The Story Behind the Story – “Chasing Henry”

The Story Behind the Story – “Chasing Henry” - All About Reading

Have you ever made an exciting discovery?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Dilly the armadillo, Seth the sloth, and Opal the ostrich in “Chasing Henry,” a short story from All About Reading Level 3.

It was a warm summer day when the three friends spotted it. There it was—just down the path, sitting in a shaft of sunshine.

In this delightful decodable story, readers find out what happens when three best friends find “the biggest egg ever.”

Boy, are they in for a surprise!

Read “Chasing Henry” Here!

Chasing Henry Download

The story behind this story begins in the sun-soaked studio of Donna Goeddaeus, the art director and lead illustrator here at All About Learning Press.

The Story behind the Story - Chasing Henry

This is where Donna creates the characters that bring so many of the All About Reading stories to life. Characters like Henry.

The Story behind the Story - Chasing Henry The Story behind the Story - Chasing Henry

Donna’s home sits more than a mile off the beaten track, in the heart of a fragrant forest teeming with wildlife. A short walk through the woods leads to Donna’s “creek crossing”—a boardwalk and a rickety bridge over a gently flowing river that exudes the solitude and wilderness she loves.

The Story behind the Story - Chasing Henry

It was here at the water’s edge, while she was taking a short break from illustrating “Chasing Henry,” that Donna found a little bit of extra inspiration. She found a large egg!

The Story behind the Story - Chasing Henry

I’m not sure what was in Donna’s egg, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a Henry.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever found?

Read more about the inspiration behind the short stories in the All About Reading program!

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Melanie G


The delicate nature of the illustrations in the level readers have been a joy for our family to discover. Thank you for these readers. They’re on our bookcase with all our favorite stories.

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

I agree; the illustrations are wonderful. Thank you.

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