Fun Ways to Develop Phonological Awareness

Cute dog with one ear up listening

What Is Phonological Awareness?

It’s a big term, but it’s really quite basic: phonological awareness is the ability to hear and identify the various sounds in spoken words.

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Picture Books for Adventurers

Picture Books for Adventurers - All About Reading

Get ready for a world of adventure! With these picture books for adventurers, every day brings new excitement. Whales, pirates, dinosaurs, and wild things await your child in the pages of these books. So buckle up…there’s adventure ahead!

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Explore Words with the Homophone Machine

young girl playing with the homophone machine

Are you ready to create some silly sentences with homophones (those tricky words that sound alike, such as there and their)? We’ve got just the thing!

This engaging learning tool was created with fun-loving kids in mind. Go ahead and try out the Homophone Machine for yourself!

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How to Handle Spelling Mistakes

Here’s a fact: Your child is going to make an occasional spelling mistake.

The question is: How will you handle these mistakes?

Now is the perfect time to think through the answer to this question—because the way you handle errors can make a huge difference in your child’s ability and confidence. So let’s dig in!

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How Making Connections Helps Your Child’s Memory

a schema used for making connections

As children learn, they add new information to what they already know. Their brains are continually reorganizing, adapting, and restructuring. In this post, we look at several ways you can organize information so your child is more likely to remember it later.

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How To Make Your Own Fabric Alphabet

basket of fabric letters

Playing with the alphabet is a great way to help your preschooler learn the alphabet and promote letter recognition, and this easy-to-make fabric alphabet will provide hours of kid-friendly, educational fun!

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W Is for Watermelon Craft

child draws on her lowercase w craft

Bring a bit of summer into your letter learning! Your preschooler will be wowed by this juicy and delicious ABC Craft. But when she’s done with her lowercase W craft, be sure to save a piece of watermelon for us!

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Is the “Matthew Effect” Affecting Your Child’s Desire to Read?

upward and downward spirals and the Matthew Effect

Does your child dislike reading? Would your child rather do chores than read a book? Does your child avoid reading whenever possible? When it’s time for reading lessons, are there tears or grumpiness involved?

Children who dislike reading are usually struggling readers. Just as nonathletic people tend to avoid exercise, struggling readers tend to avoid books and everything else related to reading.

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I Is for Icky Insects

I Is for Icky Insects - an ABC Snack from All About Reading

It’s a creepy, crawly ABC Snack!

What do you get when you combine yummy dried fruit, seeds, a little bit of chocolate, with a big dose of imagination? Well, in this post, you get icky insects!

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Is All About Spelling Right for My Child?

Spelling can be a challenge for some kids. But whether you’re a homeschool veteran or just starting out, you’re probably here because you want to do whatever it takes to help your child master this critical subject.

In an ideal world, you could teach spelling and it would just “click” for your child. But alas, that often isn’t the case.

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Cozy Reading Nooks for Your Kids

little girl reading a book

Would you like to add an extra dose of motivation to your child’s day? It may be as easy as creating a cozy and creative reading nook. When you create a space your child loves, chances are he’ll spend more time reading.

Need some creative ideas?

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A Is for Ants-Go-Munching

ABC Snacks - Ants Go Munching

Your kids are going to LOVE this fun (and kind of gross) snack idea!

Like most of our ABC Snacks, this one pairs healthy yet yummy eating with a hands-on recipe that preschoolers can help create. Include foods from every food group and Appetizing Ants-Go-Munching can become a tasty lunch instead of just a snack.

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