Rhyming with Candy Hearts

Rhyming with Candy Hearts - All About Reading

In this free downloadable activity, your child can practice an important reading skill by matching pairs of rhyming words.

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
These candy hearts
need help from you!

Rhyming activities shouldn’t stop when kids start reading. Rhyming continues to be an important part of phonological awareness even as students move on to more advanced reading.

So we’ve included words from Levels 1-4 of All About Reading so that everyone can play.

Rhyming Game

Rhyming for Older Kids

Rhyming is important because it helps kids experience language in a fun way by learning to hear and play with words. This keeps kids tuned in and excited about language, which translates into easier spelling and reading lessons.

Rhyming with Candy Hearts

Rhyming also helps kids recognize written patterns and that common sounds are often spelled the same way.

Rhyming with Candy Hearts

While playing with this free download, kids will make the connection that if they can read wiggle they can also read giggle.

Rhyming with Candy Hearts

I hope you enjoy this sweet rhyming activity with your children! Download here!

Have you discovered a fun way to practice rhyming with your children? Please share it in the comments below!

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Jen G


Oh, these look like fun!

Lynn M


This is lovely that you are offering these extras to use with your program. I suggest that you offer a black and white option also. I printed it in gray scale but I love to be able to save money on ink and then we color them ourselves.

Merry at AALP


Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll pass this on to our team!



Rhyming has always been difficult for my son. Hoping he is going to enjoy using these along with his AAR.




After receiving the free penguin pack with my purchase of All About Reading Level 1 I decided to visit your site to see what other supplemental materials you have available. My kids are going to love this valentine packet, thank you!

Marie Rippel

says: Customer Service

You’re welcome, Barbara! Enjoy! :)



Thank you for sharing this free printable.

I love the word choices in this rhyming freebie! So appropriate for older readers who need to expand their vocabulary knowledge as well as learn those spelling patterns. Sharing! :)



This would be fun to make it into a memory game!



Thank you for the free downloads. My kids love them.



Thanks for the free downlands. I use them for my children at school.



Thanks for the free downloads very useful to my daughter.



This is great. Thank you so much for all the wonderful Free Dowloads you have. They are wonderful. My son and I love them. Thanks so much !! Have a wonderful day !! Amy and Andre :)

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