How Rocket Learned to Read – A Picture Book Review

How Rocket Learned to Read - A Picture Book Review from All About Reading

Rocket is a rather ordinary dog.

Just like all the other dogs, Rocket loves to chase leaves. He loves to take naps. And he loves to listen to the birds sing.

But Rocket doesn’t know how to read.

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Spelling Can Be Easy When It’s Orton-Gillingham Approach

Spelling Can Be Easy When it's Orton Gillingham Approach - An All About Spelling Series

When I developed All About Spelling, I combined the key features of the Orton-Gillingham approach with the latest research and proven spelling rules. But why? What’s so special about Orton-Gillingham?

What is Orton-Gillingham?

Orton-Gillingham is a powerful approach to teaching reading and spelling that uses instruction that is multisensory, sequential, incremental, cumulative, individualized, phonics-based, and explicit.

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Tuesday – A Wordless Picture Book

Tuesday - A Wordless Picture Book Review from All About Reading

Are You Ready for Tuesday?

In this Caldecott Medal-winning picture book, David Wiesner is at his hilarious best as he takes readers on an unexpected nighttime adventure.

The nearly wordless story begins on a “Tuesday evening, around eight.” The sun sets and a town settles in for the night.

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L Is for Lucky Leprechaun Lunch

L is for Lucky Leprechaun Lunch - An ABC Snack

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner!

Though I don’t have a pot of gold to share with you, I do have another great ABC Snacks idea for you to add to your collection!

With this holiday-inspired veggie snack, your children will have fun creating and eating a great snack, learning about St. Patrick, and practicing the letter L—all at the same time.

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The Red Book – A Wordless Picture Book

The Red Book - A Picture Book Review from All About Reading

Without a single word, The Red Book manages to tell the adventure-filled story of a red book that a child finds stuck in the snow.

In this classic wordless tale, Barbara Lehman blurs the lines between reality and make-believe. She creatively illustrates the ways that reading books can open up windows to imaginary worlds and friendships for a young reader.

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Spelling Can Be Easy

Spelling Can Be Easy - An All About Spelling Series

“Help! I need someone to make spelling EASY!”

Does this sound familiar? If so, this series of blog posts is for you!

I know all too well that spelling is not always easy.

My son struggled terribly with spelling. It was out of the gut-wrenching difficulty of our experience that I developed All About Spelling with the goal of helping my son find success in spelling and reading.

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Picture Books about Presidents

Presidential Picture Books - Picture Book Reviews from All About Reading

Did you know that President Taft was so big he needed to have a jumbo-sized bathtub installed in the White House? Or that George Washington’s first set of false teeth were made out of hippopotamus ivory?

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So You Want to Be President? – A Presidential Picture Book

So You Want to Be a President? - A Picture Book Review from All About Reading

Do You Want to Be President?

It may be tempting to position the U.S. presidents atop lofty pedestals, but in So You Want to Be President?, Judith St. George brings them back down to earth again.

The author reveals the idiosyncrasies that make our presidents seem fundamentally human, and invites readers to compare themselves to these famous men.

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Looking at Lincoln – A Presidential Picture Book

Looking at Lincoln - A Picture Book Review from All About Reading

In Looking at Lincoln, author-illustrator Maira Kalman’s main character is enchanted by Abraham Lincoln and determines to find out all she can about him.

With an engaging blend of nonfiction and the diary-like musings of a young girl, Looking at Lincoln dares to be different in its look at our sixteenth president.

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If the Walls Could Talk – A Presidential Picture Book

If the Walls Could Talk: Family Life at the White House - A Picture Book Review from All About Reading

Generally only the first floor of the White House is open to the public, but in If the Walls Could Talk: Family Life at the White House, Jane O’Connor gives readers a visitor’s pass to the areas of the presidential mansion that few are given access to.

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George Washington’s Teeth – A Presidential Picture Book

George Washington's Teeth - A Picture Book Review from All About Reading

Poor George Washington. He just couldn’t seem to hang on to his teeth.

In George Washington’s Teeth, hilarity ensues as authors Deborah Chandra and Madeline Comora present a historical account of the life—and teeth—of George Washington.

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Abe’s Honest Words – A Presidential Picture Book

Abe's Honest Words - A Picture Book Review from All About Reading

In Abe’s Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln, Doreen Rappaport pays tribute to the life and words of a great man.

Richly illustrated by Caldecott Award-winning illustrator Kadir Nelson, the book tells the story of Abraham Lincoln by placing historical narrative side-by-side with Honest Abe’s own words.

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