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Picture Books for Fall

If there’s a chill in the air and the trees are spinning a tapestry of reds and golds, it must be autumn! And that means it’s time to grab your little ones, cuddle up on the couch, and read a few of my favorite picture books for autumn.

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Picture Books Fall Apple Farmer Annie book cover

Apple Farmer Annie
by Monica Wellington

Apple Farmer Annie loves growing apples and she loves baking her apples into all kinds of delicious things to eat. But more than anything, Annie loves sharing her apples and baked goods at the farmer’s market. And Annie would like to share her yummy treats with you, too—just follow the recipes in the back of the book!

Picture Books Fall Bear Has a Story to Tell book cover

Bear Has a Story to Tell
by Philip C. Stead

Children’s writing duo Philip and Erin Stead have a story to tell about a sleepy bear who has his own story to tell. But Bear’s friends are all too busy getting ready for winter to listen to Bear. Maybe in the spring they will be rested and ready to hear it—that is, if Bear can still remember the story!

Picture Books Fall Count Down to Fall book cover

Count Down to Fall
by Fran Hawk

Count Down to Fall offers a richly illustrated study in counting and the beauty of autumn. Two-page spreads showcase the colors and textures of fall, with raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and birds frolicking alongside oak leaves, pinecones, acorns, and birch bark. It’s more than a picture book…it’s an autumn masterpiece!

Picture Books Fall Fletcher and the Falling Leaves book cover

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves
by Julia Rawlinson

Fletcher’s favorite tree is starting to look brown and dry, and Fletcher doesn’t understand why. But when the wind starts to blow and the tree’s leaves begin to fall, the young fox really begins to worry. What’s happening to his tree? Fletcher’s mom tries to reassure him, but it takes a big surprise to make Fletcher feel better.

Picture Books Fall Hardscrabble Harvest book cover

Hardscrabble Harvest
by Dahlov Ipcar

With sweet watercolor illustrations, lilting rhyme, and a touch of humor, Dahlov Ipcar follows a farmer through the seasons, from planting in the spring to a bountiful autumn feast. It may sound simple, but you’ll soon discover that if the farmer wants to enjoy his harvest, he’s got his work cut out for him.

Picture Books Fall A House in the Woods book cover

A House in the Woods
by Inga Moore

You might think that two pigs would find it difficult to be friends with a bear and a moose, but if you read A House in the Woods you’ll see that anything’s possible! Set in an autumn forest, this enchanting picture book is a delightful primer on friendship, generosity, kindness, hard work–and sharing peanut butter sandwiches with friends.

Picture Books Fall Leaf Jumpers book cover

Leaf Jumpers
by Carol Gerber

There are few activities that children enjoy more than jumping in a freshly raked pile of fallen leaves. But who would have thought that a pile of leaves could also be a fun-filled classroom? In Leaf Jumpers, kids learn shapes and colors and how to identify leaves from a variety of trees. It’s autumn fun at its most colorful!

Picture Books Fall Leaf Man book cover

Leaf Man
by Lois Ehlert

Children’s author Lois Ehlert said, “When I see a beautiful leaf, I have to pick it up. I can’t help myself.” If you’re anything like Lois, you’re going to love this whimsical picture book. Follow Leaf Man wherever the wind blows him, but keep your eyes open–there are LOTS of leaf creatures to find in this colorful autumn treasure!

Picture Books Fall Possum's Harvest Moon

Possum’s Harvest Moon
by Anne Hunter

It’s almost time for Possum’s long winter sleep, but tonight the harvest moon is shining bigger and brighter than ever. It’s the perfect night for one last dance party before winter! But the mice, the crickets, and even the fireflies are too busy (or too sleepy) to come to Possum’s Harvest Soirée. Or are they?

Picture Books Fall The Pumpkin Runner book cover

The Pumpkin Runner
by Marsha Diane Arnold

When Joshua Summerhayes enters a 900-kilometer run, no one expects him to win. After all, with his overalls and big orange boots, the old sheep rancher doesn’t look much like a runner. But Joshua has been running for over 50 years, fueled by pumpkins and with his old Yellow Dog by his side. Do you think Joshua can win the race?

