Struggling Learners

Do you have a child for whom learning is a struggle? If so, you’ll find help and encouragement from this collection of resources from the AALP library. If you have any questions about the topics below, feel free to contact us. We are here to help your child reach his full potential!

Help Your Child's Memory

If your child struggles to remember what he’s been taught, we can help! This report covers topics that will help your child learn in a more effective way.

How to Solve Letter Reversals

Letter reversals are a common struggle among early learners. The tactile ideas covered in this report can help put an end to that struggle!

Symptoms of Dyslexia Screening Checklist

If you suspect your child has dyslexia, this checklist is a good place to start. We’ve put the many symptoms of dyslexia in one convenient location.


The Orton-Gillingham approach works wonders for students with dyslexia. Discover this powerful multisensory approach to teaching.

upward and downward spirals and the Matthew Effect

Is the “Matthew Effect” Affecting Your Child’s Desire to Read?

Have you heard of the “Matthew Effect” in reading? Find out how it may affect your child’s desire to read.

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signs of a reading problem featured graphic

Signs of a Reading Problem

Do you suspect that your child has a reading problem? Learn to spot the signs.

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Help! My Child Skips Small Words When Reading - All About Reading

Help! My Child Skips Small Words When Reading

Does your child skip small words when he’s reading? Explore these helpful remedies.

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a struggling learner featured graphic

10 Tips for Reaching Your Struggling Learner

It can be scary when a child struggles to learn. Here are ten tips to help your child succeed in reading and spelling.

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girl climbing a ladder with no gaps

The “No Gaps” Approach to Reading and Spelling

Most reading and spelling problems are caused by gaps in the curriculum. That’s why AAR and AAS teach with a “no gaps” approach.

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letters b and d reversals

How to Solve Letter Reversals

Does your child struggle with letter reversals? Find out how to prevent and solve this common issue.

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Using All About Spelling with Older Students

Discover helpful strategies for customizing the All About Spelling program with teenage or adult students.

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girl's face with flower behind her ear

Auditory Processing Disorder: 10 Ways to Help Your Child

These 10 tips can help make lesson time more productive and enjoyable if your child struggles with an auditory processing disorder.

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child guessing at a word while reading

Break the “Word Guessing” Habit

Does your child guess at unknown words instead of sounding them out? Find out why kids guess and how you can solve the problem.

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Real Moms, Real Kids: Vision Problems

Does your child have vision problems that affect reading? This homeschool mom shares her child’s story.

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Dysgraphia: How can I help my child? - All About Learning Press

Dysgraphia: How can I help my child?

If your child has trouble with handwriting, it may be dysgraphia. Explore the signs and find out how you can help.

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Teaching Reading and Spelling to Autistic Children - All About Learning Press

Teaching Reading and Spelling to Children with Autism

Find out why simple, step-by-step, multisensory techniques are an important part of teaching a child with autism.

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