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Can You Make a Scary Face? - An Interactive Picture Book Review from All About Reading

Can You Make a Scary Face? by Jan Thomas

It wasn’t easy to select just one Jan Thomas book to review for our interactive book series. But in the end I simply couldn’t resist the toothy-grinned ladybug narrator in Can You Make a Scary Face?

And when he starts talking to you, I’m not sure you’ll be able to resist his charms either!

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Our Top 5 Tips for Using Practice Sheets - All About Reading

Fluency—the ability to read accurately and quickly—is a very important skill for beginning readers to develop. If a student does not achieve fluency in reading, comprehension may also lag behind. The Practice Sheets (also known as Fluency Sheets) used throughout the All About Reading program are designed to encourage and build fluency, which produces strong, confident readers.

But students don’t always find the Practice Sheets as exciting as the other hands-on activities in the AAR lessons. I’m sometimes asked about ways to make fluency practice a little bit easier to digest.

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Enter to win All About Spelling Level 1 + Deluxe Spelling Interactive Kit!

Children have a wide variety of needs—especially when it come to spelling! All About Spelling has taken this into account by creating a highly customizable, multisensory program that is well-suited for kids of all ages and abilities. But when is the best time to start spelling instruction? And where is the appropriate place to start? We provide answers to these common questions with our blog post, All About Spelling – The Right Time to Start!


Read the blog post and scroll down to the Rafflecopter form for your chance to win! This giveaway includes:

1. All About Spelling Level 1 Materials

  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Student Packet

2. Deluxe Spelling Interactive Kit

  • Letter Tiles and Magnets
  • Phonogram Sounds App
  • Spelling Review Box and Divider Cards
  • Sparkling Bee Stickers
  • Spelling Tote Bag

(Already own Level 1? Feel free to enter anyway—if you win, an alternate prize of equal value will be substituted.)

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All About Spelling: The Right Time to Start

Children have such a variety of needs—especially when it comes to spelling. You want to get it right, so naturally you have questions about the right time to start spelling instruction.


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The Story behind the Story - Chasing Henry

Have you ever made an exciting discovery?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Dilly the armadillo, Seth the sloth, and Opal the ostrich in “Chasing Henry,” a short story from All About Reading Level 3.

It was a warm summer day when the three friends spotted it. There it was—just down the path, sitting in a shaft of sunshine.

In this delightful decodable story, readers find out what happens when three best friends find “the biggest egg ever.” Boy, are they in for a surprise!
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Cozy Reading Nooks for Kids


What kind of reader were you? When I was a kid, I LOVED to read. I didn’t have to be pushed and prodded. In fact, sometimes my folks had to pry the books out of my hands! Children who are motivated to read will actively seek out books to enjoy and are happy sitting quietly […]

P Is for Pretty Patriotic Parfait

Parfait-Snack-Page-500x600-3 (2)

Just in time for the 4th of July, this patriotic parfait is all kinds of yummy! With sweet and crunchy layers of red, white, and blue, our pretty parfait honors American heritage while it feeds your tummy. Little hands can easily create this tasty treat with just a little bit of help. Teaching Tips While […]

Wordless Picture Books

Reading Wordless Picture Books with your Children -- An All About Reading Series

Have you and your children discovered the treasures to be found in wordless picture books? When I first heard about wordless books, I didn’t think that they could possibly be for me, so I all but ignored this entire collection of children’s books. But then I discovered a wordless classic—red sled—and along with it, a window […]

ABC Snacks – Summer Snacks Cookbook


Summer is here, but that doesn’t mean learning has to take a break! Just in time for summer, I’ve created a follow-up to our original ABC Snacks series that will keep you and your preschooler learning (and snacking) all summer long. The ABC Snacks Summer Snacks Cookbook features ten yummy, easy-to-create snack recipes along with […]

Swatting Phonograms

Swatting Phonograms - An All About Learning Press Activity

Phonograms are the building blocks of our language, and if you use my reading or spelling programs, you know that I am a big believer in teaching phonograms to students. In AAR and AAS, we use phonogram cards and letter tiles to give your child lots of opportunity to learn, review, and practice phonograms. But […]

8 Ways to Use Refrigerator Magnets


Here are eight fantastic ways to promote pre-reading skills (without mess or fuss!) using alphabet refrigerator magnets. The letter sets (uppercase/lowercase) shown in the activities below are perfect because the color of the letters match the letter tiles used in All About Reading and All About Spelling, but you can use any set that you […]