Polar Bear Picture Books

The fun-loving polar bears in these books may enjoy playing out in the cold and snow, but their stories will warm your heart!

Read the synopses of a few of my favorite polar bear picture books below, then grab your mittens and stocking cap and head to your local library with our free downloadable library list.

A Splendid Friend, Indeed book cover

A Splendid Friend, Indeed
by Suzanne Bloom

Goose and Bear are friends. In fact, they are splendid friends. But not even the best of friends are always compatible in every way. Sometimes even best friends have to be patient with each other, and Goose and Bear are no exception. (Click for my full review of A Splendid Friend, Indeed.)

Cold Paws, Warm Heart book cover

Cold Paws, Warm Heart
by Madeleine Floyd

A cup of hot cocoa can warm you up on a cold winter night. But what if the cold you feel doesn’t come from the weather? When a lonely polar bear named Cold Paws is befriended by a generous little girl, the arctic chill is no match for the warmth that begins to grow in Cold Paws’ heart.

I Love You with All My Heart book cover

I Love You with All My Heart
by Noris Kern

When Polo’s best friend tells him that his mother loves him with all her heart, Polo isn’t quite sure what that means. But Polo soon discovers that his mother loves him with everything—her fur, her eyes, her paws, and even her nose. But especially with her heart … her whole heart.

Mama, Do You Love Me? book cover

Mama, Do You Love Me?
by Barbara M. Joosse

In this charming story, a small Inuit girl asks a simple question—Mama, Do You Love Me? But a single answer isn’t quite enough for this little girl. Through a series of innocent questions and heartfelt answers, Barbara Joosse gets right to the heart of motherhood: “I will love you forever, and for always, because you are my dear one.”

On the Night You Were Born book cover

On the Night You Were Born
by Nancy Tillman

Nancy Tillman’s On the Night You Were Born is a special book, written so that every child will know that he or she is the most uniquely loved and cherished child in the world. In this precious book, honking geese, dancing polar bears, and a smiling moon announce the news that “there has never been anyone like you, ever in the world.”

Please Bring Balloons book cover

Please Bring Balloons
by Lindsay Ward

If a polar bear left a note that said Please Bring Balloons, what would you do? And what if he asked for more balloons? Well, Emma didn’t hesitate for a moment. She brought the polar bear his balloons and was immediately rewarded with the voyage of a lifetime. You would do the same, wouldn’t you?

Sweetest Kulu book cover

Sweetest Kulu
by Celina Kalluk

When Kulu is born, a procession of arctic animals bearing gifts and messages visit the newest member of the Inuit community. Written by Celina Kalluk, an Inuit throat singer, Sweetest Kulu provides a wonderful window into the culture, values, and traditions of the Inuit people of the Arctic regions.

Hush Little Polar Bear book cover

Hush Little Polar Bear
by Jeff Mack

This rhyming picture book is a lyrical journey through “all the places where sleeping bears go,” as imagined by a young girl. In her dreams, her favorite polar bear toy travels over oceans, across deserts, and through jungles, but in the end, returns to the best place of all—right at home!

Polar Bear Island book cover

Polar Bear Island
by Lindsay Bonilla

Polar Bear Island is only for polar bears, but what happens when someone who isn’t a polar bear arrives? Well, the mayor of the island thinks their uninvited guest should leave, but the other bears like the newcomer too much to let him go! Is there room on the island for everyone?

Pup and Bear book cover

Pup and Bear
by Kate Banks

One stormy winter’s day, a tiny wolf pup becomes lost and meets a giant polar bear who rescues the pup and takes him to her den. The polar bear raises the wolf pup as her own and a beautiful and unlikely relationship blossoms. Charming minimalist artwork tell this touching story.

The Three Snow Bears book cover

The Three Snow Bears
by Jan Brett

In this Arctic update to the classic Goldilocks tale, an Inuit girl named Aloo-ki is “Goldilocks,” but the “three bears” are not just any bears—they’re polar bears! The furry family of three leaves their igloo for the day and returns to find Aloo-ki sleeping in baby bear’s bed. What will they do?

