Reading and Spelling Game Reviews

Are you looking for educational games that provide a fun and “sneaky” way to help your child build language skills? We love to share reading and spelling game reviews here on the blog, and we’ve spotlighted several delightful games
that we think your kids will love.

Our spotlighted games have been carefully selected to not only entertain but also engage young minds in the world of words and language. Through these interactive and captivating games, your kids will embark on exciting journeys that foster their reading and spelling abilities, all while having a blast.

We believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience, and these games are perfect for parents who want to encourage their children’s language development in a creative and entertaining way. Whether your child is just beginning to read or is already a proficient speller, there’s a game suited for every age and skill level.

Looking to build vocabulary skills? Check out our review of Apples to Apples Junior. Need a fantastic way to practice word-building and decoding skills? Try Phonics Dominoes. Or use Boggle to help your child practice spelling skills and gain faster word recognition.

So choose one of our reading and spelling game reviews and don’t forget to download your free printable game sheets today!

bananagrams game pieces

Using Bananagrams to Build Language Skills

Make encouraging spelling skills and building vocabulary skills fun with Bananagrams!

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cards and game pieces from Quiddler Junior

Using Quiddler Junior to Build Language Skills

Strengthen spelling, discover new words, and build vocabulary with Quiddler Junior!

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boggle game board and timer

Using Boggle to Build Language Skills

Build vocabulary and encourage strong spelling skills with this classic board!

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Cards from apples to apples game

Using Apples to Apples Junior to Build Language Skills

Encourage creative word play and help your child build language skills with Apples to Apples Junior!

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Hedbanz game playing pieces

Using Hedbanz to Build Language Skills

Strengthen memory and vocabulary skills with this fun family game!

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phonics dominoes tiles

Using Phonics Dominoes to Build Language Skills

Are you ready for a game of dominoes? Here’s a fun way to build language skills through play.

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silly sentences game review featured graphic

Using Silly Sentences to Build Language Skills

Silly Sentences is a great way to introduce grammar and sentence structure to your kids….and it’s fun too!

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Pickles to Penguins! game pieces

Using Pickles to Penguins! to Build Language Skills

Building vocabulary skills can be fast and fun with Pickles to Penguins!

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