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Real Moms, Real Kids: All About Reading and Dyslexia with Marianne SunderlandMarianne Sunderland is mom to eight children, seven of whom have dyslexia. She is also the author of Dyslexia 101: Truths, Myths, and What Really Works. A trained Orton-Gillingham practitioner, she designs courses specifically for parents of dyslexic children, and she is a sought-after speaker on the topic of teaching reading at homeschool conferences.

With all of her experience, you’d hardly think that Marianne would be in the market for reading curricula, but she is an avid All About Reading user. Read On »

K Is for Kiwi Kabobs - An ABC Snack from All About ReadingIt can be hard to get preschoolers to eat healthy food, but our ABC Snacks series is jam-packed with recipes that you can feel good about making with your little ones.

This kiwi kabobs recipe is going to make everyone happy. It combines a few of the foods that kids love best with some hands-on fun. And because it’s made with wholesome ingredients, you don’t have to worry about adding this yummy snack to your menu. Read On »

Silent E: Teaching Kids the Whole Truth - All About Learning PressToday we’re going to burst another phonics myth.

Have you heard that “Silent E makes the vowel say its name”?

If you look at the following word pairs, that rule does appear to be true:


In each example, Silent E changes the short vowel into a long vowel (in other words, the vowel says its name). Dozens of popular phonics programs teach this, and it is one of the most common reading and spelling “rules” taught to beginning learners.Read On »

How to Stay Awake While Reading AloudMy kids love to tell embarrassing stories about how I would fall asleep while reading aloud to them. I just couldn’t stay awake! My head would start to bob, I’d start to repeat sentences, and—most mortifying of all—I even talked in my sleep a few times!

All the late nights washing dishes and early mornings preparing lesson plans caught up with me. It was inevitable. I would begin to read and before long my eyelids would get heavy…I’d start feeling sleepy…very sleepy…

…and my kids would sneak off to play, giggling softly.Read On »

Lights Out - a Wordless Picture Book Review from All About ReadingI’m curious–do your kids like to go to bed at night, or do they actively resist bedtime?

When I was a kid, I hated sleeping because it was an interruption to my busy day, and both of my kids were the same way. The neighbor kids, on the other hand, love to sleep, which seems really strange to me.

The young pig in Lights Out resists bedtime, and the trouble starts the moment the lights go out. Read On »

Is the Matthew Effect Affecting Your Child’s Desire to Read?

The Matthew Effect in Reading - All About Reading

Do you have a child who dislikes reading? Would your child rather do chores than read a book? Does your child avoid reading whenever possible? When it’s time for reading lessons, are there tears or grumpiness involved? Children who dislike reading are usually struggling readers. Just as nonathletic people tend to avoid exercise, children for […]

Giveaway – All About Reading Level of Choice

All About Reading - Giveaway from All About Learning Press

Enter to win an All About Reading level of your choice! All About Reading is a fun and engaging program that starts with essential pre-reading skills and continues on to teach all five key components of reading. It contains everything your student needs to become a fluent reader for life! If you have a pre-reader, […]

Flat Ziggy’s Summer Reading Adventure

Flat Ziggy's Summer Reading Adventure - All About Learning Press

It’s almost July, and for many that means school is out for the summer! Summer is a time for fun. It’s a time for swimming, biking, vacations, picnics—and adventure! But summer shouldn’t be a time to stop reading, and Ziggy is here to help make sure your kids don’t forget to add reading to their […]

Real Moms, Real Kids: How AAS Saved My Dyslexic Son

Real Moms, Real Kids: How AAS Saved My Dyslexic Son with Heather Cole

Have you ever felt like you needed a miracle? You’ve exhausted all avenues, but you can’t give up—because it’s your child. Your child can’t read or spell. The school system has let him down and it feels like the world has let him down—but you won’t let him down. Even so, a miracle would be nice […]

D Is for Dynamic Dads

D Is for Dynamic Dads - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

Dad’s special day is almost here, and in honor of dynamic dads everywhere, we’ve got an extra special snack to share with you! All our ABC Snacks recipes are fun to create and tasty to eat, but this one takes the cake! The fun part is that this isn’t just a snack to make for […]

Making Sense of Schwas

Making Sense of Schwas - All About Learning Press

Schwas are everywhere! If you haven’t heard of schwas before—or if you’ve heard of them but aren’t sure how to teach them to your children—hold on tight! After years of teaching reading and spelling to both kids and adults, I’ve got this topic mastered, and I’m happy to pass the information on to you. By […]