? It’s true! Here’s how.

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P Is for Porcupine

child attaches nose to uppercase P craft

This lowercase letter P craft may seem a little prickly, but don’t be fooled! Underneath all those fancy quills, this pretty porcupine has a soft spot for you and your preschooler. Pass around the paper and pencils, because this craft is practically perfect!

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Tumtum and Nutmeg Chapter Books

cute mice tumtum and nutmeg on a boat

There’s a secret living inside a hidden broom cupboard in a ramshackle English cottage. Two secrets, actually—two remarkable mice! It’s not easy to take care of human children when you’re so small, but these tiny heroes give it their best in this charming series of chapter books.

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Q Is for Queen Craft

child applies jewel to lowercase q craft

Make way for the queen of crafts! This regal lowercase Q craft is the quintessence of aristocratic elegance. Your preschooler is sure to have a royal ball as she learns the letter Q. Just don’t forget to curtsy to the queen when you’re done!

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Using Phonics Dominoes to Build Language Skills

phonics dominoes tiles

Fun and Interactive Word Building!

Where has this game been all of my life?

Phonics Dominoes is a fantastic way to practice word-building and decoding skills. There are several versions available: Short Vowels, Long Vowels, Blends and Digraphs, Word-Building, and for more advanced students, Sentence-Building dominoes.

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R Is for Rabbit Craft

R Is for Rabbit - lowercase r craft

Rumor has it there’s a lowercase R craft ready to bounce its way into your home and into your child’s heart. With a twitch of its little nose and a wiggle of its long ears, the adorable rabbit in this ABC Craft is ready to help teach your child the letter R!

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