Ziggy Zebra’s Favorite Picture Books

The Zigzag Zebra (affectionately known as Ziggy) is a familiar face to users of our pre-reading program. Ziggy is a young zebra who loves to read right along with young students.

But have you ever wondered what Ziggy likes to read? Well, I asked him to share a list of his favorite picture books with you, and you probably won’t be surprised to discover that there are zebras in all of Ziggy’s picks. Check out this list of zebra picture books from everybody’s favorite zebra!

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All My Stripes book cover

All My Stripes
by Shaina Rudolph and Danielle Royer

Zane the Zebra is a special zebra because he has a stripe that none of the other zebras have. Zane has an autism stripe. But he has lots of other stripes, too, and it is Zane’s other stripes that make him so special.

Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock book cover

Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock
by Eric A. Kimmel

Anansi is a very tricky spider, but he may not be the trickiest animal in the forest! When Anansi discovers a secret about a strange moss-covered rock, he uses his secret to take advantage of his neighbors. But someone is wise to Anansi’s tricks ….

A Zeal of Zebras book cover

A Zeal of Zebras
by Woop Studios

What do you get when you cross an alphabet book with a book about animals? You get a caravan of camels, a pandemonium of parrots, a shiver of sharks, and of course, A Zeal of Zebras!

Mamalabilia book cover

by Douglas Florian

If you like poems and picture books, you’re going to love Mammalabilia! Gouache-style watercolor illustrations provide the perfect backdrop for Douglas Florian’s original poetry in this delightfully silly collection of animal verse.

Max and Tallulah book cover

Max and Tallulah
by Beverley Gooding

Who doesn’t love a zebra love story with a happy ending? When Max meets Tallulah, it’s love at first sight. And though he tries hard to get her to notice him, Max soon realizes that gaining Tallulah’s love may be easier than he thought.

Pinduli book cover

by Janell Cannon

When Pinduli encounters insults from the other animals at the waterhole, she inadvertently discovers a way to help her tormentors recognize and make amends for their unkindness. This masterfully told tale ends with a humorous twist that will make your day!

Rain book cover

by Manya Stojic

Rain tells the story of life on the African savanna. It begins when the red soil is dry and cracked … but then porcupine smells the rain. The zebras can see it. The baboons can hear it. The rain changes everything until the hot sun returns ….

The Lion Inside book cover

The Lion Inside
by Rachel Bright

Rachel Bright’s fable-like tale of a lion with a big roar and a mouse with a big heart is absolutely perfect. A delightful mix of larger-than-life illustrations, lighthearted storytelling, and important life lessons, The Lion Inside will make you laugh—and think.

The Little Zebra Who Lost His Stripes book cover

The Little Zebra Who Lost His Stripes
by Jedda Robaard

Imagine Little Zebra’s surprise when he awakes to discover that his beautiful stripes are missing! But Little Zebra is even more surprised when he finally discovers his missing stripes in a most unexpected place. This sweet and simple board book is Ziggy Zebra’s choice for his youngest fans.

The Very Cranky Bear book cover

The Very Cranky Bear
by Nick Bland

In the Jingle Jangle Jungle, four friends find the perfect place to play. But when The Very Cranky Bear chases them away, the four friends try their very hardest to cheer him up.

Zebra Family book cover

Zebra Family
by Jane Goodall

Ziggy loves picture books with zebras in them, and this book is all about zebras! In Zebra Family, famed naturalist Jane Goodall tells the story of a young zebra and his family.

Z is for Moose book cover

Z Is for Moose
by Kelly Bingham

Z Is for Moose is an alphabetical stage production gone awry! With Zebra directing, the play features an A to Z cast, including a very confused moose. But of course, the show must go on!

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Favorite Zebra Picture Books Recommended by Our Staff and Our Readers

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Candida Fermin


Please send more newsletters and book list for my Kindergarteners


says: Customer Service

I signed you up for our email newsletter, Candida. You should have received a welcome email by now. Let me know if I can help you with anything.

Whitney Allrich


We just got our All About Reading Pre-Reading materials and my kids are so excited to get started. They LOVE Ziggy and I’m excited to get some books that Ziggy loves from our library.



Ziggy is so popular in our house – we will have to check these out!



I will check some of these out–the littles LOVE Ziggy! :)



My boys live Ziggy…we’ll have to check out these to read with him.



Cute pic with Ziggy!



Love Ziggy. Adds so much to our school!

Heather Walter


I had no idea there were this many picture books about zebras! My daughter will be thrilled to see some of these!

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

I was surprised to see how long this list was too! I guess zebras are popular.



I hope I win the giveaway so I can supplement with this list of books! ;)



We’ll have to check these out! Thanks!



My girls think Z is for Moose is hilarious!



Thanks for the book list, I’ll be sure to check them out!

Jen Jaquay


We’ll have to check some of these out! Always looking for more good books!



I’m always grateful for book selections. My kiddo just loves Ziggy!

Marilyn Fuqua


Love having good book suggestions!



I love the book lists that you send out!

Megan Thomas


Thanks for this list of books!

Raylene Dickinson


Love the set of books.



This program teaches every thing they need to be great readers and spellers. It is nicely laid out for parents too.

Cindy Ihnen


Great set of books. Thanks



Would love to try this program!

April Hawkins


I just ordered level 1 of both programs and I am so excited to start them! We have used program based programs in the past but never with any fun. I am looking forward to the simplicity and fun this progrm offers for the teacher and the student!



Love All About Learning Press! my daughter went from failing spelling to excelling all in one year, and I have to admit even after university English, I too learned a few rules.

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

This is great progress! Thank you for sharing it with us.



All About is an excellent program, thorough and complete for full comprehension.

Paula D


I think Ziggy would like Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann. It’s a very cute book, especially for the young ones and it has some of Ziggy’s zoo animal friends in it. Would love to win AAR Level 1

Paula D


I think Ziggy would love Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann. Although there is no zebra, lots of Ziggy’s zoo animal friends are in the book, and it is a great book for the younger ones.

Robin E.

says: Customer Service

Thanks for the recommendation, Paula. My kids loved Good Night Gorilla when they were little. It would also be a good Bedtime Book or a Wordless Picture Book.



Zingy puts the /z/ in the BUZZ for All About Reading!



Great book ideas!

Colleen Connelly


Our family loves AAR! Our two girls have benefited immensely from your method…so much so that I’ve taken the older brothers through the first levels of AAS & AAR (they’ve “helped” with the little sisters! They were aware of their lack of connection & were drawn to the fun way their sisters were learning!). We are ready for our next levels!!!



Love this! Thank you for the library list.