The preschool years offer a wonderful opportunity for children to learn and explore, and you can use this precious time to nurture important pre-reading skills. The posts below represent a wide selection of preschool-related topics–you’ll find teaching tips, activities, and more.

Within these posts, you’ll discover a wide array of preschool-related topics, ranging from practical teaching tips to engaging activities that stimulate young minds. These resources are designed to make learning an enjoyable and enriching experience for both you and your little ones.

With a focus on pre-reading skills, you’ll find tips and activities that encourage letter recognition, phonological awareness, vocabulary development, and more. These foundational skills are vital building blocks that pave the way for future reading success, making the preschool years a crucial time for their cultivation.

So, seize this golden opportunity and embark on an adventure of learning and exploration with your child. Each post is crafted to inspire curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning, ensuring that the preschool years become a time of cherished memories and valuable development.

Looking for snack ideas? Check out the ABC Snacks series! Or check out our ABC Crafts for Uppercase and Lowercase letters!

child gluing a googly eye onto her letter t craft

T Is for Turtle Craft

Turtles tend to take their time, but you’ll want to hurry and download this adorable turtle craft!

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U Is for Umbrellabird featured graphic

U Is for Umbrellabird Craft

Download some fun with our printable animal craft and help your preschooler practice the letter U.

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V Is for Vulture featured graphic

V Is for Vulture Craft

V is for vulture–and some very memorable letter V fun!

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W Is for Worm featured graphic

W Is for Worm Craft

Don’t let this little worm slither away! Why not download this printable worm craft today?

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X Is for X-ray Fish craft featured graphic

X Is for X-ray Fish Craft

Aren’t you excited? This x-ray fish craft is an extra-special way to practice the letter X!

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children assemble letter y craft

Y Is for Yak Craft

Ready for some letter Y fun? This printable yak is ready to help your preschooler practice the letter Y!

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child attaches googly eye to letter z craft

Z Is for Zebra Craft

Wrap up your ABC Craft collection with this snazzy zebra–it’s a great way to practice the letter Z!

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Picture Books about Differences - picture book reviews from All About Reading

Picture Books that Celebrate Differences

Celebrate our differences with this heartwarming selection of picture books.

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Picture Books for Bookworms - book reviews from All About Reading

Picture Books for Bookworms

Do you have a bookworm in your house? Download this free library list of bookworm-inspired picture books.

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Alphabet Picture Books - Book Reviews from All About Reading

Alphabet Picture Books

Help your child increase letter knowledge and develop phonemic awareness with this selection of alphabet picture books!

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Ziggy Zebra's Favorite Picture Books - Book Reviews from All About Reading

Ziggy Zebra’s Favorite Picture Books

Have you ever wondered what Ziggy likes to read? Check out this list of zebra picture books from everybody’s favorite zebra!

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Bedtime Picture Books - Picture Book Reviews from All About Reading

Bedtime Picture Books

Here’s a fantastic selection of bedtime picture books to help dial down your child’s energy level and get him ready for a good night’s sleep.

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