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Three-letter Blend Word Flipper

Blends consist of two or three consonants grouped together. While there are dozens of two-letter blends, there are only four common initial three-letter blends, and they all start with s:

  • SPL as in split
  • STR as in string
  • SCR as in scrap
  • SPR as in spring

Unlike in multiletter phonograms like sh, each letter in a blend keeps its own sound. When your child sounds out a word containing a blend, each letter should be pronounced during the blending process. With practice, your child will recognize the three-letter blends and be able to blend them quickly while reading, as we do in everyday speech.

When we introduce blends in All About Reading Level 2, we use the letter tiles. Here’s an excerpt from the teacher’s manual showing how we do this:

Three letter blends

After your child understands the concept, three-letter blends can be practiced with our Word Flippers.

Click here or on the graphic below to download the Word Flippers for Three-Letter Blends.

Cut apart on the dotted lines and staple. Then your child can practice words like strap and spring by flipping through the pages!

UPDATE: this activity sheet is now available in full color! To download the newest version, along with nine more activity sheets, click below!
Reading Activity Bundle 705
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Marie Rippel, curriculum developer of the award-winning All About Reading and All About Spelling programs, is known for taking the struggle out of both teaching and learning. Marie is an Orton-Gillingham practitioner, sought-after speaker, and member of the International Dyslexia Association. When not writing or teaching, Marie can be found riding her Icelandic horses.


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  1. Marie,
    I really enjoyed looking over the All About Reading and All About Spelling programs on the web. I’m currently enrolled in Western Governor’s University for Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8) and am always looking for ways to enhance the learning experience of elementary school children. I also volunteer in Kindergarten and tutor at home. Your Word Flippers are a great idea! I don’t have any children at home at the moment, but I will continue to keep your program in mind for future use.
    Edna Stewart

  2. Brandi Harris says:

    Great resources here on your blog :)

  3. This is great! Thanks for sharing. The various options for word spelling are a challenge. It is good to know the exceptions to the rules.

  4. Ruth Bevan says:

    Love the word flippers. I will be making many!!!

  5. Ruth Bevan says:

    I purchased the spelling tiles and magnets. Kids love them and spelling is improving!!! I would love to have the Spelling kit!!

  6. We love AAR and AAS around here. It has made teaching my youngest how to read delightful, and spelling for my middle child doable!

  7. I LOVE this! This is exactly what my daughter needs to fill in a few “holes” I am noticing in her reading. I wish I could shout to everyone to get your programs, as they are comprehensive and … well, just plain SMART!

  8. A couple weeks ago I started pre- AAR with my K and was using something different with my 1st grader until he made it very clear he wanted to do Pre-K reading with his sister. They are doing it together now (my 1st grader is at an advanced pace so I can get him into AAR1 as soon as possible) AND they are both very happy with the program so far.

    My two older children (9 yrs & 11yrs) have several gaps with their reading and spelling. We decided to begin with AAS1 on an accelerated pace and they are both really enjoying it so far. We look forwarded to working through the AAS program and filling in the gaps :-)

    AAS & AAR have been a blessing to our homeschool this year!!!

  9. We love the spelling program and would totally be on cloud nine if we won Reading Level 2!! Great program–lots of fun for kids!

  10. Excited to see Level 2. Have the Pre-1, and Level 1 for reading, and Level 1 Spelling. We are doing Sonlight this year which includes Language and Spelling, but just love AAR and AAS so much, am doing it instead of Sonlight’s.

  11. I am starting my son with pre-K. I am he will enjoy as what most kids have. To win level 2 would be lovely….

  12. Ruthie Wright says:

    Looks great!

  13. Christie McConkey says:

    What lesson #s are Lumberjack and Word Flippers from in LEvel 2?

  14. Danette Carter says:

    My Son and i are doing All About Reading Level I. We completed the Pre-K Level and he loved it. I hope to win the level 2 program!

    • I can’t wait to try the Pre-K level with my younger two children, starting the older two with Level 1 was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Winning Level 2 would be fantastic also!

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