The preschool years offer a wonderful opportunity for children to learn and explore, and you can use this precious time to nurture important pre-reading skills. The posts below represent a wide selection of preschool-related topics–you’ll find teaching tips, activities, and more. (Looking for snack ideas? Check out the ABC Snacks series!)

V Is for Vulture featured graphic

V Is for Vulture Craft

V is for vulture–and some very memorable letter V fun!

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W Is for Worm featured graphic

W Is for Worm Craft

Don’t let this little worm slither away! Why not download this printable worm craft today?

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X Is for X-ray Fish craft featured graphic

X Is for X-ray Fish Craft

Aren’t you excited? This x-ray fish craft is an extra-special way to practice the letter X!

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children assemble letter y craft

Y Is for Yak Craft

Ready for some letter Y fun? This printable yak is ready to help your preschooler practice the letter Y!

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Cute dog with one ear up listening

Fun Ways to Develop Phonological Awareness

Help your child develop phonological awareness and learn how to nurture this important pre-reading skill!

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child attaches googly eye to letter z craft

Z Is for Zebra Craft

Wrap up your ABC Craft collection with this snazzy zebra–it’s a great way to practice the letter Z!

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Teaching the Alphabet to Preschoolers - from All About Reading

How to Teach the Alphabet to Preschoolers

Is your preschooler ready to learn the alphabet? This post is jam-packed with letter recognition activities.

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“Feed the Puppy” Alphabet Game

Learning the alphabet is an important step on the road to reading. This game is a fun way to practice the alphabet.

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Alphabet Picture Books - Book Reviews from All About Reading

Alphabet Picture Books

Help your child increase letter knowledge and develop phonemic awareness with this selection of alphabet picture books!

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Tactile Letter Cards - a letter recognition activity from All About Reading

Make Your Own Tactile Letter Cards

These tactile letter cards provide a great multisensory way for little ones to learn about the alphabet.

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ABC Bracelets - a letter recognition activity for preschoolers from All About Reading

ABC Bracelets: A Letter Recognition Activity

Learning the alphabet is FUN when you have ABC bracelets! Download this free letter recognition activity.

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ABC Caterpillar - a letter recognition activity for preschoolers from All About Reading

ABC Caterpillar: A Letter Recognition Activity

Is there any better way to learn the alphabet than with a cute ABC caterpillar? This adorable activity promotes letter recognition.

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