Alphabet Picture Books

Alphabet picture books are an amazing category of books! Not only do they come in a multitude of child-friendly themes, they are wonderful for increasing letter knowledge, building vocabulary, and developing phonological awareness. And you can do all of that while snuggling up together on the couch!

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Adventures with Barefoot Critters

Adventures with Barefoot Critters
by Teagan White

Adventures with Barefoot Critters is a whimsical walk through the seasons with a collection of adorable woodland creatures. And it’s a walk through the alphabet too. Oodles of activity—from building bridges with branches to borrowing honey from hives—will delight your preschooler from A to Z!

A Farmer's Alphabet

A Farmer’s Alphabet
by Mary Azarian

A Farmer’s Alphabet presents a beautifully unique approach to learning letters. Illustrated with meticulously rendered wood block prints, the pages teach the ABCs with the help of an Old-World farmer. Mary Azarian brings farm life and the alphabet together in perfect harmony!

Albert's Alphabet

Albert’s Alphabet
by Leslie Tryon

Learning the alphabet can be hard, and building the alphabet can be even harder! But Albert, the school carpenter, is up to the challenge. He doesn’t have enough wood, but that’s okay. Using rocks, pipes, and some other surprising materials, Albert builds a very special alphabet for the school.

Apple Pie ABC

Apple Pie ABC
by Alison Murray

If you like cute dogs, apple pie, and learning the alphabet, this book will make your day. Alison Murray lets the alphabet help tell the story of a slightly naughty dog who loves apple pie and just has to have some. By the end of this easy ABC book, your mouth will be watering for apple pie, too!

Alphabet Soup: A Feast of Letters

Alphabet Soup: A Feast of Letters
by Scott Gustafson

Scott Gustafson weaves bold, colorful illustrations and a fun-filled story into a feast the whole family can enjoy. When Otter invites 26 of his closest friends to help him make soup, Otter’s friends provide the ingredients. Laugh along as the friends combine their offerings into an alphabet soup of epic proportions.

Work: An Occupational ABC

Work: An Occupational ABC
by Kellen Hatanaka

Work may not always be fun, but this book proves that it doesn’t have to be boring either! Humorous and simple, Work: An Occupational ABC takes readers through an alphabet of jobs. In addition to learning his letters, your little one may discover what he wants to be when he grows up!

Almonst an Animal Alphabet

Almost an Animal Alphabet
by Katie Viggers

Almost an Animal Alphabet is a sweet and humorous look at animals and the alphabet. Fun and sometimes unexpected, Katie Viggers’ animal drawings are colorful and full of surprises. You’ll see all kinds of bears, foxes, dinosaurs, and even a few “almost animals” on the pages of this engaging book.

B is for Bear: A Natural Alphabet

B Is for Bear: A Natural Alphabet
by Hannah Viano

Learn about nature and the alphabet with this beautiful picture book by Hannah Viano. Illustrated with warm simplicity, each page boasts a letter and a mini nature lesson. For example, did you know that a cloud is made of water droplets suspended in air? You’ll never find an ABC book more “natural” than this one.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
by Bill Martin, Jr & John Archambault

When the whole alphabet decides to race to the top of the coconut tree, chaos ensues. There simply isn’t room for all 26 letters up there! Told in a catchy sing-song rhythm, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a childhood favorite. Don’t be surprised if your little one asks to read this one again and again!

G is for Goat

G Is for Goat
by Patricia Polacco

No collection of alphabet picture books would be complete without this charming book by prolific children’s author Patricia Polacco. “A is for apple” may seem like an ordinary way to begin an ABC book, but this book is far from ordinary. Polacco’s colorful artwork and sweet, lilting rhyme will have you coming back again and again.

Handmade Alphabet

The Handmade Alphabet
by Laura Rankin

Hands are beautiful, and the hands—big and small, dark and light, male and female—in this book are particularly beautiful. Maybe it’s because these hands are talking. Laura Rankin’s unique drawings of The Handmade Alphabet will give you a new alphabet to learn and a new appreciation for the gift of communication.

On Market Street

On Market Street
by Arnold Lobel & Anita Lobel

Arnold and Anita Lobel have teamed up on an alphabet picture book that is nothing short of wonderful. When a villager goes to see the merchants down on Market Street, things get a little crazy. And as you might suppose, there’s something for every letter of the alphabet. He’s going to need a bigger basket!

Creature ABC

Creature ABC
by Andrew Zuckerman

Andrew Zuckerman is not your typical children’s author, but this children’s book is a masterpiece. Filled with exquisite studio photographs of a menagerie of wild animals, Creature ABC provides the perfect backdrop for learning the letters of the alphabet. It’s like a trip to the zoo—only better!

If Rocks Could Sing

If Rocks Could Sing
by Leslie McGuirk

Letters are all around us just waiting to be discovered, and Leslie McGuirk’s unusual approach to the alphabet is inspired byyou guessed itrocks! Each page in this “discovered” alphabet book features a letter and an object that starts with that letter, all formed with rocks. These rocks can sing!

Museum ABC

Museum ABC
by The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Museum ABC is an alphabet book with an ulterior motive: It’s really an art gallery disguised as a book of letters! Or maybe it’s a book of letters disguised as an art gallery. Whether you’re learning about art or learning your letters, this beautiful book is one the whole family can enjoy.

The ABC Book of American Homes

The ABC Book of American Homes
by Michael Shoulders

There are as many different kind of homes as there are letters of the alphabet. They come in many shapes and sizes, and are made out of many types of materials. The ABC Book of American Homes is a colorful study in American architecture, history, and culture—not to mention the alphabetall rolled into one!

Paul Thurbly's Alphabet

Paul Thurlby’s Alphabet
by Paul Thurlby

Is your child a visual learner? If so, this simple little board book by graphic artist Paul Thurlby is going to become a favorite in your home! Big, bold, colorful illustrations blend letters and objects together in a way that will make it very difficult to forget the letters and their sounds.

Pigs from A to Z

Pigs from A to Z
by Arthur Geisert

Master illustrator Arthur Geisert is at his best in Pigs from A to Z. When seven industrious piglets set out to build themselves a treehouse, readers are drawn into a wild hide-and-seek alphabet adventure. Search the pages for the hidden letters, but don’t disturb the piglets—they have a treehouse to build!

The Z Was Zapped

The Z was Zapped
by Chris Van Allsburg

Things have gotten kind of treacherous for the alphabet, and this fun book documents the trouble every step of the way. Caldecott Medal winner Chris Van Allsburg’s unusual black-and-white presentation of the alphabet is the perfect ABC book for older kids.

T is for Touchdown: A Football Alphabet Book Cover

T Is for Touchdown:
A Football Alphabet

by Brad Herzog

If you’re looking for the perfect way to introduce your kids to football, this fun and informative picture book is a great choice. Each letter of the alphabet teaches something about the sport, from A for Athlete to Z for Zebra-striped shirts!

A Child's Day: An Alphabet of Play

A Child’s Day:
An Alphabet of Play

by Ida Pearle

What better way to learn the alphabet than to play your way through it! In Ida Pearle’s masterfully illustrated picture book, each letter of the alphabet boasts a different way to play. A? Act out a play. D? Do a little dance. Keep the little ones busy with an alphabet play date!

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