Resources for Teaching at Home


Need Free Teaching Resources?

Yes, please!

Whether you’re teaching your children at home for the first time or have been a homeschooler for decades, having great teaching resources at your fingertips is an invaluable asset.

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The Story Behind the Story – “A Haircut for Britches”

It’s sheep-shearing time!

Here in northern Wisconsin, spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for the sheep on neighboring farms to be relieved of their dense wool coats before lambing season begins. So each year in the early spring, the itinerant sheep shearer comes to our area and the fun begins!

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Picture Books for Spring

Picture books for spring featured graphic

From buds on trees to sprouting seeds and baby animals, there’s always something new to discover when winter melts away and new life begins to blossom. Celebrate spring with this delightful collection of picture books.

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Kids Stuck Inside? Check Out Our FREE Boredom Busters!

boredom busters featured graphic

Mom…I’m bored!

When you’re stuck inside with your kids—especially for an extended period of time—you probably look for activities that help combat boredom AND provide educational value at the same time. We can help! (You don’t have to use All About Reading or All About Spelling to reap the benefits of the resources featured below.)

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How to Teach the Alphabet to Preschoolers

Teaching the Alphabet to Preschoolers - from All About Reading

Is your preschooler ready to learn the alphabet? If so, this post is for you! Jam-packed with letter recognition activities designed to help you teach the alphabet, this post contains enough fun to keep your child busy for months!

Read on to discover more about this valuable pre-reading skill for young children, or scroll down to download eight of our free, top-quality letter recognition activities.

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R Is for Rockin’ Rainbow Skewers

fruit rainbow skewers featured graphic

Have you ever seen a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Well, if you join us for this yummy snack, you will!

Maybe you’ll want to combine this snack with our Lucky Leprechaun snack. It’s the perfect treat for St. Patrick’s Day–or for any day!

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Why Copywork Doesn’t Always Work for Teaching Spelling

Perhaps you’ve heard of using copywork to teach spelling. Maybe you’ve even assigned some spelling copywork to your children. Still, you may be wondering about the benefits of this popular homeschool discipline.

And more importantlydoes it really work?

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Decodable Books: Why They’re Important

all about reading decodable book featured graphic

Some children seem to learn to read by osmosis; they just “get it” without having to learn the phonics code that makes sense of reading.

But learning to read isn’t always that simple.

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Reading Readiness: The Top 5 Skills

Reading Readiness - The Top 5 Skills - All About Reading

Did you know that there are five skills your child should master before you begin formal reading instruction? Because these reading readiness skills are so important, we call them The Big Five Skills.

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H Is for Have a Heart

H Is for Have a Heart - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

Are you looking for a delicious and nutritious treat to make with your preschooler for Valentine’s Day? This is it!

If you’ve ever made “eggs in baskets,” you’re going to love this heart-shaped twist on the old classic.

Most of our ABC Snacks recipes are great for a quick afternoon snack, but garnish this one with a bit of fruit and it will make the perfect breakfast treat.

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Segmenting: A Critical Skill for Spelling

segmenting featured graphic

If your student is a beginning or struggling spelling, one of the most important things you can do is teach him how to segment words. Knowing how to segment opens up a whole world of literacy. In fact, it’s surprising that this important spelling skill isn’t taught more widely, especially given how easy it is to teach.

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Black History Picture Books

shades of brown hands reaching up

Black history is filled with stories of courage, strength, and determination. The picture books below provide the perfect way to explore these important stories with your children.

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