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6 Tips to Help Distinguish Between Short I and Short E

a pin and a pen

Does your child have a hard time spelling words with the sounds of short I and short E? If so, it may be because he struggles to differentiate between these two vowel sounds. It’s a common spelling problem for young children. In this post, you’ll learn what causes this issue and how to solve it.

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How to Handle Spelling Rule Breakers

a spelling rule breaker in jail

Learning how to spell words that don’t follow the rules can be…well…a bit boring. And we can’t have that! So the All About Spelling program has a fun and motivating way to teach these Rule Breakers.

We throw them in jail, of course!

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Homeschooling Through the Holidays

boy working on thanksgiving reading and spelling activity

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Would you like to inject a little bit of learning into your holiday festivities? Here’s a great list of free activities that you and your children can enjoy together this holiday season.

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L Is for Lights (Holiday Edition)

Lights, camera, craft! Illuminate your child’s love of letters with this festive lowercase L craft! This colorful string of holiday lights is sure to brighten up any room and make your preschooler’s face light up, too!

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Holiday Picture Books Around the World

The holidays are a special time, and this wonderful collection of picture books celebrates the rich diversity of holiday traditions practiced by people all around the world. After all, no matter where you live or how you celebrate, this is the most wonderful time of the year!

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What Happens after All About Reading?

What Happens After All About Reading - from All About Learning Press

If your child has recently finished All About Reading, my first piece of advice to you is…celebrate! Have a piece of cake. Call Grandma and Grandpa. Take the rest of the day off and go to the park!

And of course, don’t forget to document this milestone and send us a photo! It makes my day when we hear from kids like Katie who complete our program! The accomplishment feels fantastic, doesn’t it?

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Teaching Reading and Spelling to Children with Autism

Teaching Reading and Spelling to Autistic Children - All About Learning Press

Are you teaching a child with autism how to read or spell? If so, you need this post!

Children with autism often have difficulty learning to read and spell using standard methods because their brains process information in unique ways.

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Helping Kids Sound Out Words

Helping Kids Sound Out Words - ideas and solutions

When you read, you probably don’t spend much time decoding the individual words. You just read, and as you get to each word, you instantly recognize it. But beginning readers don’t have that kind of instant recall yet, so it is important to teach them how to sound out words.

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When Two Vowels Go Walking

Vowels A and I walking on a bridge

Catchy rhymes can be a fun and easy way to remember some of those pesky phonics rules. Have you heard of this one?

When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking.

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Picture Books for Fall

little girl playing in autumn leaves

If there’s a chill in the air and the trees are spinning a tapestry of reds and golds, it must be autumn! And that means it’s time to grab your little ones, cuddle up on the couch, and read a few of my favorite picture books for autumn.

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Automaticity in Reading and Spelling

child riding a bicycle

Automaticity is the ability to do something without conscious thought.

For example, as you read this post, you probably aren’t consciously thinking about how to decode every word. You’ve reached automaticity in reading, which helps you pay attention to the content.

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The Story Behind the Story – “Chasing Henry”

Have you ever made an exciting discovery?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Dilly the armadillo, Seth the sloth, and Opal the ostrich in “Chasing Henry,” a short story from All About Reading Level 3.

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