F Is for Fancy Flakes

F Is for Fancy Flakes - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

Here’s a warm, wintery snack to enjoy on a cold January day!

Made from ingredients that are often found in a well-stocked kitchen, this may become a snack your children will ask for again and again! Like most of our ABC Snacks, these fancy flakes are easy, healthy, and delicious. What more could you ask for?

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Friendship Picture Books

Friendship Picture Books - Picture Book Reviews from All About Reading

There’s nothing like a good friend, which is why friendship picture books are such a delight. The relationships between best friends like Piglet and Pooh, George and Martha, and Toot & Puddle teach lessons about loyalty, commitment, companionship, and love.

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G Is for Gorilla Gulp

What goes together better than peanut butter, cocoa, and bananas? We can’t think of a better combination—and we think your little monkeys will be nodding between gulps of chocolatey goodness!

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H Is for Handy Hammy Roll-ups

Yum! Get all the deliciousness (and double the fun) of a ham sandwich in these easy-to-make, yummy-to-eat roll-ups.

One of the snacks from my ABC Snacks Series that can double as lunch, Handy Hammy Roll-ups are as fun to make as they are to eat.

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The Story Behind the Story – “Pigs in the Kitchen”

Have you ever noticed that some dogs look like their owners?

The mere suggestion of this possibility opened the floodgates for us here at All About Learning Press.

While pondering the question, I jokingly asked, “If dogs look like their owners, could it also be true that book characters resemble their creators?”

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I Is for Instant Insect Nibbles

If your little ones squeal at the sight of a bug, this recipe might be just what you’re looking for!

Try calming their fears by introducing these colorful, ladybug-inspired Instant Insect Nibbles into your snacktime.

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J Is for Jolly Jellyfish

J Is for Jolly Jellyfish - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

Jellyfish, starfish, and sand, oh my!

Get ready to take your little land-lubber on an under-the-sea adventure with a very jolly jellyfish!

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J Is for Juicy Jiggly Cups

ABC Snacks - Juicy Jiggle Cups

This winning combination of kid favorites is sure to be a hit with your little ones (and with your not-so-little-ones, too)!

Juicy Jiggly Cups are made with 100% fruit and fruit juice, so they’re not only refreshingly yummy on a hot summer day, they’re healthy too.

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The Story Behind the Story – “Chasing Henry”

Have you ever made an exciting discovery?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Dilly the armadillo, Seth the sloth, and Opal the ostrich in “Chasing Henry,” a short story from All About Reading Level 3.

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Wonderful Wordless Picture Books

Wordless Picture Books - All About Reading

Have you and your children discovered the treasures to be found in wordless picture books?

Wordless books are exactly what the term implies—books that tell a story, but without printed story text.

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K Is for Kiwi Kabobs

K Is for Kiwi Kabobs - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

It can be hard to get preschoolers to eat healthy food, but our ABC Snacks series is jam-packed with recipes that you can feel good about making with your little ones.

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L Is for Lickety-Split Lemonade

L is for Lemon featured graphic

Enjoy the summery-fresh taste of homemade lemonade with this super easy recipe!

Most of the recipes in our ABC Snacks Series are designed to made with just 1 or 2 kids, but with our Lickety-split Lemonade you’ll have enough to quench the thirst of the whole neighborhood!

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