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8 Great Ways to Review Word Cards - All About Learning PressIt can be so frustrating to teach your child a concept only to realize the next day that he’s forgotten what he’s learned. And imagine how hard it is for your child who really is trying to remember what you’ve taught him!

What’s the secret to making learning stick?

Regular review is the most important factor in retaining and recalling previously taught material. Daily practice with the Word Cards in All About Reading and All About Spelling helps children master what they’re learning—and mastery is what makes learning stick! Read On »

M Is for Monkey Mayhem - An ABC Snack from All About ReadingIf your little monkey is always clamoring for a snack, then our ABC Snacks series is just what the monkey ordered! And this snack is guaranteed to put a smile on that hungry face.

Wherever you have monkeys you’re bound to have at least a bit of mayhem, but we promise—this snack is mostly mayhem-free!

These fun snack crackers are easy to assemble and yummy to eat. And the cute monkey faces are bound to create a bit of excitement around your table.Read On »

How to Teach Contractions - All About Learning PressWould you like to help your child avoid some of the most common errors in written English?

I’m talking about the misuse of contractions, especially when it comes to words like it’s vs. its and you’re vs. your.

I’m sure you’ve seen these mistakes; maybe they’ve even made you cringe.

Giving your child a solid foundation in how contractions are formed and what they actually mean—that is, which letters the apostrophe replaces—will go a long way toward helping him or her avoid these common mistakes in the future.Read On »

Poetry Books for Kids - from All About ReadingHave you ever met someone whose love of language just bubbles over? Author Renée LaTulippe is one of these people.

Through her poetry and storytelling, she transports children and adults into delightful worlds of imagination … and often, silliness.

Renée is my cowriter for the decodable readers used in the All About Reading program, so we are in constant communication about books, language, stories, and ideas.Read On »

Decodable Books - Why They're Important - from All About ReadingSome children seem to learn to read by osmosis; they just “get it” without having to learn the phonics code that makes sense of reading. But learning to read isn’t always that simple. Many children require a systematic approach to teaching reading that allows them to learn incrementally. And as children learn to read, decodable books become an important part of the learning process.

What are decodable books?

Decodable books are books that contain only phonetic code that the student has already learned.Read On »

Giveaway – All About Spelling Level of Choice

All About Spelling- Giveaway from All About Learning Press

Enter to win an All About Spelling level of your choice!   The All About Spelling program is a great fit for all types of learners—including those who struggle with learning differences. Our multisensory spelling program is complete and customizable, with lots of built in review, so students of all abilities can move through each […]

Real Moms, Real Kids: All About Reading and Dyslexia

Real Moms, Real Kids: All About Reading and Dyslexia with Marianne Sunderland

Marianne Sunderland is mom to eight children, seven of whom have dyslexia. She is also the author of Dyslexia 101: Truths, Myths, and What Really Works. A trained Orton-Gillingham practitioner, she designs courses specifically for parents of dyslexic children, and she is a sought-after speaker on the topic of teaching reading at homeschool conferences. With […]

K Is for Kiwi Kabobs

K Is for Kiwi Kabobs - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

It can be hard to get preschoolers to eat healthy food, but our ABC Snacks series is jam-packed with recipes that you can feel good about making with your little ones. This kiwi kabobs recipe is going to make everyone happy. It combines a few of the foods that kids love best with some hands-on […]

Silent E: Teaching Kids the Whole Truth

Silent E: Teaching Kids the Whole Truth - All About Learning Press

Today we’re going to burst another phonics myth. Have you heard that “Silent E makes the vowel say its name”? If you look at the following word pairs, that rule does appear to be true: In each example, Silent E changes the short vowel into a long vowel (in other words, the vowel says its […]

How to Stay Awake While Reading Aloud

How to Stay Awake While Reading Aloud

My kids love to tell embarrassing stories about how I would fall asleep while reading aloud to them. I just couldn’t stay awake! My head would start to bob, I’d start to repeat sentences, and—most mortifying of all—I even talked in my sleep a few times! All the late nights washing dishes and early mornings […]

Lights Out – A Wordless Picture Book

Lights Out - a Wordless Picture Book Review from All About Reading

I’m curious–do your kids like to go to bed at night, or do they actively resist bedtime? When I was a kid, I hated sleeping because it was an interruption to my busy day, and both of my kids were the same way. The neighbor kids, on the other hand, love to sleep, which seems […]