ABC Caterpillar: A Letter Recognition Activity

Is there any better way to learn the alphabet than with a cute ABC caterpillar? This adorable activity promotes letter recognition and builds pre-reading skills.

As your child inches his way through the alphabet with this colorful caterpillar, he can practice recognizing letters, matching lowercase and uppercase letters, and placing letters in a-b-c order. Older children can even spell simple words! Our free download includes caterpillar letter cutouts so that your child can build the alphabet with uppercase and lowercase letters. We’ve also included lots of ideas for creative (and educational!) alphabet play.

ABC Caterpillar activity download three-page spread

Instructions for the ABC Caterpillar

  1. Download and print a set of ABC caterpillar letters.
  2. Cut out your caterpillar pieces and laminate for added durability.
  3. Play!

Playing with Your ABC Caterpillar

Beginning with the caterpillar’s face, your child can build his own caterpillar, starting with A, then B, and continuing through the alphabet.

Working on uppercase letters? Build your caterpillar with the uppercase letters.

Preschooler building ABC caterpillar

Ready for lowercase? Use a set of lowercase letters.

Preschooler building ABC caterpillar

Use the ABC Caterpillar to Explore the Alphabet

Create an A-Z caterpillar using an entire set of letters.

Young boy building ABC caterpillar

Use both sets of letters and match lowercase and uppercase letters.

Preschooler matching letters

Have your child spell his name …

Young boy spelling name

… or have an older child create some simple words.

Preschooler spelling 'cat'

No matter your child’s age or skill level, there are lots of ways you can use this activity to reinforce your child’s knowledge of letters and the alphabet!

Do you have a favorite alphabet-building activity to use with your preschooler? Share in the comments below!

If your child enjoyed this activity, why don’t you try our other letter recognition activities, too?

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Anna h


So cute



My daughter likes this activity!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Thank you for letting us know that your daughter likes this activity. It’s good to hear that it is well received with the target audience!



Great idea!

Launa R


Looks like something my preschooler would enjoy. She’s not ready for all of it but she could alphabetize the capitals I think.



We are having a lot of fun with these letters. After printing them we cut them out and laminated them. Lately we have been using them to play bingo. Thanks for making these!

susan and james blair


I love this idea!

This is cute, we’ll be trying this!

Lydia R.


Thank you for the download!



This will be a fun activity for my preschoolers!

Launa Rasmussen


Maybe this would help my daughter stop skipping “N” on her way through the alphabet.

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

This made me smile. One of my girls skipped 15 or 17 when counting to twenty for the long time. She is now 17 years old, and thinking about her counting makes me nostalgic. :)

My boys are going to have so much fun with this!! Thanks for such a fun tool.



I love this idea thanks so much!

Melissa Mowry


I’m really looking forward to using this with my preschooler. I printed it on cardstock to avoid the extra laminating step.

Sasha Nault


I LOVE this idea…so simple, cute, yet so many learning possibilities!!! I cannot wait to try it with my little one :)



I am so grateful for your downloads like this caterpillar! It is so helpful to have something fun that also teaches. Thank you!

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

You are welcome, Karen. Although I’m a little jealous that I don’t have a child young enough to enjoy these. They look like so much fun!



Going to try this with my preschooler! So cute and simple!

Kristin Evans


Love this activity! Will given it a try!



so neat!

Marcia Sartin


So neat! We will be using this in our lessons next year. Thanks so much

Melissa E.


Love this!

Dee s


Cute idea!



Great idea for my 4 yr old

Geneve Le Roux


Absolutely love this idea!



This is s great cute fun way to learn letters.



Very cute!

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