ABC Snacks

Our ABC Snacks series provides tasty snacks for every letter of the alphabet! With these creative recipes, you can spend quality time with your preschooler, support pre-reading skills, and enjoy an alphabet full of yummy snacks, all at the same time.

Each recipe includes tips for supporting the five important pre-reading skills: print awareness, letter knowledge, phonological awareness, listening comprehension, and motivation to read.

Looking for an easy way to digest all this ABC Snacks goodness? Get our three printable cookbooks with more than 40 snack recipes along with fun activities and helpful teaching tips—all designed to support important pre-reading skills.

Time to dig in!

Z Is for Zebra-striped Popcorn - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

Z Is for Zebra-striped Popcorn

If you’ve been around our blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that we love zebras here at All About Learning Press! Maybe that’s because we have our very own Ziggy Zebra. Or maybe it’s just because we love animals…

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A Is for Alligator - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

A Is for Appetizing Alligator

If the sight of vegetables makes your little one say “see you later, alligator,” this snack is for you! Alligators dream of eating lunch with their big teeth and powerful jaws, but this healthy and delicious recipe turns the tables…

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ABC Snacks - Ants Go Munching

A Is for Ants-Go-Munching

Your kids are going to LOVE this fun (and kind of gross) snack idea! Like most of my ABC Snacks, this one pairs healthy yet yummy eating with a hands-on recipe that preschoolers can help create. Include foods from every…

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B Is for Buzzing Bumblebee - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

B Is for Buzzing Bumblebee

Preschoolers usually aren’t fond of bumblebees, but this is one bee that won’t create mayhem when it starts buzzing around your kitchen. Our most recent ABC Snacks recipe takes something potentially scary and turns it into something that’s sweet enough…

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ABC Snacks - Beautiful Butterfly

B Is for Beautiful Butterfly

If your little ones are anything like mine were, eating fruits and veggies is a lot more appealing when they also get to help in the kitchen. Not all my ABC Snacks are as wholesome as this one, but with…

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C is for Candy Corn Cups - ABC Snacks - An All About Reading Series

C Is for Candy Corn Cups

Candy corn: the quintessential sweet treat for fall. But though it may be yummy, candy corn isn’t the healthiest snack choice for your little one. This delicious alternative bears the colors of fall without all the sugar–and it’s still sweet…

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ABC Snacks - Creeping Caterpillar

C Is for Creeping Caterpillar

Who wouldn’t love this multi-legged variation of the classic PB&J sandwich? These Creeping Caterpillar Sandwiches bring the tried-and-true combination of peanut butter and jelly together with a unique flour tortilla twist! Whether you use this recipe to make a mid-afternoon…

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CH Is for Cheesy - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

CH Is for Cheesy Mac Bites

It’s a kid favorite with a twist! Kids love macaroni and cheese, and this is a really fun (and wholesome) way to make and eat this always-popular lunchtime classic! We try to keep things natural and healthy in our ABC…

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ABC Snacks - CH is for Cheery Chicks

CH Is for Cheery Chicks

Spring is Here! Springtime is that wonderful time of year when life bursts forth—trees and flowers bloom, lambs and calves are born, and baby chicks emerge from their eggs. And here’s a great way to hatch some springtime fun in…

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ABC Snacks- Delicious Dirt Cups

D Is for Delicious Dirt Cups

Don’t let the name—or the appearance—of this snack fool you! These delicious dirt cups may look like dirt, but I think you’ll agree that they taste much better! This fun hands-on snack is as much fun to build as it…

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D Is for Dynamic Dads - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

D Is for Dynamic Dads

Dad’s special day is almost here, and in honor of dynamic dads everywhere, we’ve got an extra special snack to share with you! All our ABC Snacks recipes are fun to create and tasty to eat, but this one takes…

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ABC Snacks - Excellent Egg Salad Sandwich

E Is for Excellent Egg Salad Sandwich

Eggs pack a protein-filled punch of goodness, and this delightful snack idea provides a super-fun way to encourage your preschoolers to eat their eggs. One of the heartiest snacks in my ABC Snacks Series, Excellent Egg Salad open-faced sandwiches are…

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