Using All About Reading with a Gifted Learner

Real Dads Real Kids - Using All About Reading with a Gifted Learner with Matthew Vinson

We have shared many posts about using All About Reading with children who have special needs, and we love sharing those stories. But there’s a group of special learners that we don’t hear about quite as often: gifted learners.

Gifted learners have special needs, too, but the needs of a gifted learner are quite different than those of other special learners.

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C Is for Creeping Caterpillar

Who wouldn’t love this multi-legged variation of the classic PB&J sandwich?

These Creeping Caterpillar Sandwiches bring the tried-and-true combination of peanut butter and jelly together with a unique flour tortilla twist!

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CH Is for Cheesy Mac Bites

It’s a kid favorite with a twist!

Kids love macaroni and cheese, and this is a really fun (and wholesome) way to make and eat this always-popular lunchtime classic!

We try to keep things natural and healthy in our ABC Snacks recipes, and this one is no different. We even added a surprise ingredient to make this recipe healthier and to add a seasonal twist.

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Nursery Rhymes for Little Ones

Nursery Rhymes for Little Ones - Picture Book Reviews from All About Reading

Do you remember some of the first nursery rhymes that you sang as a child?

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.

They stick with you, don’t they?

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D Is for Delicious Dirt Cups

ABC Snacks- Delicious Dirt Cups

Don’t let the name—or the appearance—of this snack fool you! These delicious dirt cups may look like dirt, but I think you’ll agree that they taste much better!

This fun hands-on snack is as much fun to build as it is to eat, so get ready to pull up your sleeves and dig in the dirt and hunt some worms.

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Poetry Picture Books

Poetry Books for Kids - All About Reading

Don’t you love it when something is enjoyable and good for you? Kind of like chocolate, come to think of it…. Well, when they’re done right, poetry picture books are the picture book equivalent of chocolate.

Poetry has so many benefits for kids, including developing an awareness of language, phonic patterns, and rhythms, and helping children to express their own experience through writing.

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Real Moms, Real Kids: All About Reading and Dyslexia

Real Moms, Real Kids: All About Reading and Dyslexia

All About Reading and dyslexia: have you ever wondered if AAR works for students who struggle with this learning challenge?

Marianne Sunderland is mom to eight children, seven of whom have dyslexia. She is also the author of Dyslexia 101: Truths, Myths, and What Really Works.

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How to Stay Awake While Reading Aloud

How to Stay Awake While Reading Aloud - All About Reading

Does read-aloud time find you fighting fatigue? Being a parent is a tiring job, and by the time you sit down for read-aloud time, it’s all too easy to drift off to sleep. These mom-tested tips will help you stay awake while reading aloud.

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E Is for Excellent Egg Salad Sandwich

Eggs pack a protein-filled punch of goodness, and this delightful snack idea provides a super-fun way to encourage your preschoolers to eat their eggs.

One of the heartiest snacks in my ABC Snacks Series, Excellent Egg Salad open-faced sandwiches are easy to prepare and fun to eat.

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Real Moms, Real Kids: Organizing All About Reading

Real Moms, Real Kids: Organizing AAR with Lexi Henegar

Looking for tips to help keep your All About Reading materials organized? When homeschool mom Lexi offered to show us her methods of organizing AAR teaching materials, I jumped at the chance. Organizing is one of my favorite topics, but even more importantly, I was curious to see how Lexi adapted the program for her family’s needs.

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Hilarious Picture Books

Hilarious Picture Books - All About Reading

If laughter is the best medicine, these hilarious picture books are just what the doctor ordered. Masterfully written to both surprise and delight readers and listeners of all ages, the books listed below have one main purpose—to make you laugh.

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Real Moms, Real Kids: Teaching Active Children

Real Moms, Real Kids: Teaching Active Children with Jenny Herman - All About Learning Press

Teaching active children can definitely be an adventure, but it’s a wonderful adventure! Today we have the privilege of chatting with Janna*, a homeschool mom who uses All About Reading and All About Spelling with her two very active boys.

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