Picture Books about Kindness

Would you like to explore a selection of picture books about kindness? Some of the stories will make you laugh and some of them will make you cry. They’ll make you think, and, best of all, they’ll make you talk.

And talking about the characters in these stories will help your children become more aware of kindness and the ways they might show it every day—to their friends, to their siblings, and sometimes even to perfect strangers.

Read the synopses of a few of my favorite picture books about kindness below, then head to your local library with my free printable library list.

A Home for Bird book cover

A Home for Bird
by Philip C. Stead

Vernon the Toad has found a new friend. But Vernon is worried. Bird doesn’t seem to want to talk, and he doesn’t seem very happy. It must be because he’s missing his home. So Vernon does what anyone would do when he discovers his friend is lost. He sets out to find A Home for Bird … whatever it takes.

Bear in Love book cover

Bear in Love
by Daniel Pinkwater

If the way to a bear’s heart is through his stomach, then Bear’s new admirer is certainly on the right track. When special treats begin to appear on Bear’s doorstep, he can’t wait to meet his new (but very secretive) friend! He may not know who is showing him such kindness, but that doesn’t stop Bear from returning the favor.

Boxes for Katje book cover

Boxes for Katje
by Candace Fleming

In the dark days after WWII, a small kindness blossoms into a full-blown friendship between two little girls who live a world apart. One day the postman brings Katje a box filled with much-needed gifts—all the way from America. But that’s just the beginning for these two girls, their families, and eventually, their communities.

Chicken Sunday book cover

Chicken Sunday
by Patricia Polacco

Kindness begets kindness—and the kindness in Chicken Sunday begins with Miss Eula and her big heart. But it doesn’t stop there. The kindness continues with fried chicken dinners, three grateful children, a soft-hearted old shopkeeper, and an Easter bonnet for a much-loved Grandma.

Each Kindnes book cover

Each Kindness
by Jacqueline Woodson

Kindness is contagious, but Jacqueline Woodson’s Each Kindness offers a sad reminder that kindness that isn’t shared can’t spread. Chloe doesn’t want to be friends with the new girl who wears secondhand clothes. But when Maya stops coming to school, Chloe realizes that the chance to be kind may not last forever.

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses book cover

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses
by Jan Brett

Jan Brett’s beautiful illustrations tell the story of Fritz, a dependable and sure-footed pony who dreamed of the day the children would ride him. But Fritz wasn’t like the beautiful horses that lived within the city walls. So he just watched and wished from across the river. But then the bridge collapsed…and everything changed.

How to Heal a Broken Wing book cover

How to Heal a Broken Wing
by Bob Graham

Bob Graham doesn’t use very many words in his touching story about a big-hearted boy and a very lucky bird. In the hustle and bustle of the big city, no one stops to notice a bird with a broken wing. Nobody, that is, except Will. The illustrations do most of the storytelling in this sweet book about kindness and compassion.

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters book cover

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters
by John Steptoe

In John Steptoe’s African tale, Mufaro’s daughters are both beautiful, but only one is kind. When a search is announced to find a woman beautiful and worthy enough to be the king’s wife, Mufaro sends his daughters to the palace. But the girls soon discover that kindness shown in secret may be much more visible than you realize.

One Smile book cover

One Smile
by Cindy McKinley

Showing kindness—even something as simple as a smile—can make a huge difference. As Katie walks through the park with her mother, she smiles at a sad young man. And when Katie’s simple act of kindness is passed from one perfect stranger to the next, it’s plain to see that kindness is contagious after all.

The Invisible Boy book cover

The Invisible Boy
by Trudy Ludwig

If you’ve ever felt invisible, Trudy Ludwig’s The Invisible Boy will make you smile. Brian has always felt invisible. But when a new boy comes to school, Brian is the only one who shows him kindness. And as their friendship blossoms, so does Brian. The once-invisible boy suddenly seems full of life and color.

Penguin and Pinecone

Penguin and Pinecone
by Salina Yoon

When a penguin discovers a cold and lost-looking pinecone, an unlikely but wonderful friendship is born. And although friendships can be somewhat unexpected, and sometimes don’t even make sense, Penguin and Pinecone prove that when you give kindness and love, friendship always grows.

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Thank you so much for these wonderful book recommendations! My children LOVE the picture books you recommend and I greatly appreciate the library list. It saves me so much time. You never cease to impress me. All About Reading is the best thing since sliced bread for homeschoolers. seriously!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Thank you for letting us know that our book recommendations are so well received by your children! It’s nice if parents and teachers like our recommendations, but it’s the little ones that need to be the most pleased!

We are happy to help homeschoolers, tutors, teachers, and anyone else helping children to succeed in reading and spelling!



Thanks for the info, manners are a great thing to teach!

Beth Bartlett


Thank you for the suggestions and especially the printable list! That makes it so much simpler when I go to my library to have a list of suggestions to look for!

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

You’re welcome, Beth. Have fun at the library!

Kristin G


Thank you for the handy downloadable library list!



We are always looking for good books to read. We will have to check these out!



This is a great reading list! Can’t wait to get some of these books



Love your book suggestions!



Such sweet picks! I’ll have to take this list to the library.

Andrea Wing


Can’t wait to look at some of these



Our family loves The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde.

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

Ooo, thanks for the recommendation, Charis!



Can’t wait to check out some of these books!



Beautiful books

Elissa Hardy


We have the book, How to Heal a Broken Wing. I didn’t realize it was classified as a picture book because it had words in it. It is a great book. My kids enjoy it.



I love book lists – especially THEMED book lists! Thanks!



This is perfect! We are learning about kindness and generosity this week. Thanks for the list!

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

Ooo, great timing! Have fun, Rosanne.



Great list. Thanks for all the recommendations you give us.

Diane Wheless


These are awesome books!



These are awesome books to read to and with my kids. I have a couple, but am definitely going to read the rest.



Wonderful list! Thank you!

Good to teach kids about kindness at an early age. This looks like a great selection to choose from!

Amy Glover


So glad I found this! We are looking for new spelling!



We were planning a trip to the library, & I had no idea what to get my 6 year old. I have this list downloaded now, and feeling confident.

Thank you.

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

Have fun! I love going to the library with a list. It’s so much easier.

Jenn Khurshid


Thank you for the great list!

Rachael Kuhaneck


What a great list of books! Kids will love these!



What a lovely book list!

Magela Gonzalez


Thank you so much for this list of books. I can’t wait to read some of them to my two kids.

What a great plethora of information here. I have a son who struggles with anger issues. There are son really good resources here. Thank you

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

says: Customer Service

You’re welcome. I hope you find at least a few of these to touch your hearts.



What a great list! I’m looking forward to checking some of these out at the library. Thank you!



Great List! Kindness vs. nice. There is a big difference

Sarah Martinez


What a great list! Picture books can really help parents teach in a fun way. I love watching my little ones identify the lesson on their own. So meaningful! Thank you so much for this great list!!!

Kelly Overend


i really needed these this week. Thank you for this post.



I just completed the first level of All About Spelling with my two oldest homeschooling children and I have been very happy with the program. We have tried other spelling programs that left us all frustrated by the illogically presented lists of words to memorize. AAS is very user friendly and words are presented in a logical order. My kids are greatly improving in their spelling skills.

Robin E. at All About Learning Press

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Thank you for sharing your experiences with All About Spelling!



Thanks for all the book recomendations.

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