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Real Dads, Real Kids: Using AAR with a Gifted LearnerMuch has been written about using All About Reading with children who have special needs, and we love hearing those stories. But there’s a group of special learners that we don’t hear about quite as often.

Gifted kids have special needs, too.

But the needs of gifted kids are quite different than those of other special learners.

Generally, gifted kids need to go faster, they make big leaps, they need to be able to interact with content on a deeper level, and they aren’t willing to put up with shallowness or inconsistencies. Though on the surface these may sound like “good problems” to have, they can make the task of choosing curriculum for a gifted child very challenging.Read On »

CH Is for Cheesy Mac Bites - An ABC Snack from All About ReadingIt’s a kid favorite with a twist!

Kids love macaroni and cheese, and this is a really fun (and wholesome) way to make and eat this always-popular lunchtime classic!

We try to keep things natural and healthy in our ABC Snacks recipes, and this one is no different. We even added a surprise ingredient to make this recipe healthier and to add a seasonal twist.

And Jackson agreed that adding a little bit of pureed pumpkin to these Cheesy Mac Bites made them even yummier.Read On »

A Picture Book Advent Calendar - All About ReadingChristmas is a time for traditions.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that many of my favorite traditions revolve around time spent reading with my children. When my daughter and son were still living at home, we spent many hours reading together. Those are precious memories that I will always cherish.

Reading is a wonderful tradition to build with your children all year round, but what if you could make reading together one of your most cherished Christmas traditions, too? Read On »

Favorite Picture Books for Christmas - All About ReadingI love this time of year.

One of the things I love most about planning for the Christmas season is getting to add to my list of favorite picture books for the holidays. There are so many beautifully written and inspiring stories for Christmas, I had a hard time choosing.

Each book is special in its own way.

Whether it’s the touching story of a special gift for a little girl, the antics of a silly pig named Olivia, a magical journey to the North Pole, or a life-changing moment for an ornery camel, you won’t want to miss a single book on this list.Read On »

Motivating Kids to Read - All About ReadingI hate reading!

Have you ever heard this impassioned declaration from one of your children? If so, please keep reading.

Some kids love to read—in fact, it can be hard to tear a book out of their hands. But motivating a child who doesn’t love to read can be difficult. It may even seem impossible. But it doesn’t have to be.

There can be many reasons some kids don’t enjoy reading.Read On »

Magazines for Kids of All Ages

Magazines for Kids of All Ages - All About Reading

Do you have a reluctant reader? If so, the first step in dealing with the issue should be determining why your child doesn’t like to read. There can be many reasons for this reluctance, but for many children, finding motivating reading material for the child to enjoy is part of the solution. Typically, when we […]

Teaching Compound Words

Compound Words - clearing up confusion - from All About Learning Press

What do a milkshake, a mailbox, and a notebook have in common? Actually, nothing … except that they all happen to be compound words. Most of the time, compound words are easy to tackle if we think of them as two smaller words that are combined to form a new word. milk + shake = […]

Giveaway – All About Spelling – Level of Choice

All About Spelling- Giveaway from All About Learning Press

Enter to win an All About Spelling level of your choice!   The All About Spelling program is a great fit for all types of learners—including those who struggle with learning differences. Our multisensory spelling program is complete and customizable, with lots of built in review, so students of all abilities can move through each […]

Spelling: how much time should I spend?

Spelling: how much time should I spend - from All About Spelling

If you’re wondering how much time you should spend on spelling lessons, you aren’t alone! This is one of our most frequently asked questions about the All About Spelling program. Fortunately, there is a really simple answer that works in most situations. I generally recommend spending 20 minutes a day, five days a week on […]

I Is for Icky Insects

I Is for Icky Insects - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

Here’s a creepy, crawly ABC Snack for you! What do you get when you combine yummy dried fruit, seeds, a little bit of chocolate, with a big dose of imagination? Well, in this post, you get icky insects! Now, bugs may not be the first thing you think of when you’re hungry for an afternoon […]

Teaching Rhyming to Preschoolers

Teaching Rhyming to Preschoolers - All About Reading

Rhyming is one of the best predictors of how easily a child will learn to read, so I’m a big believer in exposing young children to as many rhyming experiences as possible. Rhyming helps children notice the sounds within words. From an early age, children can recognize that bat rhymes with cat, and they become […]