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X Is for Xylophone Craft

child places piece on her lowercase x craft

Even the most x-acting child will be super x-cited to see this x-traordinary ABC Craft! All wordplay aside, there’s lots to love about a lowercase X craft that stars such an ever-popular musical instrument!

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • 2 sheets of printer paper
  • Card stock (we used light green, brown, gray, orange, yellow, green, and blue)
  • X Is for Xylophone Craft templates
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil and scissors

Instructions for Assembling Your Lowercase X Craft

  1. Print the X Is for Xylophone Craft templates.
  2. Cut out the templates and trace the letter X and the xylophone pieces onto card stock.
  3. Cut out the letter X and xylophone pieces.
  4. Glue the letter X onto a full sheet of card stock (we used light green, but you can use any color you like).
  5. Glue the orange key across the bottom of the letter X.
  6. Evenly space the rest of the keys–first yellow, then green, and then blue–above the orange key as shown in the example.
  7. Affix gray screws to the ends of the keys.

children work on their lowercase x craft child adds piece to her lowercase x craft child glues her lowercase x craft

Learning with Your Letter X Craft

Although the word xylophone begins with the letter X, it does not begin with the most common sound of X. The most common sound of X is /ks/ as in box, fox, and ax. As you and your child assemble your X Is for Xylophone Craft, practice saying /ks/–/ks/–box together. You can find more tips for working on pre-reading skills with your preschooler in this handy download.

children display their lowercase x craft

We would LOVE to see how your lowercase X craft turns out! Please share your photos with us on our Facebook page, or tag your Instagram photos with the hashtag #allaboutABCcrafts!

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Photos by: Rachel Neumann

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Jamie W


What a cute and easy craft for x!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Thanks, Jamie!

Joanna A


My daughters LOVE the Uppercase letter crafts . The older one practices her letter sounds where my little one is just learning her ABCs. They’re so excited to see their work around the playroom.

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Thank you for letting us know that your daughters have enjoyed these crafts, Joanna. Wonderful to hear! I can just imagine how great your playroom looks with these craft decorations!



Wonderful craft ideas!



Great idea!



This looks like a cute, fun and easy craft to reinforce our letters with the students! Adorable :)

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Thank you, Tonya!

Brittany Carter


What a great fun way to teach kids their letters thank you for the fun hands on idea

Georgette H


So cute! Love it!



This is great! Super creative and hands on for kids!

Rachael B


What a cool idea!

Kristin Laird


What a fun way to teach children about the letter “X”. My daughter loves to do crafts and I am certain she will love to do this one when we study “X”.

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Thank you, Kristin! I hope your daughter finds this craft enjoyable when she studies X.

Tabitha Sparks


My little one has just learned X! This will be SO fun!

Jessica Hamer


We are working on X right now!! Awesome ideas…thank you!! We love AAR!!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

I hope they have a lot of fun with this xylophone, Jessica!

Mindee McCollom