How We Make Reading and Spelling Easy to Teach

I know you’ve got a lot to do in a day! And teaching reading and spelling should be one of the easier things on your list. That’s why our programs are designed to help you teach your children in the most efficient, effective way possible, with no fluff and no gaps.

With All About Reading and All About Spelling, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never taught reading or spelling before. The teacher’s manuals walk you through each step—with no previous experience and no special training necessary. You’ll be teaching like an expert from your very first lesson.

What Makes Our Programs Easy to Teach?

  1. Open-and-Go Lesson Plans

    All About Reading and All About Spelling were designed to be easy to teach right out of the box. I’ve done all the research and prep work so you can devote your time to teaching your child. Gently scripted lesson plans ensure that you’ll know exactly how to teach every single lesson with no preparation required.

  2. Making Reading and Spelling Easy to Teach - All About Learning Press
  3. Adjustable, Mastery-based Pace

    Our programs make it easy to adjust the pace of your instruction to suit your child’s developmental level and attention span. Both programs are mastery-based rather than grade-level-based, so students are placed in the program according to ability rather than age or grade level.

    Mastery-based instruction plays a huge role in your success as a teacher. Since you aren’t restricted by grade levels, you can place your child in the level he needs. Your child moves on to the next level only after he has mastered the content in the previous level.

    Contrast this with a grade-level program, where a child moves on to the next grade level regardless of whether the previous material has been mastered. This can set up a miserable cycle of defeat and frustration.

    Can you see how mastery-based instruction allows your child to be successful as he grows in confidence and ability?

  4. One Concept at a Time

    Our lessons teach just one new concept at a time. This respects your child’s funnel—the amount of information your child’s mind can assimilate and put into long-term memory at one time. Overloading your child’s funnel only leads to failed lessons and wasted time, so we avoid that.

  5. Teach for 20 Minutes per Day

    We recommend teaching for 20 minutes a day. When the timer goes off, wrap it up for the day and place your bookmark in the teacher’s manual. Pick up there tomorrow. A lesson may take one day or two weeks, depending upon your child. That’s pretty freeing for Mom, isn’t it?

  6. Motivating Activities

    Kids are motivated by the wide variety of activities, so there’s no more dragging your child through the lessons.

  7. Making Reading and Spelling Easy to Teach - All About Learning Press
  8. Focused On the “Why”

    Our approach to teaching reading and spelling focuses on the logic of language. Instruction focuses on the rules, patterns, and concepts that teach children how to read and spell, so instead of relying on memorization, you’ll be helping your child understand how the English language actually works. Understanding the “whys” behind reading and spelling takes away the guessing that makes language so difficult for so many children and adults.

  9. Support for the Teacher

    Unlike many other Orton-Gillingham or Spalding-inspired programs, our program was written with the student and teacher in mind. Everything is clear and laid out just how you need it. There is no flipping back and forth between resources, no puzzling over instructions, and no confusion. You’ll know exactly what and how to teach.

    With our programs, you’re never on your own. In addition to offering expert “Tips for the Teacher” within lessons, I am committed to providing you with all the help you need every step of the way. If you need help, just email us or give us a call!

With All About Reading and All About Spelling, you can teach your children with confidence. We’re so sure you’ll be happy, that we guarantee it. After all, “When mom isn’t happy, nobody’s happy!”

Which of these easy-to-teach features would make you the happiest?

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How can I get the materials to teach children on how to read and write

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

We have our materials available to purchase on our website, All About Learning Press.

Carol Davidson


P5 son struggles with reading

Barrie Goodman


I want to learn more about your materials.
Also — If you are teaching your child for just 20 minutes per day, are you also offering some hands-on material for the child to use or play with on their own time? Thanks..

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Our hands-on materials and activities are part of the 20 minutes a day. But note, we recommend spending 20 minutes a day on reading instruction and an additional 20 minutes a day on spelling instruction. We also recommend reading aloud to students for at least another 20 minutes a day.

Short daily lessons are much more effective than longer, less frequent lessons.

Does this help? Let me know if you have additional questions.

Christine Pisani


Hello Marie,
I have been looking for a good logical spelling and reading program for me. I’m a mature age adult with a hearing disability since birth. I wear bilateral hearing aids with good sound quality. I would like to improve on my self-learning and to feel more confident. I feel my standard of education was very poor and embarrassing. I do agree with your methods of learning, not the painful spelling lists that I was taught to remember without any logic. I would like to give this concept a go. I appreciate that you have done all the hard work. Please would you reply to me if this method is suitable for me, I’m happy to start at the very beginning and work to the next level.

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

All About Reading and All About Spelling have been used with great results with adult learners! This approach to learning to read and spell is suitable for you.

Both programs require a teacher or tutor, someone that can guide you through the lessons. It is essential to have someone that can provide you immediate feedback. However, our programs are designed to be used by teachers with no prior experience or teaching. Anyone that is willing would be able to help you.

Let me know if you have further questions.



I love AAR & AAS!



I used AAS with my first, the time limit policy is my favorite.



I am excited this school year to try the level 2 All About Reading series. My son hasn’t caught on to reading so Hving a program point out patterns and rules would be good for him. Thank you for the tips in teaching.



I’ve heard great things about All About Spelling and Spell to Read Write. It seems like All About Spelling requires less preparation and makes learning to spell more fun. I hope to try it with my kids soon.

Jennifer G


We are using All About Spelling right now and love it!



LOVE AAL. We have used AAS and AAR. They are so easy to use

Tabitha Hepworth


So excited to use this with my soon to be kindergartener!

Courtney Dowling





I am simply encouraged by the whole program! I would find the motivating activities to be so helpful! Thank you for providing the means for success!



My son loves this program!



I love your approach for spelling. It has worked very well for my kids. Thank you. I love the freedom to set a timer and work within that period without worrying about how much/little we get done.



I love this program for my kids!



We love this program!!



We love using all all about spelling and have discovered all about reading with my newest reader!



Would love to give it a try!

Sara M


I really like that it’s only 20 minutes/day.



I am so thankful for AAR and AAS! I have confidence when teaching and am not worried about gaps!



We love AAR! My boys finished the pre-reading level and are working on Level 1 now. Next year we’ll start Level 2 and All About Spelling!



We have been extremely happy with All About Reading and All About Spelling. My 1st grader is almost done with All About Reading 3 and All About Spelling 2. I highly recommend!

Sara Neir


I have heard great things about this program!! I’m interested to see what you offer!



Love AAR so far!



We have really enjoyed All About Reading and All About Spelling this year!

Juill Potts


We love both programs! Almost time for AAS2.

Katie T.


Love, love, love this curriculum!!! Has been a huge blessing with my dyslexic child.

Alex Fisher


We love that lesson plans are short and to the point! Our daughter is adhd and it has been wonderful for her attention span!



We are loving AAR so far! Almost no prep for each lesson makes it painless. After trying so many programs we are glad to find one that works!