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Tips for Teaching Reading and Spelling to Multiple Kids

Teaching Reading and Spelling to Multiple Kids

Can you use AAR and AAS to teach multiple kids? It’s easier than you might think.

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Now shipping: "Snug as a Bug," a reading and spelling review book!

Introducing Snug as a Bug! A Reading and Spelling Review Book

Creepy crawlers, fluttery fliers, and swarms of fun are between the pages of the latest addition to our premium collection of reading and spelling review books. Snug as a Bug is crawling with engaging, hands-on activities, games, and fun facts…

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Free download: Printable Binder Cover and Spine Inserts for All Levels!

New Organizational Printable! – Binder Spine and Cover Inserts for All About Reading and All About Spelling

Free Printable Binder Cover and Spine Inserts – All Levels! We hear you! Fun, colorful binder cover inserts featuring your level’s hero character make starting each day’s lesson, well, more fun! Plus, bold, easy-to-read spine labels make your life a…

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Free "Fantastic Fireworks" activity!

Fantastic Fireworks – A Fun, Free Activity!

What’s the best thing about a fireworks show? (Besides everything, of course.) The grand finale, right? In this fun, free reading and spelling activity, your child will build the most spectacular and grandest grand finale of all time by adding…

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All About Reading Level of Choice - Giveaway from All About Learning Press

Giveaway – All About Reading Level of Choice

Enter to Win!This month you can enter to win the All About Reading Color Edition level of your choice, which includes the Teacher’s Manual, Student Packet, and readers! If you haven’t used AAR before, we’ll also include Letter Tiles and…

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Free "Cool Shades for Cool Friends" activity!

Cool Shades for Cool Friends – A Fun & Free Activity!

Featuring Ziggy and ALL of your favorite friends from All About Learning Press Ziggy is throwing a Summer Celebration Party, and you are invited! EVERYONE is going to be there—Rocket, Herman, Bumble, Coco—the whole All About Reading and All About…

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Giveaway – $100 Gift Certificate

Enter to Win! This month you can win a $100 Gift Certificate that can be used toward your purchase of All About Reading, All About Spelling, or any products on the All About Learning Press website.

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Introducing All About Spelling Level 4 Color Edition!

We are dancing with joy that our Level 4 color edition is now available for this new school year, and you will be too!Full-color lesson plans aren’t the only reason to do a little happy dance, however. We significantly upgraded…

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The Soft C Rule

The Soft C Rule is an easy way to determine when the letter c in a word is pronounced as a “soft” c using the /s/ sound. Mastering this useful rule makes words that have a c easier to spell…

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In a World of Spellcheck, Why Spelling Matters

Before we discuss this LOL, auto- and spell-correcting world we live in, there is one thing we want to be sure you take away from this post: There is no question that spelling matters to early learners. Learning the foundational…

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How to Teach Final Blends

We hear from many parents whose children struggle with blending adjacent consonants. When you think about it, the jump from three-letter words to even just four-letter words is actually a big leap for early learners. They must master a new…

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“Learn About Butterflies” – A Fun Activity and Craft!

Turn reading or spelling practice into a work of art! Practice makes perfect, and this engaging hands-on activity is the perfect way to practice reading and spelling lesson words. The world’s most beautiful butterflies are ready to flutter into your home,…

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