Tips for Emphasizing the Positive - All About Learning Press

Tips for Emphasizing the Positive

Positive feedback is a powerful tool and is extremely effective in helping your child develop confidence.

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How to Handle Tears and Frustration in Your Homeschool

If daily lessons make your child want to throw her pencil across the room, we hope these tips will help.

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All About Spelling in Action

All About Spelling in Action!

What does a typical week look like with All About Spelling? Merry Marinello gives us a peek into her homeschool.

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Silent E Explained - All About Learning Press

Silent E explained…with no help from the ponies

Can a pair of silly ponies help demystify the many jobs of Silent E?

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Windflower - All About Learning Press


This real-life example shows why pronouncing words correctly can spare your student the trouble of misspelling later on.

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