Snowman Picture Books

When winter comes and snow piles high in the yard, there’s nothing better to do than build a snowman! This collection of sweet picture books will inspire you to create some wintertime magic with your children.

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The Snowman book cover

The Snowman
by Raymond Briggs

Raymond Briggs’s timeless classic is wordless storytelling at its best. The misty quality of the illustrations intensify the dreamlike atmosphere of this whimsical story. Though simple, the tale is a child’s fantasy of a snowman who comes to life and takes a young boy on the adventure of a lifetime. What could be better?

Amadi's Snowman book cover

Amadi’s Snowman: A Story of Reading
by Katia Novet Saint-Lot

Amadi’s Snowman is a great reminder of the power of literacy. Does a Nigerian boy need to learn to read? Amadi doesn’t think so! But when he sees a strange white creature on the pages of a picture book, his curiosity gets the best of him. The world of snowmen may seem foreign to Amadi, but learning to read opens new worlds!

Making a Friend book cover

Making a Friend
by Alison McGhee

Friendship is sweet, but it can be fleeting. This touching story about a boy and a snowman will tug at your heartstrings. Through the cold days of winter, the boy nurtures his friendship with his snowy creation, but as the sun shines brighter and the days begin to lengthen, he must face the inevitable. Even good friends can’t stay forever.

Snowballs book cover

by Lois Ehlert

If you think coal, carrots, sticks, and scarves are all you need to create the perfect snowman, you’re in for a big surprise. Lois Ehlert’s Snowballs takes the art of snowman building to a whole new level. Creatively illustrated with photographs of gorgeous, colorful collages, this fun picture book will have you longing to build a snowman.

Snowman's Story book cover

Snowman’s Story
by Will Hillenbrand

Without a single written word, Snowman’s Story draws readers into an epic adventure. When a naughty bunny steals Snowman’s storybook, Snowman and his friends are off on a hunt to find the runaway bunny and retrieve the storybook. This wordless picture book by award-winning author and illustrator Will Hillenbrand is a treasure.

Snowmen at Night book cover

Snowmen at Night
by Caralyn and Mark Buehner

Have you ever wondered what snowmen do at night when the whole town is sleeping? Well, after reading this delightful picture book, you’ll never have to wonder again. There are snowman races and snowball fights and, of course, some snowman sledding, too. And then it’s back home for a rest before the sun comes up!

Strange in the Woods book cover

Stranger in the Woods
by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick

On a crisp winter day, the animals in the forest awake to the news that there’s a Stranger in the Woods. Soon the forest is teeming with curious visitors. Is the stranger a friend? Come find out! This winter masterpiece by professional wildlife photographers Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick is one of those books you just can’t put down.

The Biggest, Best Snowman book cover

The Biggest, Best Snowman
by Margery Cuyler

Little Nell is a little girl living in a big house in the big, snowy woods. All the big, blustery people in Little Nell’s family think she’s too little to do anything. But wait until you see the surprise on all their faces when they see the BIG snowman that Little Nell builds with her woodland friends. It’s going to bring a BIG smile to your face!

Snow Rabbit book cover

The Snow Rabbit
by Camille Garoche

Easily the most unique “snowman” book on our list, The Snow Rabbit is a story to be cherished. Extraordinary cut paper artwork entices “readers” into an enchanted winter wonderland along with two young girls and a rabbit fashioned from snow. Every page oozes emotion and charm in this not-to-be-missed book.

All You Need for a Snowman book cover

All You Need for a Snowman
by Alice Schertle

What do you need to build a snowman? Alice Schertle’s colorful picture book has the answer. First, you’ll need billions of snowflakes, “one big, cold, well-rolled snowflake ball,” and, of course, a carrot! But don’t forget to build a friend for your snowman. I think you’re going to need a lot more snow!

Snowzilla book cover

by Janet Lawler

Is there such a thing as a snowman that’s too big? Cami Lou is about to find out! When Cami’s family builds a snowman that towers over the town, the townspeople are not happy. Can Cami Lou figure out a way to save her snowman from being destroyed by her unhappy neighbors?

One Snowy Day book cover

One Snowy Day
by Jeffrey Scherer

What are all the busy forest animals up to on this snowy day? They’re each bringing something special to help build a snowman! It’s a big job, but if they all pitch in and work together, before long they’ll have a snowman that all the animals in the forest can enjoy all winter long!

One Snowy Morning book cover

One Snowy Morning
by Kevin Tseng

One Snowy Morning, two woodland friends find a BIG pile of snow—it’s a snowman, but they don’t know that! Bit by bit, they take the snowman apart, using his arms, his hat, his scarf, his buttons, and—well, everything—to throw a party! But what will become of the snowman?

You Make Me Smile book cover

You Make Me Smile
by Layn Marlow

The first snowy day of the season is always a very special day—especially when you brave the cold and wind to build a snowman! With just a few perfectly chosen words, this delightfully illustrated picture book captures the pure joy of a young child building their very first snowman.

Snowmen All Year book cover

Snowmen All Year
by Caralyn & Mark Buehner

In this sweet rhyming picture book, a young boy wonders what it would be like if the snowmen he builds in the winter could last all year long. Just imagine all the fun things you could do with a snowman who sticks around until summer—like taking it to the zoo or teaching it to swim!

title book cover

A Hat for Minerva Louise
by Janet Morgan Stoeke

Minerva Louise loves winter and snow and playing outside on chilly days. But Minerva Louise is a chicken and even though she loves the snow, she does not love the cold! She needs something to keep her warm…like a snowman’s hat. Now she just needs to find one that fits!

