Great Picture Books

If you’re on the hunt for delightful picture books to share with your children, your search ends here! We’ve curated an extensive collection of over 150 enchanting picture books, thoughtfully organized into various categories that cater to a wide range of interests and age groups. Whether you have curious toddlers, imaginative preschoolers, or budding young readers, there’s a perfect picture book waiting for every child’s eager eyes and inquisitive minds.

Within the pages of these captivating great picture books, you’ll discover heartwarming stories, vibrant illustrations, and valuable life lessons that will leave a lasting impression on both you and your children. From whimsical tales of fantastical creatures to heartwarming stories that touch upon themes of friendship, courage, and kindness, each book holds a treasure trove of wonder just waiting to be explored.

Gather your little ones close, and let the joyous adventure of storytelling begin! Whether it’s for bedtime snuggles, afternoon reading sessions, or sharing special moments together, these picture books are sure to create cherished memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Click each category to read synopses and reviews of many of these great books. There are wordless picture books, hilarious picture books, interactive picture books, and much more!

Take our complete set of picture book library lists to your local library and start reading!

Picture Books About Grandparents - book reviews from All About Reading

Picture Books about Grandparents

This beautiful collection of picture books honors grandpas and grandmas from many cultures and periods of history.

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Interactive Picture Books - Book Reviews from All About Reading

Favorite Interactive Picture Books

Reading to an active child can be a challenge, but interactive picture books can be a huge help.

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Picture books for spring featured graphic

Picture Books for Spring

Welcome the warmth and wonder of spring with these wonderful picture books!

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the white house of the united states

Picture Books about Presidents

If your kids think history is boring, this selection of presidential picture books just might change their minds!

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boy catching snowflakes on his tongue.

Wonderful Picture Books for Winter

Snuggle up with your kids for a family read-aloud with a few of these heart-warming stories for winter.

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Favorite Picture Books for Christmas - Picture Book Reviews from All About Reading

Favorite Picture Books for Christmas

It’s the “most wonderful time of the year” and reading a few of these wonderful books together will make it extra special.

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wrapped books with advent calendar tags

Create a Christmas Book Advent Calendar

Have you ever used an Advent calendar? This one is the perfect way to incorporate read-aloud time into your family’s holiday traditions.

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thanksgiving table decorations

Picture Books for Thanksgiving

These picture books demonstrate gratitude, show kindheartedness, and explain the rich traditions of Thanksgiving.

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kids playing in a cardboard pirate ship

Pirate Picture Books

Ahoy! These perfectly delightful pirate picture books will leave your little ones clamoring for more.

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child holding a small globe

Around the World with Picture Books

Bring the world right into your living room with picture books! Grab our library list and travel the world!

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The Best Picture Books about Bravery + Free Library List

Picture Books about Bravery

If you have a child who needs a little dose of courage, check out a few of these wonderful picture books about bravery!

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shades of brown hands reaching up

Black History Picture Books

This selection of picture books will introduce your child to important stories of courage, strength, and determination.

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