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The Water Hole - An Interactive Picture Book Review from All About ReadingThe Water Hole
by Graeme Base

Wild and exotic animals trample through the pages of Graeme Base’s The Water Hole. Only one thing keeps the inevitable chaos under control: the local water hole.

The Water Hole gives us a front-row seat on an expedition to ten ecosystems and an exploration of the animals that call these beautiful places home. Pandas, tortoises, herds of moose, and so much more are just barely contained within the pages of this book.Read On »

Can I Teach My Kids Together? - All About Learning PressDo you teach more than one child at the same time in your homeschool? If so, you know that it can be quite a challenge—a challenge that may be magnified when those children vary greatly by age and learning style.

Finding that delicate (and sometimes elusive) balance between the needs of your children and the demands on your time and your wallet can be a real struggle. In an attempt to find that balance, parents often ask whether they can teach multiple children together using the All About Reading and All About Spelling programs. Read On »

Teaching Latin Roots with Word Trees - All About SpellingToday I’d like to share with you an interesting way to teach your children how to spell longer words with Latin roots.

How do Latin roots help with spelling?

Think about the Latin root scrib/script. This root means to write. When you add prefixes and suffixes to the root, you can create many new words that all have something to do with writing: subscriber, scripture, inscribed, description, postscript, prescription, scribbling, unscripted. Read On »

All About Reading - Giveaway from All About Learning PressEnter to win an All About Reading level of your choice!

All About Reading is a fun and engaging program that starts with essential pre-reading skills and continues on to teach all five key components of reading. It contains everything your student needs to become a fluent reader for life!

If you have a pre-reader, start with the pre-reading program. For older children, be sure to check out the reading placement tests to help determine the best level for your child. Read On »

"The Messy Room" - The Story Behind the Story / From All About ReadingDo you think there is a gene for messiness? If so, I think my son had it when he was younger.

From the time he was a preschooler, he was always inventing and deconstructing and building things. He wanted to see how things worked and what was inside. He could work a screwdriver long before he could write on paper.

With his head full of curls, he was a miniature mad scientist, always working on a dozen projects in his bedroom, oblivious to the clutter around him.Read On »

Real Moms, Real Kids: All About Reading with Robin W.

Real Moms, Real Kids: All About Reading with Robin Williams

When I developed the All About Reading and All About Spelling programs it was because I was a real mom with a real kid who needed real help with reading and spelling. My son’s struggle and his eventual success became the motivating factor behind the start of All About Learning Press. Helping other families experience […]

Rhyming Picture Books

Rhyming Picture Books from All About Reading

Some of the first language games that children learn to play are those that involve rhyming. Rhyming songs and poems may seem like nothing more than fun and games, but rhyming is actually a critical part of the language-learning process. Phonemic awareness is the ability to understand how sounds work in spoken language. A child […]

My Child Reads Too Fast

My Child Reads Too Fast - All About Reading

Help! My child reads too fast! It can be challenging for young readers to read at the right pace. Some kids read too slowly, while others read too fast. It may seem like a somewhat unlikely problem. Having a child who reads too slowly can throw up obvious red flags, but parents aren’t always as […]

SH Is for Shamrocks & Sherbet

SH Is for Shamrocks & Sherbet- An ABC Snack from All About Reading

Everyone knows that leprechauns love silly shenanigans, so don’t be surprised if silliness ensues while your little leprechauns make and eat these fun St. Patrick’s Day ABC Snacks. I have two recipes for you in the post this month! You can pick just one or double the fun and make them both! Either way, these crispy […]

When Two Vowels Go Walking

When Two Vowels Go Walking - All About Learning Press

Catchy rhymes can be a fun and easy way to remember some of those pesky phonics rules. Have you heard this one? When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. It’s a cute rhyme that’s easily remembered, and most teachers simply take it for granted that it is true, especially if their […]

4 Spelling Strategies You Won’t Want to Miss

Effective Spelling Strategies - All About Spelling

Some kids are just naturally “good spellers.” (My daughter was a natural speller.) And then there are those who need all the help they can get. (My son was in this category!) If spelling doesn’t come easily to your child, you’ll want to give him all the help you can, and that includes teaching the […]