Picture Books Fall Tap the Magic Tree book cover

Tap the Magic Tree
by Christie Matheson

If you could, would you coax a bare brown tree to burst back to life again? In Tap the Magic Tree, you will turn words into motion, enticing the tree along on its journey from winter to spring and summer, through autumn and another winter, and back to spring again. It’s a colorful walk through the seasons that you make happen!

Picture Books Fall We're Going on a Leaf Hunt book cover

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt
by Steve Metzger

Steve Metzger’s We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt might remind you of another well-known children’s “hunting” book. In this delightfully singsongy read-aloud, readers go over a tall mountain, through a dark forest, around a swooshing waterfall, and across a cold lake to find lots of colorful leaves. It’s a wonderful day!

Scarecrow Book Cover

by Cynthia Rylant

Have you ever stopped to think about what a scarecrow’s life is really like? He might seem like nothing more than a bundle of rags and straw at first, but take a closer look! With birds visiting, seeds being planted, rain coming down, and clouds going by, a scarecrow has a LOT to keep him busy.

Hello, Harvest Moon Book Cover

Hello, Harvest Moon
by Ralph Fletcher

What’s that rising up above the treetops? It’s the harvest moon! With gorgeous oil-painted illustrations, this lyrical picture book sings the praises of everything that’s special about autumn. Tag along as a young girl takes in the late-season beauty by the light of the harvest moon.

The Very Best Pumpkin Book Cover

The Very Best Pumpkin
by Mark Kimball Moulton

When Peter finds a pumpkin growing far from the patch, he knows it must be a special pumpkin. He tends it carefully as it grows big and beautiful. But someone else has been watching it, too—Peter’s neighbor, Meg. Perhaps Peter’s special pumpkin will be the beginning of an equally special friendship.

Fall Leaves Book Cover

Fall Leaves
by Loretta Holland

There are two great ways to enjoy this beautiful autumn picture book! Read a clever poem in the large text on each page or read the small text to learn more about the beauty and science of fall. Either way, the ethereal illustrations and accompanying text make for a delightful autumn read-aloud experience.

Yellow Time Book Cover

Yellow Time
by Lauren Stringer

The geese have left for their long flight and the squirrels are busy gathering food before “white time” comes, and that can only mean one thing: Yellow Time is here with all its bright and cheerful shades of color! It will be gone before you know it, so don’t delay. Go outside and enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of Yellow Time!

Hedgehugs: Autumn Hide & Squeak Book Cover

Hedgehugs: Autumn Hide & Squeak
by Steve Wilson

Horace and Hattie Hedgehog can always find something fun to do. But not today! Hattie is sad that the leaves are falling, and Horace isn’t sure how to cheer her up. But then they meet a brand-new friend and discover that a rousing game of hide-and-seek is the perfect way to celebrate the last few days of autumn.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn Book Cover

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn
by Kenard Pak

Walk along as a young girl greets a late summer morning. Say hello to the swaying trees, the playful foxes, the butterflies, the beavers, the chipmunks, and to the change happening all over the landscape. Say goodbye to late summer and hello to autumn in this sweet salute to the changing of the seasons.

Mouse’s First Fall Book Cover

Mouse’s First Fall
by Lauren Thompson

With his friend Minka by his side, Mouse sets out on a crisp fall day. It’s Mouse’s first time experiencing the beauty of fall. They love the leaves with all their beautiful colors and shapes. But that’s not all! As Mouse and Minka pile leaves high for running, jumping, and hide-and-seek, they also discover how fun fall can be.

Hello, Fall! Book Cover

Hello, Fall!
by Deborah Diesen

In this delightful autumn story, a young girl and her grandfather spend a day enjoying the sights and sounds of fall. Whether they’re watching squirrels hide acorns, admiring fields of chrysanthemums, or choosing the best pumpkins to take home, they take the time to appreciate the autumn beauty all around them.

Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin Book Cover

Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin
by Tad Hills

Duck and Goose’s friend Thistle has a beautiful orange pumpkin and Duck and Goose want one, too! They search high and low to find a pumpkin of their own, but they can’t find one anywhere! Perhaps Duck and Goose just need a bit of help knowing where to look for a pumpkin!

South Book Cover

by Patrick McDonnell

Beautifully rendered in a minimalist style of art, this charming wordless picture book is sure to become a family favorite! When a little bird sleeps through the fall migration and is left behind by his flock, a new (and somewhat unlikely) friend helps the little bird find his way home.

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These looks great! Thanks!



Some of our favorite fall books!

Robin E.

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Great to hear, Melissa!



What a great list of beautiful books! Thank you so much for the recommendations!

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You’re welcome, Sierra! Glad you like the recommendations.



Can’t wait to get some of these from the library!

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I hope your library has lots of these, Sarina!



I love this! Our favorite fall book is Fall Mixed Up. This is a great resource, thank you!

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Thank you for recommending Fall Mixed Up, Emily!



Thank you for sharing the picture books for fall!

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You’re welcome, Julie. I hope you find lots to enjoy!



I love this, I’m always looking for seasonal books for my little one and this list is super helpful. Thank you!

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Kathy King


These are such cute little books! I’m sure my 4 year old would love all of them. Thank you for compiling such a great list!

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You’re welcome, Kathy. I hope you find lost for your child to enjoy!

Jenny Baldwin


Every week in my classroom I feature an author, illustrator, or a theme. I love all the book lists on the blog!

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What a lovely way to encourage your students to enjoy and explore books, Jenny! I’m glad you find the book lists helpful for this.



Thank you for the suggestions! We can’t wait to read some!

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You’re welcome, Amber. I hope you find lots to enjoy!



Thank you for the wonderful book list! I’m loving all the books on the list!

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Thank you for letting us know you are enjoying the books on this list, Lisa! You’re welcome.

Jessica Dumas


Great suggestions!! Thank you!

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My daughter acts like she personally knows Marie Rippel because she created her reading curriculum. Glad to have found the blog!

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Oh, how sweet, Sonya!

Yevheniia Syrevych


my 3 yo and 6 yo both love picture books. I do too especially for nice illustrations but also for bits of useful information hidden in them.
right now our favorites are Leaves, We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt, and The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Robin E.

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I agree, Yevheniia. There are so many wonderful picture books to love!

Christine McVearry


Love this!!



Thanks for the great seasonal book lists!

I also wanted to share some resources that help give teachers, parents, and kids a more complete picture of native americans and help correct the inaccuracies and stereotypes that are often present in the portrayal of the Thanksgiving.

First, a website that briefly describes why we should be teaching Thanksgiving differently:

Book lists: Books that teach Thanksgiving from the native perspective:

Thanks again for the wonderful resources you are providing to teachers and families!

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Thank you for the recommendations, Betsy.



Your book suggestions greatly help me pick out seasonal books! I take the list to the library and stock up :) Thanks!


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You’re welcome, Anna! Happy reading with your kids!



Thanks for this great list of Fall books. I love South by Patrick McDonnell. The kids seem to love the books without words and I love getting them to tell me their version of what it’s about.



I can’t wait to read these and find some new favorites!



We love fall books!



Love this list! Thank you!

Dorothy Boucher


I love the selection of books here, they all sound wonderful! and I know the children would enjoy! them.



What a great list. Thank you! This makes it convenient to make a library trip to get the books:)

Christina Wong


Appreciate this lovely fall book list. Usually I am struggling to find seasonal books that are age appropriate. That won’t be the case anymore!



Love this list! We will be checking for these at our library.

Emily Sires


Wow, I’ve never actually read any of these! Might have to stop at the library today.

Amanda Ward


These all look like great books. I can’t wait to check out a few to read to my girls.



Love fall and books…perfect combination ?

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I’m always looking for great seasonal books to bring home from our library trips! Thanks!



Thanks for the list!