V Is for Volcano Craft

child adds piece to her lowercase v craft

It’s hard to pass up an ABC Craft that combines earth science, hands-on art, and creative letter-learning all in one, isn’t it? This lowercase V craft is sure to make your little one’s enthusiasm overflow (pun intended ?)!

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • 2 sheets of printer paper
  • Card stock (we used light blue, dark brown, light brown, yellow, orange, and red)
  • V Is for Volcano Craft templates
  • Glue stick, pencil, and scissors

Instructions for Assembling Your Lowercase V Craft

  1. Print the V Is for Volcano Craft templates.
  2. Cut out the templates and trace the letter V and the volcano pieces onto card stock.
  3. Cut out the letter V and volcano pieces.
  4. Glue the left and right volcano bases to a piece of card stock (we used light blue, but you can use any color you like). The center angles should be nearly touching.
  5. Glue the yellow lava piece into the “V” formed by the base pieces.
  6. Glue the orange lava piece above the yellow piece, aligning the wavy edges.
  7. Glue the red lava piece above the orange piece, aligning the wavy edges.
  8. Glue the letter V on top of the volcano pieces as shown on the example.

child glues a letter for her lowercase v craft child glues a piece of her lowercase v craft child adds piece to her lowercase v craft

Learning with Your Letter V Craft

As you and your child assemble your V Is for Volcano Craft, practice saying /v/–/v/–volcano together. You can find more tips for working on pre-reading skills with your preschooler in this handy download.

children display their lowercase v craft

We would LOVE to see how your lowercase V craft turns out! Please share your photos with us on our Facebook page, or tag your Instagram photos with the hashtag #allaboutABCcrafts!

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Photos by: Rachel Neumann

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So excited to see this! We are learning about volcanoes with both of my boys AND my 5 year old is still working on learning letters and sounds. This is perfect!



This looks especially fun. My little man loves talking about lava and such, so this volcano craft will be good. These letter crafts are a great idea!



I’ve got a folder in my email for all of the letter crafts! Great ideas for my littlest learner!

Monica S


These types of visual crafts are awesome for visual and kinesthetic learners!



Very cute!



Cute! This will fit right in with “Victor Vicuna’s Volcano Vacation” that we’re reading as part of the Animal Antics A to Z series.

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

What a great idea, Amy! This craft would definitely be a great go-along for that book. Have fun!

Sherri Pauling


Thanks for the hands on learning hints, they are great for my guy and make the learning fun!



What a great idea! This craft looks so simple yet pretty and accurate.



I can’t wait to do these with my daughter!!

Moriah H


Looks like a fun learning project!



This is simple and creative! Thank you!



These are awesome thank you

Valerie Foman


Ahhhh! I just discovered these letter crafts, and I’m over the moon. These are the best free resources I’ve found online in a loooong time.

Nikeisha Savary


Love all of these letter crafts!! So much fun for the kids!



Looks so fun to make



My son loves making letter crafts!

Danielle Breeggemann


Will these all be compiled into one pdf like the capital letters are?

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Good question, Danielle. I’m pretty sure once the whole alphabet is released we will have a single pdf download like we did for the capital letters. However, I’ll pass this along as a suggestion in case that wasn’t planned.

Jocelyne iles


Amzing help for a dylexic teacher to help the kids learn without struggling with my own issues



Oh I love this idea! I think me kiddos will too!



I love this idea. It helps my son remember the letter and sound. Its a reference for him.



Our PK classes always have these abc crafts covering the walls of the PK hall. In addition to helping our students, they also make our school a warm, welcoming place. Thank you for everything you do for children!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

I have long thought that these crafts would make such wonderful decorations for a room! I’m happy to hear I was right. ?



Very good idea



I love these letter crafts! My son loves them too!