Magazines for Kids of All Ages

Magazines make great reading material for kids. Libraries often have a large selection of periodicals for every age group and reading level, and for many areas of interest. And some magazines may have issues going back years…and even decades!

Below is a list of my favorite magazines for kids of all ages, organized by age beginning with magazines for the youngest children. Short descriptions about each magazine have been excerpted from the publishers’ information.

Print out our library list and take it to your library to find great magazines for your child!

Magazines for Preschoolers

Hello Magazine Cover

Highlights Hello

Hello magazine for babies and toddlers delivers colorful images, age-appropriate stories, and fun activities parent and child can enjoy together. (0-2 years)

Babybug Magazine Cover


Babybug is full of brightly illustrated stories and poems that are perfect for parents and grandparents to read aloud. Babybug is safe for little ones to explore on their own. (6 months-3 years)

Zoobies Magazine Cover


Zoobies is full of animal stories, photos, and puzzles for little ones! Zoobies is written to introduce infants and toddlers to the wonderful world of reading.
(0-3 years)

Humpty Dumpty Magazine Cover

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty is filled with stories, poems, cartoons, puzzles, games, recipes and crafts that are designed with emergent readers in mind.
(2-6 years)

Highlights High Five Magazine Cover

High Five

High Five (from Highlights) helps you encourage your child’s development while providing opportunities for one-on-one fun together. (2-6 years)

Ladybug Magazine Cover


Ladybug magazine offers enchanting stories and poems to read aloud that will spark young imaginations and develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime. (3-6 years)

Zootles Magazine Cover


Zootles encourages learning and active discovery of the animal world with amazing photos, fascinating illustrations, and charming cartoon characters. (3-6 years)

National Geographic Little Kids Magazine Cover

National Geographic Little Kids

National Geographic Little Kids features captivating stories and interactive games that teach children about amazing animals, cool science, and families around the world. (3-6 years)

Click Magazine Cover


Each issue of Click answers kids’ questions about how the world works, and takes them on a journey of discovery about the world around them, sparking a lifelong love of learning.
(3-6 years)

Chirp Magazine Cover


Each issue of Chirp is designed for little hands and growing minds with colorful pages, stories, puzzles, silly jokes, engaging stories, and early-learning activities. (3-6 years)

Clubhouse Jr. Magazine Cover

Clubhouse Jr.

Clubhouse Jr. provides faith-filled fun for young children. You’ll love the way it reinforces biblical values and helps boys and girls explore their world.
(3-7 years)

God's Big World Magazine Cover

God’s Big World

God’s Big World is a rich environment for preschoolers to explore God’s creation with appealing interactive content available in multiple formats. (3-7 years)

Rick Jr. Magazine Cover

Rick Jr.

Rick Jr. is a nature-filled magazine with all the activities, stories, crafts, cooking recipes, and wild animals that young children love. (4-7 years)

Thomas and Friends Magazine Cover

Thomas & Friends

Bring the world of Thomas & Friends to life and make learning fun by developing key skills in math, reading, science and creativity. (2-7 years)

Magazines for Elementary and Middle School

Lego Life Magazine Cover


LEGO Life is a free magazine for registered club members. No matter what kind of LEGO fan you are, there’s a version for you! (4-12 years)

Ask Magazine Cover


Designed to spark your child’s interest in arts and science, Ask explores intriguing topics such as why animals sleep, why people love music, and what causes the tides. (6-9 years)

Spider Magazine Cover


The pages of Spider are filled with fun stories, activities, and illustrations by famous artists. Spider keeps young readers engaged and drawn into the fun of reading! (6-9 years)

ChickaDEE Magazine Cover


Every themed issue of ChickaDEE provides interactive stories, puzzles, animal features, and science experiments to educate and entertain readers. (6-9 years)

Jack and Jill Magazine Cover

Jack and Jill

The pages of Jack and Jill are designed to spark your child’s curiosity in a wide range of topics through articles, games, and kid-centered activities. (7-10 years)

Storytime Magazine Cover


Each month, Storytime is packed with brilliant tales for boys and girls of all ages. Storytime gives you a quality children’s magazine that actually helps to improve literacy. (5-12 years)

