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Picture Books about Grandparents

This beautiful collection of picture books about grandparents honors grandpas and grandmas from many cultures and periods of history. As you share these books with your children, you’ll be reminded how fortunate we are to have the strength and guidance of the older generation.

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A Day's Work book cover

A Day’s Work
by Eve Bunting

Francisco is thrilled when he helps his grandfather find work for the day. But the lie Francisco told to get Abuelo the job lands them in a bit of trouble. Francisco may have thought that Abuelo couldn’t get along without his help, but in the end it’s Abuelo’s lessons about honesty and integrity that are the most valuable.

A Morning with Grandpa book cover

A Morning with Grandpa
by Sylvia Liu

When spirited Mei Mei finds her grandfather practicing tai chi, she jumps in and adds her own enthusiastic panache to the graceful moves. But can Mei Mei help Gong Gong learn some yoga, too? Told with humor and lyrical prose, this sweet story celebrates the joy of the special relationship between a little girl and her grandfather.

Circle Unbroken book cover

Circle Unbroken
by Margot Theis Raven

When a young girl asks her grandmother how she learned to weave baskets, the resulting tale leads the girl through her family’s memories of sweetgrass baskets, slavery, and freedom. In Circle Unbroken, Margot Theis Raven weaves a story that winds its way through generations and across continents.

Crouching Tiger book cover

Crouching Tiger
by Ying Chang Compestine

Vinson is excited about his grandfather’s visit from China, but his excitement soon wears thin. Grandfather’s Tai Chi moves are way too slow. And why does Grandfather have to keep calling him Ming Da? But before long, Vinson begins to realize that being Chinese is actually very special.

Grandfather Gandhi book cover

Grandfather Gandhi
by Arun Gandhi and Bethany Hegedus

Arun Gandhi’s Grandfather Gandhi offers a rare look into the private family life of Mahatma Gandhi. As Arun shares the lessons he learned as a young boy living in his grandfather’s village, readers are drawn to appreciate and learn from the love and respect that a young boy has for his grandfather.

Grandfather's Journey book cover

Grandfather’s Journey
by Allen Say

Allen Say’s Grandfather’s Journey traces his grandfather’s steps from the villages of Japan to the mountains of California, and then back and forth again. Through the years, the strong attraction of the memories of “home” keeps the journey alive for generations of a Japanese-American family.

Grandpa Green book cover

Grandpa Green
by Lane Smith

In this creatively illustrated picture book, Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator Lane Smith paints life in all its green, whimsical glory. Sculpted evergreens illustrate a loving great-grandson’s recollections of the seasons, milestones, and passions of Grandpa Green’s eventful—and wonderful—life.

How to Babysit a Grandpa book cover

How to Babysit a Grandpa
by Jean Reagan

Jean Reagan’s New York Times bestselling “how-to” book is full of advice for any child who’s getting ready for a visit from Grandpa! After all, babysitting Grandpa is no easy task. You have to find the yummiest snacks and the best games. How to Babysit a Grandpa is guaranteed to turn any kid into the perfect babysitter.

Little Bear's Visit book cover

Little Bear’s Visit
by Maurice Sendak

What could be more wonderful than a special visit with the people you love? Well, for Little Bear, there is nothing better than the fun and laughter that a visit with Grandfather and Grandmother Bear brings. Maurice Sendak’s classic Little Bear’s Visit is a great chapter book for emerging readers.

Max and the Tag-along Moon book cover

Max and the Tag-along Moon
by Floyd Cooper

The ol’ moon will always shine for you … on and on!” It’s a special promise that Grandpa makes to Max as they gaze up at the moon together. And all the way home, Max watches as the moon tags along, just like Grandpa said it would. Soft, moonlit illustrations provide the perfect backdrop for Floyd Cooper’s sweet story.

Nana in the City book cover

Nana in the City
by Lauren Castillo

Lauren Castillo’s 2015 Caldecott Honor-winning Nana in the City is a wonderful read-aloud. The boy loves his Nana, but he does not love the city. The city is too loud, and has too many scary things. But the boy’s Nana gives him a special gift, and suddenly the boy feels much braver. Maybe the city isn’t so bad after all!

Ruby's Wish book cover

Ruby’s Wish
by Shirin Yim Bridges

Ruby was a little girl in China who loved to wear red. At the turn of the century, most little girls in China didn’t go to school. Ruby loved school and wanted to keep learning, but only the boys in Ruby’s family went to university. Until one day when Ruby’s grandfather gave Ruby a surprise that changed everything.

