When Two Vowels Go Walking

Vowels A and I walking on a bridge

Catchy rhymes can be a fun and easy way to remember some of those pesky phonics rules. Have you heard this one?

When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking.

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The Moffats Chapter Books

The Moffats Chapter Book Series Review from All About Reading

Eleanor Estes once said that, as a writer, she hoped to reflect “the true image of childhood.” And she did just that in the nearly twenty books she authored over a period of forty-six years, including the much-loved series about the charming Moffat family.

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A Handy Guide to Long Vowel Sounds

Ostrich holding a sign with long vowel sounds

When you teach reading and spelling, it’s a good idea to have a general overview of long vowel sounds. Let’s dive in!

A long vowel is a vowel that is pronounced the same as its name. For example, the word emu starts with the long E sound.

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Picture Books that Celebrate Differences

Picture Books about Differences - picture book reviews from All About Reading

We’re all different, but encouraging children to embrace their differences and the differences of others isn’t always easy. Picture books can help!

Here are some of my favorite picture books that celebrate differences.

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7 Ways to Make Spelling Logical

7 Ways to Make Spelling Logical - from All About Spelling

“English spelling is crazy!”

I hear that a lot. Perhaps you’ve even uttered that phrase yourself!

Indeed, English spelling can seem ridiculous at times. With a nod to George Bernard Shaw (who jokingly claimed that fish could be spelled ghoti), I’d like to present the following crazy spelling for the word farmer:

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Fun Ways to Count Syllables

Brainspace Magazine Cover

If your child has trouble counting syllables, or if you are teaching this concept for the first time, this post is for you! Read on to discover four fun ways to count syllablesand while you’re at it, be sure to check out all the extra practice activities and download a free printable “Count the Syllables” game.

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Real Moms, Real Kids: Vision Problems

Did you know that your child can have 20/20 vision yet still have trouble reading text?

Undiagnosed vision problems are quite common. In fact, experts1 estimate that 1 in 10 children has a vision issue that affects learning. Here at All About Learning Press, parents regularly share stories with us that prompt us to suggest vision testing.

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Does Your Child’s Spelling List Make Sense?

Does Your Child's Spelling List Make Sense? - a post from All About Spelling

Spelling lists are the foundation of many spelling programs. In fact, most of us learned to spell—or at least we attempted to learn to spell—with some type of spelling list method.

But when you stop to think about it, you’ll realize that most spelling lists really aren’t designed to help a child learn to spell.

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12 Reasons Teachers Love All About Reading and All About Spelling

12 Reasons Why Teachers Love All About Reading and All About Spelling

Did you know that All About Reading and All About Spelling are great options for the classroom?

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Hank the Cowdog Chapter Books

Hank the Cowdog - Chapter Book Reviews from All About Reading

Looking for a series of chapter books that includes a delightful mix of fun, mystery, and adventure? Get ready for a treat when you introduce your children to John R. Erickson’s Hank the Cowdog series.

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Multisensory Teaching for Reading and Spelling

Multisensory Teaching for Reading and Spelling

Using a multisensory approach when teaching reading and spelling can transform your lessons—for both you and your child.

Multisensory teaching doesn’t have to be difficult, as you will discover in this article. First watch this video and then read on to discover exactly what the multisensory approach is and how you can apply it in your lessons.

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Gooney Bird Greene Chapter Books

Gooney Bird Greene Chapter Book Reviews from All About Reading

If you’re looking for a delightful choice for read-aloud time—or if your child is eager to explore a series of humorous chapter books—here’s one you won’t want to miss: Lois Lowry’s lighthearted Gooney Bird Greene series.

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