Highlights Magazine Cover


Highlights delivers puzzles, science projects, jokes, and riddles to challenge young minds. Popular characters keep kids coming back year after year.
(6-12 years)

WorldKids Magazine Cover


WorldKids makes learning about the world fun, while furthering a child’s understanding of the Christian faith through engaging online and print content. (6-12 years)

Zoobooks Magazine Cover


Simply written and beautifully illustrated, each issue of Zoobooks “captures” a different animal through photography, illustrations, diagrams, and more. (6-12 years)

National Geographic Kids Magazine Cover

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a fact-filled, fast-paced magazine filled with an award-winning combination of photos, facts, and fun. (6-12 years)

Ranger Rick Magazine Cover

Ranger Rick

Ranger Rick is packed with facts, photos, and outdoor adventures that help kids sharpen reading skills and develop an appreciation for nature.
(7 and up)

Clubhouse Magazine Cover


Clubhouse magazine is an intriguing and entertaining magazine that reinforces traditional values with hands-on activities, challenging puzzles, and exciting stories. (8-12 years)

Discovery Girls Magazine Cover

Discovery Girls

Discovery Girls gives girls advice, encouragement, and inspiration. Plus, each issue is packed with girl-created content like quizzes, contests, fashion, and much more! (8-12 years)

Stone Soup Magazine Cover

Stone Soup

Kid-submitted stories and poems make Stone Soup unique. A longtime favorite of teachers and homeschoolers, Stone Soup inspires creativity in children. (8-13 years)

Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine Cover

Sports Illustrated Kids

SI Kids delivers the excitement, passion, and fun of sports to kids, tweens, and young teens in an action-oriented, authentic, and interactive style.
(8-14 years)

ChopChop Magazine Cover


ChopChop is filled with nutritious, great-tasting, ethnically diverse, and inexpensive recipes along with features like fun food facts, games, puzzles, and interviews. (8-14 years)

Brainspace magazine cover


Brainspace magazine delves deeply into the topics kids love: space, Earth sciences, biology, math, technology and more. (8 to 14)

Boys' Life Magazine Cover

Boys’ Life

With great content like news, nature, sports, history, fiction, and science, Boys’ Life seeks to entertain and inspire boys to open their eyes to the joyous world of reading. (9-12 years)

OWL Magazine Cover


Loaded with quizzes, comics, tech news, expert interviews, inventions, and more, OWL highlights science, technology, engineering, art, and math in a fun and engaging way. (9-13 years)

Cricket Magazine Cover


Cricket magazine publishes only the highest quality fiction and classic literature, and nonfiction stories on culture, history, science, and the arts. (9-14 years)

Faces Magazine Cover


With articles, folk tales, and hands-on projects, Faces magazine takes young readers around the world for an honest and unbiased view of how children in other regions live. (9-14 years)

Cobblestone Magazine Cover


With stories about important American events and places, Cobblestone takes kids on a journey through history, designed to excite their imaginations and bring the past to life! (9-14 years)

Muse Magazine Cover


Muse is perfect for readers who are interested in science, history, and the arts. Articles from award-winning authors are accompanied by high-quality illustration and photography. (9-14 years)

Magazines for Middle School/High School

WorldTeen Magazine Cover


WorldTeen is a print and online experience that engages young teens with the truth in a way that helps them pursue the kind of life God intends for them to live. (9-18 years)

Make Magazine Cover


Make magazine publishes tested projects, skill-building tutorials, in-depth reviews and inspirational stories, accessible by all ages and skill ranges. (9-18 years)

*Please note: Though all the magazines on this list are written for children, some issues may contain content that you may feel is inappropriate for your child. As always, please review all reading material before giving it to your child to read.

FREE Magazines for Kids Library List:

Magazines for Kids Library List

Are you ready to motivate your young reader? Grab one of these great magazines and let the reading begin.

Click to download my list to take to your local library.

Have we missed your favorite magazine? Leave a comment and I’ll add it to the Readers’ Picks box below.

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Thanks 😊😘😘😘☺️😊😊☺️

Hello; Could you add my ezine to your list? It’s Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids, a nonfiction publication for kids of all ages. We feature daily posts, contests, book reviews, and so much more!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Thank you for the suggestion, Sandra. We’ll look into it.



