The preschool years offer a wonderful opportunity for children to learn and explore, and you can use this precious time to nurture important pre-reading skills. The posts below represent a wide selection of preschool-related topics–you’ll find teaching tips, activities, and more.

Looking for snack ideas? Check out the ABC Snacks series! Or check out our ABC Crafts for Uppercase and Lowercase letters!

ABC Snacks - Snazzy Snail Snack Bites

S Is for Snazzy Snail Bites

These bite-sized sandwiches will disappear faster than you can say Snazzy Snail Bites!

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ABC Summer Snacks - T is for Tasty Towering Trees

T Is for Towering Trees

This tasty combination of sweet fruit and salty crunch is a snack that’s easy to build—even for the youngest preschoolers!

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ABC Snacks - Tasty Turtle Treats

T Is for Turtle Treats

You’ll love everything about this turtle. It’s easy to make, cute to look at, and delicious to eat—what’s not to love?

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ABC Snacks - Ugly Upside-down Peach Cake

U Is for Ugly Upside-down Cake

This may not be the prettiest snack in the ABC Snacks series, but it’s definitely one of the sweetest.

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U Is for Uppity Umbrella - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

U Is for Uppity Umbrella

This fruity ABC Snacks recipe is the perfect lunch to brighten up a rainy day.

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V is for Very Valentine-y Pizza

V Is for Very Valentine-y Pizza

We’ve cooked up a lovely heart-shaped snack for you and your favorite Valentine!

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V Is for Veggie Face Pizza

This recipe from the ABC Snacks series will make it more fun to eat veggies, even for the pickiest eaters.

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W Is for Waffling Walrus ABC Snack

W Is for Waffling Walrus

This friendly walrus is coming to your breakfast table and he’s ready for some fun!

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W is for Wiggly Worm Mix - an ABC Snack

W Is for Wiggly Worm Trail Mix

This snack combines a medley of kids’ favorites in a mix that your little ones will love.

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X is for X-ray - An ABC Snack

X Is for X-citing X-ray Skeleton

This ABC Snack combines healthy eating with a hands-on activity that preschoolers can help create.

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Y Is for Yummy Yogurt Parfaits - An ABC Snack from All About Reading

Y Is for Yummy Yogurt Parfaits

Don’t be surprised if this ABC Snack becomes one of your preschooler’s most often-requested snacks.

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Zucchini muffins with a twist!

Z Is for Zany Zucchini Muffins

Your preschooler may turn up his nose at vegetables, but this recipe might just change his mind!

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