The Snowman’s Wish book cover

The Snowman’s Wish
by Harmen Van Straaten

When a snowman hears a beautiful song coming from outside the glass walls of his snow globe, he listens intently with a single wish in his heart. Suddenly, the snowman’s wish is granted and he’s free…but only for an hour. What happens next just might change his life forever!

100 Snowmen book cover

100 Snowmen
by Jen Arena

What happens when a LOT of snowmen gather together on a snowy day? What do they do for fun? You’re about to find out! This fanciful picture book blends story, colorful illustration, rhyme, a bit of math, and a passel of snowmen into a wintry romp that kids of all ages will enjoy!

A Perfect Snowman book cover

A Perfect Snowman
by Preston McDaniels

When a snowman is assembled and dressed in the finest clothing, the children begin to say he is A Perfect Snowman! But then the animals come along wanting to borrow his nose, his hat, and his scarf. The snowman begins to wonder—if he gives away all his things, will he still be perfect?

A Snowman Named Just Bob book cover

A Snowman Named Just Bob
by Mark Kimball Knowlton

As snow begins to fall on Thanksgiving night, there’s something else in the air, too—magic! Filled with charming illustrations, this delightful picture book tells the story of a child who builds a snowman that comes to life, bringing with him a special message about friendship.

Snow Friends book cover

Snow Friends
by M. Christina Butler

Little Bear is excited when he wakes up and sees all the snow that has fallen overnight. But with no one to play with, Little Bear decides to build himself a friend—out of snow! As he works, other forest critters come out to give him a hand. Maybe Little Bear has more friends than he thought!

Sadie and teh snowman book cover

Sadie and the Snowman
by Allen Morgan

Sadie loves her snowman. She carefully rolls his BIG snowballs. She gives him a beautiful face made of cookies and fruits and vegetables. But now the animals keep eating his face and the snowballs keep melting! How can Sadie possibly keep her snowman all year long?

Snowman Magic book cover

Snowman Magic
by Katherine Tegen

Something incredible happens one day when George goes outside to build a snowman. When he asks if the snowman would like something to eat … it answers! His snowman is alive! Beautiful illustrations and a heartwarming story make this delightful picture book a great choice.

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My family’s favorite is How to Build a Snowbear, by Eric Pinder. It’s so sweet, especially if you have brothers!

Robin E.

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Thanks for the recommendation, Sarah!

Jennifer You


thanks for the list – just requested some from our library

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You’re welcome, Jennifer!



I am just finishing my unit on snow, but because of this post I may add another week to it! Great resources! I am loving each blog post and excited to get started with the entire program! I wish I had this when I was learning how to read, I struggled so much! Thrilled my own child will not struggle because of this program!

Jeannine Ricker


Wow am I glad I found your site. These tools and tips are amazing. I think this snowman one is great. I can’t wait to read your next blog post.

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Thank you, Jeannine! I’m glad you enjoyed this.



WOW!! These look great!

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Thank you, Dongyu!



We love these snow books!

Rebecca F


What a fun list of winter snowmen books. These are great for January reading, after all the Christmas books are put away.

Robin E.

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Definitely, Rebecca! January is the perfect time for snowmen.

Jackie Legault


I am a teacher and can use these materials in my classroom. They seem awesome.

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Thank you, Jackie! I’m glad this will be a help for your classroom.



This would go great with our winter unit we are doing.

Donna Depner


The 2 year olds that i teach really enjoy your abc crafts and so do I. I am adding picture words to go help them remember the letter. one of them matches the letters but doesn’t understand that it has a name yet.

Robin E.

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Thank you for letting us know that your little students are enjoying our ABC crafts! It’s great to hear how much children like these simple little activities.

Ellen Pope


Love book lists! Even though we haven’t had any snow so far this year, we’ll enjoy reading about it!

Robin E.

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One of the many benefits of reading it reading about things that are different from where you live! Enjoy the snow through these books.

Thank you! Now off to the library we go. :)

Rachel T.


Thank you for a great selection of books! They’re perfect for the season!

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I was watching the national weather, seeing all that snow, and thinking of these picture books. This list of books IS perfect for this particular January!

A. Reed


Thank you for this great list!

Juleanne Grimaldi


Going to the library today! Thanks for the list!

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Enjoy the great snowman books, Juleanne!

Mrs. Rasmussen


Looks like it’s time to head to the library! Thanks for a great list!

Stacy Burns


Can’t wait to read these! Thanks!



The Biggest, Best Snowman is one of my favorite children’s books. It was perfect for my son, who is the youngest of 3 brothers.

Robin E.

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Thank you for the recommendation, Gale. This one did catch my eye as especially cute.



I love what snowmen do at night!

Heidi Crawford


What a great list. Living in Florida we love all the snow books we can get our hands on.



We are building snowmen here in WI! Kids are so excited to have snow for Christmas!!



We love The Snowy Day



Love the book topics!



Love these book suggestions. Will definitely be looking for some of them at the library to read to my preschooler.



Love the list of books!! Thanks!

Kristina Poehls



Amy Shannon


Great seasonal list!Thanks!



Great for this time of year! We have at least 10 inches right now!

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Forget a snowman. That’s enough snow for an entire snowfamily!



Thank you for the great book suggestions!



Thank you for the list; it saved so much time looking for good reads for the season.

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You’re welcome, Kristina!



Great suggestions. Thank you.