Encyclopedia Brown Chapter Books

What do you get when you combine an extremely intelligent fifth-grade boy and a strong and savvy fifth-grade girl with a gang of mean boys, a police detective, and a neighborhood full of kids?

You get the sleuthing adventures of the Encyclopedia Brown series!

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Secret Pitch book cover

Who Is Encyclopedia Brown?

Leroy Brown is a boy with above-average deduction skills who is just smart enough to have been given the nickname Encyclopedia by his friends and family.

Encyclopedia is not afraid to stand up to bullies and he likes helping others. He discusses cases with his police detective dad and then he helps solve them. And Encyclopedia solves his own cases, too. Lots of them.

But he doesn’t always work alone. Sally is Encyclopedia’s sidekick. In addition to solving cases together, Sally and Encyclopedia stand up to the meanest boys in town—Bugs Meany and his gang, the Tigers.

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About the Author and Series

Award-winning author Donald Sobol (1924-2012) included themes in his Encyclopedia Brown stories that every kid can relate to—wanting to outwit a competitor: finding ways to earn extra money, and hanging out with friends, to name a few. Of course, your kids will be satisfied when Encyclopedia catches the bad guy, but along the way they’ll also discover that they’re strengthening their own sleuthing skills, too. And with more than twenty-five books in the series, your mystery-loving kids will not lack for reading material.

Encyclopedia Brown Saves the Day book cover

The Encyclopedia Brown series may not be as eloquently written as The Chronicles of Narnia or The Hobbit, but Donald Sobol’s clever writing has earned his books a place among the most loved of all children’s literature. Sobol sprinkled the pages of his stories with loads of picture-perfect imagery, which is great for young language arts detectives, too! And Sobol’s expert character development weaves a thread of comfort and consistency through the series that keeps kids coming back to Encyclopedia Brown time and again.

About the Books

Each book in the series is a collection of ten solvable mysteries that provide great independent reading for kids in third grade and up. Reluctant readers won’t be overwhelmed by the length of these short page-turners, and they’ll love that each chapter presents its own open and shut case in just 5-7 pages!

Your younger kids will enjoy listening to the cases during read-aloud time. Encyclopedia Brown audio books are a great way for your family to pass time together on a road trip. But be sure to put your own sleuthing skills to the test before you listen to Encyclopedia’s solution!

If you’re looking for some enjoyable, easy-to-digest chapter books to entice your children into the world of reading, Encyclopedia Brown is a great choice.

Encyclopedia Brown at a Glance

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Midnight Visitor book cover

Author: Donald Sobol
Genre: children’s fiction, mystery
Interests: problem solving, mysteries, suspense
Suggested age range: ages 8-12
Gender preference: boy or girl
In the series: 28 books, 80-100 pages each

Encyclopedia Brown Library Checklist

Encyclopedia Brown Library Checklist Download

Do your kids need a little extra encouragement to read? Take our Encyclopedia Brown checklist to your local library and have your child check off books as he reads them!

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I loved encyclopedia brown and now my daughter does too!



I love a good mystery!



I think I remember reading these as a kid! I’m gonna have to find some for my kiddos



I had never heard of these books before. They sound like a great addition to our library and I will be looking more into them. THanks for the recommendation!



We are not quite a chapter books yet, but it is in the near future. Thanks for the recommendations!



Thanks for the list! Classic chapter books are the greatest.

Laura K


I remember these as a kid and totally forgot about them until now. My guys will love these! Thanks for the list!

Jill Morris


Thank you for the book list, I just reserved the 1st one at my library.

Wendy Clark


My nine year old son LOVES these books. I love them also, as it makes us both put on our thinking caps and the stories are not too long. Perfect for school breaks and outings where we have to wait, like the doctor’s office.



Oh I loved these books as a child. I’m going to add these to our reading list.



I am going to take your Encyclopedia Brown checklist to my local library. I plan to print one out for my kids who are interested in reading this series. Thank for this resource!



One of my songs absolutely loves Encyclopedia Brown. They’re his favorite books.



I read these as a child. I am sure my 3rd grader will love them. Thanks!

Sherri Osborne


We would love to win All About Spelling! My daughter really struggles in this area.

My son will love these! Thanks for sharing!

Rebekah H


Looking forward to getting into this series!

Hayley Croft


Thanks for the recommendation!

Melissa b


I haven’t heard of these books before, but they sounds great! I will add them to our list :)

Pamela H.


I’m looking forward to reading this with my 5 year old. He likes the Flat Stanley chapter books, and I think he might like these as well. Thank you for the library list, I love them. :)



These look like books my son would love. Pinned for later!



I loved Encyclopedia Brown! I can’t wait for my kids to read them!



These will be neat when my kids are older.

Jessica R.


I LOVED these books when I was in Elementary School! Pretty sure I read them all! Thanks for reminding me about them!



I’ve never heard if these books before. They seem great, I think my oldest would really enjoy them. :)

cassi walters


I loved reading Encyclopedia Brown as a kid! I hope to pass this love on to my son :)



Oh these are some of my favorites as a child! I’ll have get some for my son.



These sound like great reading material for when my child is old enough to read



I’d forgotten all about these! Awesome choice for my boys!

Stacie F


I’m going to “encourage” my son to read some of these. Little tired of seeing all the Goosebumps books around here 👻👻.



My son loves these! Great books to get kids hooked on reading.

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