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frog, where are you? - A Wordless Picture Book Review from All About Reading

Mercer Mayer, beloved author and illustrator, has published more than 300 books since he began illustrating in 1966. Mayer’s book frog, where are you? is part of a series of books about a special friendship between a boy and his pets, Dog and Frog.

Often considered the creator of the wordless book genre, Mayer is a master at communicating storyline and emotion without the benefit of a single printed word. His illustrations remarkably convey the heart of the story.

In this classic wordless picture book, Mayer shares a charming tale of loyalty.

A Look at frog, where are you?

One morning, the boy awakes and discovers that his dear friend Frog is missing. And so begins a search that takes the boy and the dog through a series of adventures and mishaps—all with the hope of finding Frog and bringing him home!

Reading Wordless Picture Books with your Children—An All About Reading Series (Illustration from frog, where are you?)

In addition to enjoying the wonderful illustrations of the boy’s adventures, your preschooler will also learn some important lessons about friendship in this popular book.

Reading Wordless Picture Books with your Children—An All About Reading Series (Illustration from frog, where are you?)

Have you read other Mercer Mayer books? Share your favorite in the comments below!

Tips for Reading This Book with Your Preschooler:

  • Ask your preschooler to guess what happened to Frog.
  • Play a game of “guess what will happen next” as you turn the pages.
  • Talk about friendship and loyalty and how it is exemplified in this story.
  • Ask your preschooler how he can show friendship to someone.

Other Books By Mercer Mayer:

  • Boy, Dog, Frog Series
  • Little Critter Series
  • There’s an Alligator Under My Bed
  • The Bravest Knight

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The first wordless story we enjoyed when my oldest was in preschool was “A boy, a Dog and a Frog” by Mercer Mayer. It was fun to hear him to tell the story as we looked at each page. I will have to get Mayer’s other books to go over with my 4th child a preschooler. Thanks for sharing.



Preschoolers love books with lots of pictures, monsters, animals, insects and bugs. Mercer Mayer is one of my favorite since his books deals with all these themes and connects with younger generation especially. My preschoolers had a lot of fun reading “There’s a Nightmare in My closet” which dealt with the fears of monsters in the room at night.

I think that giving preschoolers wordless books makes them imagine and come up with their own stories. When they get together to share their stories, they are so very different and so proud to call the story their own creation, As a teacher this gives me more satisfaction of being a facilitator and let the kids come up with the end product themselves and expanding their vocabulary and sentence formation etc.



Dear Maryann,
Because of you, I took the liberty of adding “There’s a Nightmare in My Closet” to my library reading list:) Thank you so much. I adore wordless picture books as well.

Kendra Ahlborn


I’ve officially read “There’s a Nightmare in My Closet.” I loved it. Thank you for the reading recommendation. The illustrations are hilarious. There’s just something about Mercer Mayer, isn’t there?



We love books about frogs.

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