Introducing All About Reading Color Edition!

open reader from all about reading color edition

Have you heard? This just might be our biggest announcement EVER!

Here at All About Learning Press, we’ve always made it a priority to listen to you—our users. And in the years since All About Reading was first released, you’ve asked for one thing over and over again. Can you guess?

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H Is for Horse Craft

child attaches piece to her lowercase h craft

This high-spirited horse is happy to help teach lowercase letter H—and all he asks is a little hay in return! Your little cowpokes will be giddy-up with glee over this wild ABC Craft. This adorable critter is bound to feel right at home on the range!

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How to Teach Prefixes

A red tricycle

Are you looking for the best way to teach prefixes? This mini teaching guide shows you how! And don’t miss the free printable prefix list, along with activities that help your child master words with prefixes.

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I Is for Iguana Craft

child applies googly eyes to lowercase i craft

Take a look at this squirmy lowercase I craft before he crawls away! Iguanas can be found in many different colors and patterns, so let your preschoolers’ imaginations run wild as they make their own crafty creature.

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J Is for Jaguar Craft

child colors spots on lowercase j craft

What is this mysterious animal creeping through the jungle? Her fancy camouflage makes it easy for her to hide, but she is proudly parading her spots! This jolly lowercase J craft will make your little one jump for joy!

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Penguin Picture Books

emperor penguin in snowy scene

If winter starts to get you down, this collection of penguin-packed picture books is bound to be the perfect pick-me-up. But don’t take our word for it–grab a few of these books, waddle over to your favorite chair, and see for yourself!

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K Is for Koala Craft

mom and child assemble lowercase k craft

A shy koala is perched high atop this delightful lowercase K craft, and she’s waiting patiently to learn letter K with your child! Get ready to be charmed by her fluffy ears and her big black nose.

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L Is for Lights Craft

child adds light to lowercase L craft

Lights, camera, craft! Illuminate your child’s love of letters with this shining lowercase L craft! This cheery string of colorful lights is sure to brighten up any room and make your preschooler’s face light up, too!

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M Is for Mouse Craft

child attaches googly eye to uppercase m craft

There’s an adorable lowercase M craft scurrying toward your craft table! Your child is sure to enjoy creating this merry mouse, especially if craft time is followed by a mouse-approved snack. Would anyone like a piece of cheese?

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N Is for Net Craft

child attaches letter N to uppercase n craft

Nothing is quite as nice as working with your preschooler on a nifty new ABC Craft—especially when it’s this neat little net! It’s a great way for your child to catch some fun—and work on the ins and outs of lowercase letter N all at the same time!

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O Is for Ox Craft

child draws mouth on uppercase o craft

Your preschooler will ooh and ahh over this lowercase letter O craft! From his oversized nose to his majestic horns, this massive ox is eagerly waiting to be brought to life by your child. And he’s happy to help teach the letter O at the same time!

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P Is for Porcupine

child attaches nose to uppercase P craft

This lowercase letter P craft may seem a little prickly, but don’t be fooled! Underneath all those fancy quills, this pretty porcupine has a soft spot for you and your preschooler. Pass around the paper and pencils, because this craft is practically perfect!

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