The Bear Report book cover

The Bear Report
by Thyra Heder

Homework can be really boring, and a report on polar bears is one of the most boring homework assignments ever—or is it? Maybe a series of adventures with a real-life polar bear is just the thing one little girl needs to make learning about these amazing creatures not only interesting, but also fun!

The Polar Bear Paddle book cover

The Polar Bear Paddle
by David Bedford

Alfie the polar bear cub wants to swim in the sea like his older brothers—but until now, he’s only been in the baby pool. Determined to become a better swimmer, he asks a diving bird and a seal for help. Can Alfie learn to swim in the sea and put his own spin on it, too?

Polar Bear Night book cover

Polar Bear Night
by Lauren Thompson

In this strikingly illustrated picture book, a young bear cub awakes in the middle of the night and sets off on a magical journey across the ice. She sees the other animals sleeping, but the moon seems to be calling her to keep going. What is she about to find?

Poles Apart book cover

Poles Apart
by Jeanne Willis

The Pilchard-Browns are off on vacation but their travels begin to unravel when Mr. Pilchard-Brown heads toward the North Pole instead of the South Pole! Can a new friend help this unfortunate family of penguins find their way back home again?

Virgil & Owen book cover

Virgil & Owen
by Paulette Bogan

When Virgil the penguin finds a polar bear, he’s excited to have a polar bear of his very own! But every time they try to do something together, the polar bear starts playing with everyone else and Virgil gets left out! Can Virgil learn how to share his friend with others?

Skating with the Bears book cover

Skating with the Bears
by Andrew Breakspeare

Tim is the only one in the village who can’t skate. He tries hard to learn, but he just can’t seem to master it … until one night when the snow mounds by the lake suddenly turn into snow bears! Can Tim’s unusual teachers teach him to skate?

FREE Polar Bear Picture Books Library List

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Krysta McRae


My daughter just checked out “Bear says Thank You” from the library this week!



What a cute book list!

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Thank you, Cassie!



We love polar bears in our house! Thanks for the list.

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Great list. On the Night You Were Born is one of our favorite bedtime stories.



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These look like great books and fun activities for all of us.



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I love the downloadable lists! So easy!

Misty Meadows


We also love “Dear Polar Bear.” He writes letters to his best friends all over the world and they send back gifts that tell us a little about each of the bears. Such a cute story and letters pull out of an envelope.

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This sounds like a great book, Misty. I love the interactive aspect of pulling the letters out of an envelope. Thank you for the recommendation.



Thank you so much for these library lists. I have used so many (some multiple times) of them with all of my kids. I enjoy having a head start sifting through the not so good books in the library.

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Cute idea! Thank you !

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These are really cute books.



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My great nephew is a huge animal lover and would really enjoy all of these polar bear books!

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What a great aunt (wink) you are to encourage his love of books, Susan!

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Thanks so much for the book suggestions! We are about to start our winter study and these are some great ideas to go along with it! We’ll definitely look at the library for these this week.

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You’re welcome, Christi. You may also find our Wonderful Picture Books for Winter and Penguin Picture Books blog posts useful as well for your study.

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Thank you, this a list of books!

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These books will go perfectly with our winter theme unit!!

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We have two other picture book blog posts that may go along well with your winter theme unit. Penguin Picture Books and Wonderful Picture Books for Winter



Aww… these look so cute and great! Excited to check them out!



We love On the Night You Were Born!

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The Jan Bret book is one of our favorites. We’re excited to check out some of these for the first time.



We live book recommendations! Thank you!



We love this pack!



Thank you for sharing this book list!

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Love the book list

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Nancy Tillman books are our favorites!!



Great collection. Perfect for January!

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I love the reading lists. These look really fun!



We love on the Night YSou Were Born, it always brings fresh tears to my eyes when I read it aloud!

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It is such a touching book, Katie. I understand tears!



Love your book recommendations. We have enjoyed reading them!