U is for Under the Sea Bars

Snacks that start with U - Up and Under Bars

Are you ready to discover what’s swimming under the ocean waves? Dive into this fun ocean-themed snack and teach your preschooler all about the short sound of U!

Using just a few easy-to-find ingredients, these Under the Sea Bars are one of the easiest hands-on snacks from our ABC Snacks Series. In fact, you probably already have all the ingredients on your pantry shelves!

Our Under the Sea bars allow children to create their own edible underwater masterpiece. Your preschooler will love smearing on yummy blue waves and then adding the perfect number of fish to their creation. Complete your masterpiece with a splash of colorful sprinkles and you have one tasty treat!

Snack ingredients Preschooler putting frosting on graham cracker

Under the Sea Bars

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Here’s what you’ll need to make two Under the Sea bars:

  • 2 graham crackers
  • 2 tablespoons cream cheese
  • 6-8 goldfish crackers
  • Multi-color sprinkles
  • Blue food coloring or if desired, natural food dye (See optional instructions below)


  1. If using food coloring, mix one drop of blue dye into cream cheese.
  2. Spread one tablespoon of blue cream cheese on each graham crackers.
  3. Press three or four goldfish crackers into the frosting.
  4. Add sprinkles for a splash of colorful fun.


  • Color frosting with a nautral blue food dye ( or eliminate food coloring completely.
  • Use hummus as an alternative to cream cheese.

Adapted from Crystal and Company

Children adding goldfish to graham cracker Finished snack

Teaching Tips

  • As you and your child make your Under the Sea bars, practice saying /ŭ/–/ŭ/–under the sea together.
  • Make a list of all the words you can think of that start with the sound of /ŭ/.
  • While you eat your snack, read Over and Under the Pond, a book about exploring the plant and animals that are both above and beneath a beautiful mountain pond.
  • Download ABC Snacks: Tips for Working on Pre-Reading Skills for more teaching tips.
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