The Napping House book cover

The Napping House
by Audrey and Don Wood

If you’ve met “the old lady who swallowed a fly,” you’ll love Audrey and Don Wood’s classic cumulative story, The Napping House. This is no ordinary house. Yes, it’s a nice house with a dog, a bed, a cat, a child, and a granny, but it’s not ordinary. That’s because everyone in the house is napping. Everyone.

The Raft book cover

The Raft
by Jim LaMarche

Nicky isn’t looking forward to his summer at Grandma’s cabin by the river. She doesn’t even have a TV. But then Nicky discovers The Raft. The raft turns a summer of boredom into a summer of fun as Nicky discovers the wonders of life as a river rat. But best of all, Nicky discovers how wonderful Grandma is.

Thunder Cake book cover

Thunder Cake
by Patricia Polacco

If your little one is afraid of thunderstorms, this Patricia Polacco classic is just what he needs. The next time the thunder starts to rumble and light flashes across the sky, just let Babushka keep your little one’s mind off the storm. All it takes is a slice of Babushka’s Thunder Cake and a little bit of bravery.

Watch Out for Chicken Feet book cover

Watch Out for the Chicken Feet in Your Soup by Tomie dePaola

In Watch Out for the Chicken Feet in Your Soup, prolific children’s author Tomie dePaola delivers another masterpiece. Joey is embarrassed to have his friend meet his old Italian grandma. But when Grandma wins Eugene over with her “grandmotherly” ways, Joey realizes his Grandma is pretty cool after all!

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Thank you for the great reading suggestions!

Paula V.


Thank you – I always appreciate your lists. I have a copy of Little Bear’s Visit from when I was a child, so that one’s a bit sentimental to me.

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

You’re welcome, Paula.

To me, one of the joys of being a parent is sharing books I loved as a child with my own children!

Rebecca DeAntonio


I love “A Morning with Grandpa” Such a sweet book.

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Glad you like it, Rebecca!

Emily Hamil


We love “How to Babysit A Grandpa!” I’m excited to check out your other recommendations. I love great book reccomendations!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

I’m glad to hear you enjoyed How to Babysit a Grandpa!, Emily, and hope you enjoy the others here!



Love so many of the books on this list! Will have to check out some that we haven’t read before.

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

I hope you find lots to enjoy, Tiffany!

Sandra Case


Thank you for this great list!



How wonderful! Our family is recovering from Hurricane Ida. We are delighted to have Maw Maw staying with us . Sure would love to win !!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

What an extra special time to share picture books about grandparents when you have a grandparent staying with you, Anna!

Ron Ablang


My kids need to think about their grandparents in a way that is not an ATM.

Christina Gould


These are all so enticing. What beautiful covers. Thanks for posting!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

You’re welcome, Christina! I’m glad you like the look of them.



lovely books

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Thank you.



Thank You! What a great resource to have!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

You’re welcome, Sara!



Such cute books!

Amber S.


Awesome choices, will definitely be checking some of these out of the library!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Great, Amber. I hope you find lots to enjoy!

Elizabeth H


Great Ideas! We’ve only read a couple of these

Jennifer Marquardt


Butterfly Kisses for Grandma and Grandpa by Alayne Kay Christian
This book is a beautiful book that was great for my daughter when her grandparents moved away. It would be good for any grand children, but it has a nice story and message, particularly if you have grandparents that live away.

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Thank you for this recommendation, Jennifer. It sounds like a lovely book.

Lauren M


This is a great list! Thanks! I’ll have to check some of these out for the grandparents to read with our kids.

Anne McClure


Thank you! My grandpa recently passed away, and my kids (his great grandkids) are really having a tough time with the loss. I will check these out!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

I am sorry for your loss. Some of these books will likely be both sweet and tearful for you at this time.



I love booklists. We read a picture book every night and my son hates repeats. I am always looking for more great choices.

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

We’re happy to help, Sandy. :D



Thank you for your library lists! I love the additional suggestions.

Texas Momma


We love The Napping House! I added several more off the list to our library twist list for this week ?

Sarah Lukitsch


Interesting list! My kids are lucky to have a grandma who is a retired school teacher and very supportive of homeschooling. She likes to do lessons once in awhile which gives them a new perspective and me some time off, lol

Korie Cox


These are excellent book suggestions. The relationship between children and their grandparents is so precious and unique!



I didn’t realize how many books about grandparents there are. Great list!!

Morrighan Crowe


Perfect for Grandparents day.

Kelly VT


What a great list! Heading to the library today, thanks for the ideas!

Jocelyn K


Thank-you for the suggestions!



Love to read some of these especially since we don’t have grandparents near by.

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Most of my kids grandparents live far away too, so I understand. These books could be a good way to keep a closer feeling.



What a sweet list!



This are wonderful gift idea for grandparents and children.