Dear admn,
Thank you, I can download few magazines (Ask,story time,click,high lights,little angel cricket, spider) from magazine lib,kindly share the details about free download of all the other magazines.

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

I wasn’t aware that there were free download options for many of these magazines. Are you stating that you can get the free download through your library?

Amanda R


I have been looking for a list of magazines for kids. I asked my librarian for help, and now I can send her this list, instead! Thank you so much. Now to narrow it down for my four year old!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

I’m glad you found this list helpful, Amanda! Hopefully your librarian will too.



Love these blog posts! So helpful.



I didn’t know most of these existed! This is great! :)

M. Jones


Great idea! Thank you, we will try magazines at the library tomorrow.

Allison F


Thank you for this great resource list!



I don’t have a reluctant reader but there are some good magazine suggestions here. We may get Highlights again soon – it has been a favorite in the past. Thanks for the reminder!



My son reads Highlights. He is so excited about getting mail and I think that makes him more motivated to read the material!



Using magazine to encourage readers is a great idea. I love reading them as a kid!



This sounds like a good program. My daughter has a hard time wanting being motivated to read. Trying out the giveaway… :)



This is a great resource! My eldest son loves getting the Lego magazine but he desperately wants more so there are some great ideas here.



We too love magazines and as I looked through this list I was reminded of the time when one of my children was asked, “What is your favorite subject?” and he answered without any hesitation, “Magazines.”

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

Oh, I got a big old smile out of this! Thank you for the grin, Judy.

Heather Whittington


Can’t wait to try this!

Wendy Thelen


What a wonderful resource this is. I have only heard of a few of these magazines. I can’t wait to check them out and maybe find a new favorite for our family.

Lisette Dionisio


Thank you for this awesome resource! My son loves National Geographic Little Kids! I will definitely check out the others :)

Corri Montgomery


This a wonderful resource Thank you



My reader enjoys Nat Geo Kids. Lots of info to discuss and great pictures!

Kristen Veth


I used to love getting Highlights in the mail as a kid! It was so fun to read the articles and complete the activities. Great idea!

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

Highlights brings back warm, fuzzy memories for me too. :D

Maria Nelson


Great resource. The variety of pictures and information encourage my reluctant reader.



My son’s love doing magazines! Great resource list!

Leslie Smyth


This list of magazines is a great resource, I was previously only aware of Highlights and the different levels of National Geographic. Thank you for sharing!

Leslie Smyth


This list of magazines is a great resource, thank you for sharing it!



We love Club House, Club House Jr. and are soon to order Answers in Genesis too :)



Thanks for introducing me to a few additional kid magazines I didn’t even know about!

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

You’re welcome, Daisy. This list is so extensive, I think parents could find something to interest any child!

Jennifer Robbins


Looking forward to using information found here to help my daughter with reading and to get my son started!



Thank you so much for this list of magazines! My daughter loves getting mail so this will be perfect!

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

Yes! I know the blog post speaks of using the library and taking advantage of the back issues they offer, but for my kids a huge part of the joy of magazines is getting something in the mail every month.

Ashley Rutz


Another favorite magazine is “Answers” , from Answers in Genesis. The main magazine is for around 12 and up, but each issue has an insert called, “Kids Answers”, which is for younger children. Thanks! Ashley Rutz

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

Thanks for the additional recommendation. This actually sounds perfect for my sort of household, since I have both over 12 and under 12 kids running around.



Thank you for the awesome magazine ideas!!

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

I didn’t know this blog post was coming out, but I’m grateful! Awesome ideas for grandparents to give subscriptions for Christmas (and the many birthdays we have coming up). We get NG Kids and Lego Club already, and I love that my kids are motivated to read them each month without my involvement at all.

Claire Simpson


We love magazines and newspapers. Articles are short and informative, we also discuss the pictures etc.

Elizabeth Beer


Thank you for these suggestions! We get High Five and Rick Jr and my girls (5 and 3) love them!



We also love Hopscotch magazine for girls–we found it at the library. No ads, no silly content. Good wholesome articles that are fun to read all one on subject per magazine.

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

Oooo, thank you for the recommendation, Charene. Sounds great for my daughter.

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