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The Pout-Pout Fish - A Rhyming Picture Book Review from All About ReadingThe Pout-Pout Fish
by Deborah Diesen, illustrated by Dan Hanna

The hidden treasures of The Pout-Pout Fish may lie far beneath the sea, but they are well worth the dive. 

Perfectly placed repetition and rhyme make this wonderful book an absolute joy to read with a child—it’s just begging to be read aloud. Read On »

Reading Aloud to Kids Who Can't Sit Still - All About ReadingDo your kids sit still for read-alouds?

Both of my kids were really good “sitters”—they would sit still for a dozen books in a row, and still ask for more. There was no such thing as too much read-aloud time in their eyes. Reading aloud to them was a joy.

But many children are just the opposite.

Kinesthetic learners often have a hard time sitting still during read-alouds. They can sit still for two minutes, and then—ZOOM!—they are off.Read On »

All About Reading - Giveaway from All About Learning PressEnter to win an All About Reading level of your choice!

All About Reading is a fun and engaging program that starts with essential pre-reading skills and continues on to teach all five key components of reading. It contains everything your student needs to become a fluent reader for life!

If you have a pre-reader, start with the pre-reading program. For older children, be sure to check out the reading placement tests to help determine the best level for your child. Read On »

How to Handle Spelling Troublemakers - All About SpellingSome words are just troublemakers.

During the course of spelling instruction, your child is bound to run into a troublemaker or two.

Troublemakers are words that, for one reason or another, are especially challenging to spell. They tend to fall into one of three categories: words with careless mistakes, mispronounced words, and words that don’t follow the spelling rules.

Even the very best spellers sometimes encounter troublemakers.Read On »

J Is for Jolly Jellyfish - An ABC Snack from All About ReadingJellyfish, starfish, and sand, oh my!

Get ready to take your little land-lubber on an under-the-sea adventure with a very jolly jellyfish!

It’s not always easy to get children to eat food that is good for them, but this easy-to-assemble lunch combines wholesome ingredients with a cute design that’s as much fun to put together as it is to eat. And I’ll bet you’ve never had a jellyfish for lunch before! Read On »

Word Families: the pros and cons

Word Families - the pros & cons - All About Learning Press

You’ve probably noticed that kids’ brains like to discover patterns. Maybe you’ve seen your child create a pattern with toy cars or blocks, or even with her breakfast cereal. The neat thing is that you can use this natural inclination toward patterns to your child’s advantage by using word families as you teach reading and […]

Pin or Pen? Solving Short I / Short E Confusion

Pin or Pen? Solving Short I / Short E Confusion

“Hand me a pin,” my husband said. “A pin? You mean a pen,” I corrected him. Pin/pen. Sit/set. Win/when. Greg grew up in central Illinois where these words are often pronounced alike. I’m a Northerner, so these two words have distinctly different pronunciations when I say them. That gives me permission to tease him, right? […]

Picture Books for Adventurers

Picture Books for Adventurers - An All About Reading Library List

When you’re a child, every day is an adventure. But some kids crave adventure more than others. You know the type. For an adventurer, a bath isn’t just a bath…it’s a swim in shark-infested waters. And climbing a tree is actually a harrowing escape from a band of pirates. For an adventurer, a picture book […]

Building Your Child’s Vocabulary

Building Your Child's Vocabulary - All About Reading

Does this routine sound familiar? It’s Monday: time to learn a new list of twenty vocabulary words. The children look up the words in the dictionary and copy the definitions. Tomorrow they will use the words in a sentence, and on Wednesday they will complete a fill-in-the-blank worksheet. On Friday there will be a quiz […]

All About Spelling – The Right Time to Start

All About Spelling: The Right Time to Start

Children have such a variety of needs—especially when it comes to spelling. You want to get it right, so naturally you have questions about the right time to start spelling instruction. When is the right time to start spelling? My 12-year-old is struggling with spelling … where do I start? My child is only five, […]

8 Great Ways to Review Word Cards

8 Great Ways to Review Word Cards - All About Learning Press

It can be so frustrating to teach your child a concept only to realize the next day that he’s forgotten what he’s learned. And imagine how hard it is for your child who really is trying to remember what you’ve taught him! What’s the secret to making learning stick? Regular review is the most important […]