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G is for Gobble, Gobble - ABC Snacks - An All About Reading Series

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and this ABC Snack is the perfect thing to add to your holiday feast. What makes it even better is that your children can help you prepare the whole thing! This creative snack is the best kind of snack–healthy, colorful, and delicious. And it just might result in a few enthusiastic gobble, gobbles!

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Sophie's Squash - A Picture Book Review - An All About Reading Series

Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller & Anne Wilsdorf

You can find a friend in the most unexpected places. It’s almost like they know exactly where to find you.

Sophie found her best friend at the farmer’s market. Sophie’s friend was … a squash?

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Spelling Tips & Tricks: The Round-up Post

Spelling can be tricky…

…but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. We’re often told that the English language doesn’t make sense. But in fact, spelling is logical and consistent. The English language conforms to  predictable patterns that can help make spelling easy. And those patterns can be taught to your children. Sounds boring, right? I guess it could be, but it doesn’t have to be!

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Enter to win an All About Spelling level of your choice!

The All About Spelling program is a great fit for all types of learners—including those who struggle with learning differences. AAS makes spelling easy to learn and easy to teach through six key elements that guide the learning process, making spelling rules easy and fun to remember! Our multisensory spelling program is complete and customizable, with lots of built in review, so students of all abilities can move through each skill as quickly or as slowly as they need to.

All About Spelling Giveaway

If you’d like to try this program for the first time or move up to the next level with your child, this giveaway is for you! Enter below to win any All About Spelling level materials (Teacher’s Manual and Student Packet) of your choice! If you’re just starting out and choose AAS Level 1, we’ll also include a Basic Spelling Interactive Kit to make sure you’ve got all the parts you need to succeed!

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All About Spelling Tips & Tricks - Making Words Plural

Plurals can be confusing!

Why do we add S to some words but ES to others? And when a word ends with Y, how do we know whether to change the Y to I before adding the plural suffix? And why on earth does knife become knives? You can unravel these mysteries with six simple rules.

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Spelling Tips and Tricks – The Floss Rule

All About Spelling Tips & Tricks - The Floss Rule

Have you flossed lately? You may be thinking, “Wait … what? I thought we were talking about spelling!” Stay with me for just a minute and it will all begin to make sense. You may have heard that the English language is complex and confusing, and it certainly can seem that way. But it doesn’t have to […]

The Curse of Knowledge

The Curse of Knowledge - All About Learning Press

As your child’s teacher, you possess something of value that your student needs — knowledge. One of the great challenges of teaching is discovering the most effective ways to transfer your knowledge to your child. But believe it or not, knowledge can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help to your attempts to […]

C Is for Candy Corn Cups

C is for Candy Corn Cups - ABC Snacks - An All About Reading Series

Candy corn: the quintessential sweet treat for fall. But though it may be yummy, candy corn isn’t the healthiest snack choice for your little one. This delicious alternative bears the colors of fall without all the sugar–and it’s still sweet enough to please the “sweetest tooth” in your house. This fun ABC Snack recipe will be a great addition […]

Tap the Magic Tree – A Picture Book Review

Tap the Magic Tree - An Interactive Picture Book - An All About Reading Series

Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson   There’s something magical about the transformation the earth undergoes when the seasons change. It’s amazing to see this transformation unfold right before our eyes—every blustery shudder, every burgeoning bud. But what if you could actually be a part of the process? Would you want to help move the […]

Dysgraphia: How can I help my child?

Dysgraphia - How can I help my child?

Does this sound familiar? “My child is a reluctant writer…it’s like there’s a block between his pen and the paper! Why is writing so hard for him?” And more than anything, you may be wondering… “How can I help him?” If your child is struggling with hand writing, it could be more than just laziness […]

Giveaway: $50 All About Learning Press Gift Certificate

$50 Gift Certificate Giveaway - All About Reading and All About Spelling

Enter to win a $50 gift certificate for any All About Reading or All About Spelling products in our store! The All About Reading and All About Spelling programs are a great fit for all types of learners—including those who struggle with learning differences. One such learning difference is dysgraphia. Dysgraphia is a neurological disorder that makes […]