Tumtum and Nutmeg Chapter Books

cute mice tumtum and nutmeg on a boat

There’s a secret living inside a hidden broom cupboard in a ramshackle English cottage. Two secrets, actually! Two remarkable mice! It’s not easy to take care of human children when you’re so small… Still, these tiny heroes give it their best in this charming series of chapter books.

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Q Is for Queen Craft

child applies jewel to lowercase q craft

Make way for the queen of crafts! This regal lowercase Q craft is the quintessence of aristocratic elegance. Your preschooler is sure to have a royal ball as she learns the letter Q. Just don’t forget to curtsy to the queen when you’re done!

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R Is for Rabbit Craft

R Is for Rabbit - lowercase r craft

Rumor has it there’s a lowercase R craft ready to bounce its way into your home and into your child’s heart. With a twitch of its little nose and a wiggle of its long ears, the adorable rabbit in this ABC Craft is ready to help teach your child the letter R!

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S Is for Swan Craft

child puts a beak on her lowercase s craft

Swimming silently along the silvery shore, this stunning lowercase S craft is sure to cause a stir! You’ll know her by her long, slender neck. If your little one needs to learn the letter S, snatch up this super-sweet ABC Craft soon!

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T Is for Tree Craft

child affixes an apple to her lowercase T craft

If you’re looking for a way to teach your preschooler the letter T, you won’t find a better choice than this towering tree ABC Craft! Make just one or make an entire forest of these tremendous trunks—this lowercase T craft is that much fun!

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V Is for Volcano Craft

It’s hard to pass up an ABC Craft that combines earth science, hands-on art, and creative letter-learning all in one, isn’t it? This lowercase V craft is sure to make your little one’s enthusiasm overflow (pun intended ?)!

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Y Is for Yo-yo Craft

Your preschoolers will yell “Yippee!” when they see the playful toy in this entertaining ABC Craft! Though a real yo-yo requires some practice (and a few tangled strings), your child will have this letter Y craft mastered in minutes!

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Z Is for Zucchini Craft

child works on her lowercase z craft

While zucchini might not be everyone’s favorite veggie, this might be your preschooler’s favorite ABC Craft! So if you’re ready for the last craft in our lowercase letter series, get out the paper and paste and start growing your letter Z craft.

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Sail into a Summer of Reading with Flat Ziggy

Summer is a time for fun. It’s a time for swimming, biking, vacations, picnics—and adventure! But summer shouldn’t be a time to stop reading, and Ziggy is here to help make sure your kids remember to add reading to their summer fun list.

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“Mashed Potatoes” – A Silly Listening Game

a big bowl of mashed potatoes

Did you know that listening comprehension is directly related to reading comprehension? It’s true! But helping your child build listening comprehension skills doesn’t have to be boring.

Here is a fun—and sort of silly—way to work on listening skills with your children.

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A Is for Alligator Craft

Little girl gluing teeth onto her alligator craft.

This ABC Crafts letter-of-the-week animal may have a mouthful of sharp teeth, but he’s still pretty cute. Your little one will love learning the letter A with our A Is for Alligator craft!

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C Is for Crab Craft

Child gluing eyes onto his crab craft.

Learning the letter C will be a snap with this week’s ABC Craft! But you better watch your fingers! This crabby crustacean may be cute, but he’s got a great big pair of pincers!

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