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Q: What happens when you combine the style of classic fantasy series like The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings with a group of adventuresome sword-wielding rabbits?

A: You get The Green Ember series by S. D. Smith, of course!

What Is The Green Ember?

The Green Ember is a middle-grade adventure fantasy series filled with intense battles, selfless acts of courage and bravery, and a bold quest for truth. The protagonists—a pair of young rabbits named Heather and Picket—must face the injustice of betrayal as they struggle to solve the mystery of a missing prince and unknown heir. These sword-fighting rabbits search for answers and hope as they take on an army of villainous wolves and birds.

Book cover of Green Ember

If your children love epic adventuresand stories in which characters use their individual gifts and strengths to defeat evil forces—then The Green Ember series will make a memorable choice for both independent reading and family read-aloud time.

Sarah Mackenzie, host of The Read-Aloud Revival Podcast, shared a hearty endorsement of The Green Ember. “This is the story we’ve been waiting for. When my audience wants to know our family’s favorite read-aloud, I answer without hesitation: The Green Ember.”

Although The Green Ember series has become a popular read-aloud option, you will want to be aware that the books contain action and danger that might be too intense for young or sensitive readers.

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About the Author

S.D. Smith‘s goal is to tell “new stories with an old soul.” If you glance through the hundreds of positive reviews his books have accumulated on Amazon and Goodreads, you’ll find that he has accomplished just that. While Smith crafts stories that are stylistically reminiscent of the masters of the genre, the concept of rabbits with swords is a new and undeniably endearing approach.

The story of The Green Ember was initially inspired by the stories Smith told his children out on the front porch of the family’s West Virginia home. Fans will be pleased to learn that in addition to the three books that have already been released, Smith is currently working on at least one more volume in The Green Ember series.

About the Books

Book cover of Ember Falls

In The Green Ember, we first meet Heather and Picket who find themselves in the midst of an unexpected—and highly dangerous—adventure. A devastating separation from their family sends Heather on a search for answers and Picket on a quest for bravery and acceptance, but an unwelcome revelation causes Heather to question everything she knows about her family and her past. The identity of the unknown heir and the significance of the missing green ember lead the young rabbits on an epic journey of discovery.

Ember Falls, the much-anticipated sequel to The Green Ember, continues the tale of Heather and Picket and the newly identified Prince Jupiter. As evil forces threaten the safety of the prince and the green ember, danger lurks at every turn. And Heather and Picket still need to be reunited with their family—if they can.

In the continuation of the Green Ember series, Ember Rising takes Heather and Picket inside enemy territory and into Morbin’s dark and foreboding shadow. As the story unfolds, the siblings learn more about mysterious family members even as they face danger from Morbin and his wolves and suffer an unexpected betrayal by a trusted relative.

The Green Ember Series at a Glance

Book Cover of The Black Star of Kingston

Author: S.D. Smith
Genre: adventure, animals, quests, legends
Interests: family life, friendship, childhood, growing up
Suggested age range: 10 and up
Gender preference: boys and girls
In the series: 4 books, ranging from 160 to 416 pages each
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Other Books/Series by S.D. Smith

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We love the first book in this series, and book two is definitely on my read-aloud list this year.



I can’t wait to read this series!



Looks great!



I love it on the 3rd book already!!!!!!!!!!!



These look fun for me to read to my son. I am always looking for books that are enjoyable for both of us!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Yes! Reading aloud is best when the books are enjoyed by everyone involved. 😊



I’m always looking for book suggestions for my kiddos and these look great!

Sugeily Mojica


I can wait to start this series!



Love this! Needed another cool book for my daughter to devour and I couldn’t find any!

Erin H


I’m excited to read these to my daughter soon!



These look like a great collection of stories to share!



I heard so many great things about The Green Ember so I decided to read it outloud to my children. We were hooked from the very first page. The imagery was amazing! Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Robin E.

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Well, that definitely shows it’s a book to really get into to, Patricia!

Chelsea P


I love all of the positive character traits these book encourage!

Megan LoPiccolo


This series looks great! What age/grade do you think they’re appropriate to be read to?

Robin E.

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The series does contain battles and war, so it is probably better for somewhat older children. I’d estimate 8 and up, depending on your child’s sensitivity.



These books look great! I think my boys will enjoy them!

Loreen G


This sounds like a wonderful series! Thank you for the great review.



Looks like our next read aloud is chosen!



These look great!

Cathye Parsons


I can’t wait to read these!

Lisa Popovich


Love AAS and AAR!



Thanks for introducing this series! A few years when my boys are older, I look forward to reading these aloud to them!



can’t wait to get started with AAS!



I love the helpful print outs to encourage kids to read with so many choices to pick from!

Melissa Hernández


I am so excited to teach my kids with all about reading ! I regret I didn’t make this choice sooner ! Finally a curriculum that we can all enjoy and grow with .

Rayvin M.


We will definitely add this to our list!



6 year old isn’t quite there yet but I bet he would love the read aloud!

Casandra N.


These books are on my list!



This is our favorite book series!

Jennie V


This is great! I’m gonna get these for my kids!



We just read our first, of the Green Ember series. I didn’t know you had coinciding resources! So cool!

Kristen Mclaughlin


I can’t wait to read these with my son!

Linley Jackson


These stories look great!

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