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When Emily was a little girl, she liked to read books far above her grade level. As a result, she collected a large vocabulary of words she could use and spell properly but couldn’t pronounce. Her favorite books were usually about stallions; black ones, golden ones, wild ones, and phantom ones. She has since expanded her reading tastes, but still holds a soft spot for any book featuring a rearing horse on the cover.

Emily is a graphic designer and contributes to the All About Reading activity books.
Cards from apples to apples game

Using Apples to Apples Junior to Build Language Skills

Encourage creative word play and help your child build language skills with Apples to Apples Junior!

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Mercy Watson Takes A Ride

Mercy Watson Chapter Books

There’s more to Mercy Watson than meets the eye. This endearing pig is the star of Kate DiCamillo’s delightful chapter book series.

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the incorrigible children open a secret door

The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place Chapter Books

This six-book mystery series explores the unusual origins of the Incorrigible Children and how they came to be left in the woods to be raised by wolves.

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